Best courses to study in 2019: directions, key features and life hacks

Clicking on this topic means reader is looking for reliable sources of earnings. Reasons why it is needed can be different, but they are mostly related to:

  • School graduates, who make research of profession required in long period of time, with decent level of remuneration, carrier opportunities and personal growth.
  • People, who have tired from routine work or noisy boss and are willing to change qualification.
  • People, who like their work or are not employed, but who require to increase available personal funds.

Fortunately, nowadays there are lots online courses and even specialized schools to teach and support students during first steps in new profession. Without dependence from reasons describe early, the best courses to study in 2019 are: Cloud Computing, People Management, Artificial Intelligence, UX-design, Creation of Mobile apps, Games development, SMM, Digital-marketing, Quality Assurance, Video Production, Creative, and Time Management. Let’s, look deeper to each offer to make choice easier and the most useful!

Cloud Computing – the service of future

Things to know: cloud computing means usage and maintenance of remote servers by companies, instead of buying software and hardware or developing own ones. Main benefits: unlimited access for assigned persons, options allowing calculations via cloud and others. Cost of rent usually includes maintenance and specific settings applied for each company.

What will be learnt: service becomes more popular in time and it’s considered to replace standard IT product. So in the nearest future people, who will know this discipline will be  in demand on employment market. Main things to be learnt: identifying and offering ready decisions to business and learning required programming languages (cloud engineering), finding new clients, optimizing processes (sales manager).

Whom will suit the best: people, who realize business needs of entities, acknowledged with Azure, Adobe and so on, communicative, proactive, nice and polite.

Artificial Intelligence – the most controversial achievement

Things to know: Parking sensors, remotely managed production, creation of robots looking like human and feeling some limited emotions, Siri – Google assistant – these are signs of coming Artificial Intelligence’s era. Goal is to create robots, that will serve to people and perform some dangerous or too difficult work. Benefits are huge, but scientists are still arguing what will win: benefits or danger (Stephen Hawking and Ilon Mask do not support this idea and see more threats, than gains).

Perspective: it is impossible to stop the progress and the process of robots’ functionality improvement is moving with huge pace. There are lots of online courses to follow and get  as introduction to Artificial Intelligence, as develop own skills in connected with physics and IT languages.

Whom will suit the best:  ideal person would be in a same time stress-resistant and patient, care of humanity and require progress, curious and plodding. Hmmm, somebody, who is similar with Sheldon Cooper from “Big bang theory” TV show will suit.


Things to know: as it is hard to imagine somebody, who doesn’t use internet in working purposes, some current needs or just for fun. This is why programs and sites development are concentrated now not only on possible options to be able to use, but on convenient interface, that gives opportunity to easily use it, find necessary function and reflect the main purpose of it.

Perspective: except development, that require knowledge of programming languages, course will include information regarding: methods for research to identify main users and their requirements, design, preparing of prototypes for clients, communication skills.

Whom will suit the best: the one, who have tired from unprofessional and not-user friendly interfaces. Who is a little empathic, for better understanding client’s requirements and desires, who know how to draw and how to present the product visually.

Games development

Things to know: Since appearance of video games they successfully caught hearts of users and haven’t lost its popularity till now. People are willing to have fun, especially in case of option to play such games together with friends.

Perspective: courses teaching on how to create games for different gadgets ( computers, consoles, smartphones and so on). What is good, the work is performed based on technical task prepared by client and adopted by colleagues. What can be difficult – realization of contradicted requirements and interpretation of the mix of tasks.

Whom will suit the best: introverts, who are fans/enjoy gaming industry, know about releases and can identify what is on peak now and can prognose what will be in a nearest future. Anyway the work in a team will be required.

Mobile apps Development

Things to know: purpose is similar with profession offered above. The difference come to shortage in time of development (game creation can last years, while app – months) and Directions (can create as games, as useful and helpful applications with different purposes: sport diaries, diet diaries, budget apps, banking online and so on).

Perspective: student will be taught to special programming languages related to different platforms (iOS, Android) and adopt apps for them. Additionally, design and design and promotion approaches can be learnt.

Whom will suit the best: those, who have lots of ideas, are users of such apps and realize what to offer future user.

People Management

Things to know: good specialists are often offered to become team leads or even project managers. That means people management courses can be useful for improving personal results and for understanding of main rules of motivation, communications, tasks assignment and so on. As better lead manage team, as better people works and better results are provided.

Perspective :  without matter of your specialization and current level, these courses will be useful at least to delegate some things to younger colleague and free more time for more global tasks.

Whom will suit the best: anybody.


Things to know: not only joy and fun have been transferred to online. Trading and services are also provided in a working. According to high value of social networks most goods are offered there with recruitment of Social Media Markets specialist.

Perspective: diversity of tools of promotion, advertising and sales approaches will be opened to students.

Whom will suit the best: communicative and proactive person, who like sale goods/services.


Things to know: the aim is to sale any gods or products via Internet, increase base of clients for employer, attract potential and real clients and make brand famous and popular.

Perspective: students will be taught: SMM,  SEO, advertising in Internet, Google Ads and Analytics tools and so on.

Whom will suit the best: ones, who are willing to work in a modern environment and are ready to sale and increase client’s sales and results.

Quality Assurance

Things to know: any product creation goes via several iterations in order to improve the way it works and to maximize efficiency for end user. In order to define all thigs to be fixed and does the end-product satisfy requirement to it QA engineers are hired.

Perspective: profession will be in demand not only in IT sphere. The main things to be learnt are: product cycles, communication with clients/team members, who are responsible for technical tasks , identifying risk areas, develop are for testing, making conclusions and so on.

Whom will suit the best: anyone, who likes to perform deep analysis and continuous improvements.

Video Production

Things to know: popularity of YouTube blogs and videos is increasing each year. It allows to earn good many and become famous. Although some brokers can create scenarios and idea, but cannot to make video and vice versa, this is why video production, incl. montage, are popular and have demand.

Perspective: option to learn separate video shooting, software to be used for montage, light lessons, ways to reflect required atmosphere or in a mix.

Whom will suit the best: anyone, who feels desire to create and express.


Things to know: some specialists are pure technicians, but some needs to create: draw, sculpts, architects. Design and development and so on. Variety offered is rather wide. The sense is to explain main technics for ideas generation and realization.

Perspective : open potential and help to develop and create unique things depending on direction chosen.

Whom will suit the best: anyone, who want to create something exclusive.

Time Management

Things to know: more ambitions born more tasks to be managed, so the professional growth is defined. This is why it is important to distribute all things to do in time.

Perspective: students are explained how to make prioritization of tasks, base of delegation and main principles of right goals setting.

Whom will suit the best: anybody.


The employment market is significantly dynamic. As all processes will be automatized soon, a lot of workers, who used to work manually, will be fired in order to shortage expenses. Anyway, additional education can never excess. So refer to the best courses to study in 2019 described above, select what suits more and do it .