Best Angular Courses / Certification in 2019

Published: 23.07.2019
best angular courses

AngularJS is one of the most popular and powerful frameworks as far as front-end web development is concerned. Though its concepts are complex and quite difficult to understand, with a well-curated online course, you can be an expert developer in no time. Today, we are going to show you a list of the best courses and certifications for AngularJS that are ideal for any learner. In this review, we have listed the courses according to their order of priority. Otherwise, whether you are a novice learner, intermediate or advanced level learner, we have you covered.

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced

This awesome course by Udemy is the top-priority course for both beginners to advanced level learners. It is a systematic and engaging journey to master the concepts of Angular 4 without losing much sweat. With the use of intuitive and high-quality video tutorial, the course will teach you how to build your Angular app within a short period of time possible.

In the course, you will learn;
Ways through which you can establish yourself as arockstar developer
Essentials of building angular e-commerce app with both Bootstrap, Firebase and Angular
Best practices of Angular development
Troubleshooting popular Errors
Code refactoring and building

Full-time access upon enrollment
Rich downloadable resources
Certification upon completion
Assignments and quizzes for memorability

Who's the course for;
Developers who want to widen their career scopes
Front-end developers who want to star at par with the latest technological advancements
Back-end developers who want to graduate to full-stack development
Passionate hobbyists in app development

Course duration
This tutorial is self-paced

Course price
You need to be a registered member of Udemy to access all the tutorial's resources

If you are after building and deploying your first angular app, then here is an ideal course for you. In just 21 hours of video contents, Mosh, a popular figure in Udemy, will take you through a step-by-step tutorial that will definitely change how you perceive and interact with angular. He is very clear, concise and on point. You don't need to have background knowledge of TypeScript or the previous angular version. With dedication and zeal, be sure to meet your dreams in no time.

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

This is another awesome Certification offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera. If you want to be an impeccably skilled front-end AngularJs developer, then here is the ideal course for you. This course teaches basic angularJS like a pro. You will be introduced to components of angular such as directives, scope, controllers, filters and routers before going ahead to learn;
The MVC design and client-side JS frameworks
Use of AngularJS in implementing single-page applications
Using AngularJs in implementing responsive front-end web applications

Certification upon completion
Rich content with English transcripts
Quizzes and assignments for memorability
Supportive courses in the same specialization
Public forums for peer interaction

Who's the course for
Programmers who want to become professional full-stack developers
Hobbyists who want to add some development skills on their skillset

Course duration
The tutorial is entirely self-paced

Course price
The course is free on Coursera. However, for certification, you will be required to upgrade your plan on the same platform

This is the second course in the popular specialization for learners that wants to become rockstar full-stack developers. In this course, you will only cover basic skills of front-end development such as AngularJS, Node.Js, Bootstrap in front-end development, and Iconic (Mobile App Frameworks). This is just an awesome course that you cannot miss to enrol for.

Front End Frameworks by Google

This is another awesome release by Google experts on AngularJS for the advanced-level developers. This course exclusively focuses on building single-page applications using various Front End Networks. By enrolling for the course, you will be able to build both Angular and Ember apps from scratch.

In the course, you will learn:
The popular JS frameworks for complex web building
Building single-page responsive applications with better GUI
The concepts behind JavaScript Front-end frameworks

Highly qualified professionals
Exercises for memorability
High-quality Video contents

Who's the course for;
Hobbyist developers with well-laid information on advanced JavaScript concepts
Developers with skills on the use of HTML and CSS

Course price
You need to enrol for the course as a registered member on Udacity

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Uncover the complex concepts of JavaScript frameworks with this course. It is full of resourceful information that is ideal for polishing your Front-end development talents. By enrolling for the tutorial you will deeply understand the architectures that make JavaScript frameworks to stand out among other popular options.

Learn AngularJS 1.X

This is another awesome course on Codecademy that is ideal for learners with strong background knowledge of JavaScript and basics of HTML. It is a project-centred course that consists of 15 freeform projects and quizzes that will help you to easily build a single-page web application with a lot of ease.

In this tutorial, you will learn;
How to apply AngularJS concepts in building your own app
Various directives of AngularJs
Services and routings in AngularJS
Putting what you have learnt together to come up with a hybrid app

It is entirely project-based for practicability
Multi-choice quizzes for memorability
Certification upon completion

Who's the course for;
Front-end developers with background knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
Hobbyist learners who want to add some knowledge on the existing skillset

Course duration
It is entirely-self paced

Course price
You only need to be a registered member of Codecademy to enrol for the course

Angular Certification Training

The last in our list or review is certification training on Edureka. This tutorial is carefully tailored for advanced learners who want to acquire skills of modern clientside design and development techniques. It goes ahead to advance on the application of these skills in large Web apps e.g. Cloud ERP, CRM and many others.

Throughout the training, you will learn;
Routes, pipes and different types of directives
Injectable dependencies, their components and uses
Third-party Libraries e.g. jQuery and their applications
Unit testing and Angular-CLI and how they work with angular development tools

Certification upon completion
Rich intuitive video contents
quizzes and assignments
Projects for practicability

Who's the course for
Any developers who want to upgrade to other higher versions of Angular
Aspiring developers with JavaScript
Full-stack developers that want to notch-up their talents

Course price
You need to be registered with Edureka to get full access to the course content

Course duration
This certification program is entirely self-paced

By upgrading your skills in AngularJS, you will be able to build scalable, highly responsive and Client-side web application that can stand any test. With an in-depth online course, you will be free to learn and practice the skills at your own time and schedule. Enrol, build, design and meet your career prospect with any of these cases.

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