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Published: 25.06.2019
top artificial intelligence courses

So, you want to learn about artificial intelligence (AI), maybe further your already existing knowledge, or start at the very beginning of it. But we know how life gets, you get busy, held up at work or with family and stuff, which means that you do not really have the time to attend classes as regularly as you would have when you were young and carefree in college. Or let us say that you are in college, already pursuing something else, but with a deep desire to learn about artificial intelligence. This is where online classes come in. You get to choose what time you go for classes, for how long, how many days in a week et cetera. The deadlines for you to sign up, take tests and submit projects is also very flexible, they understand that your schedule can have you, well, literally out of schedule. Imagine a class where you get to pick your own timetable and even get a flexible submission deadline?

What Does It Take To Enroll For The Artificial Intelligence Courses?
So who exactly are these classes for? Well, anyone really, as long as you have a real thing for artificial intelligence, then this is the place for you to be, or rather, online is the place for you to be. Literally anyone can take these classes, from working class people, to students, stay at home parents… and there is no age restriction or anything like that too. Also, since they are online, that makes it much easier. All you need to have is the interest, well okay, and maybe just a tad bit of knowledge on what AI is, which is information you can easily get on Google, or watch a couple of videos on YouTube about it. A perfect example is, you probably would not step into an art class if you did not know what paint was, right?
So how do you choose the right online AI class? Well, this article will take you through some of the best online artificial intelligence classes that you can find online, give you a breakdown of sorts on what they entail, and everything else in between.

Review Of The Top Artificial Intelligence Courses


Udemy is among one of the most highly rated online artificial intelligence classes, and once we delve into it, you will understand why.
They bring together the knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and data science in order to come up with very powerful artificial intelligence that is applicable in real life. So what exactly does this course include?

First of all, you get 16.5 hours of videos that are very much on demand, 16 articles to give you more knowledge on everything AI, a downloadable resource, fulltime access to everything they provide to you during the course’s lifetime, even after. The course is also accessible on both mobile phone and television, and you get a certificate upon completion too! Nothing feels as good as a physical reward for a job well done, right?

What you will learn in the duration of this course is quite a good amount. Here is a small summary of it;

  • How to build an AI.
  • An in depth understanding into the theories behind AI.
  • How to make a visual self driven car.
  • Making an AI to beat games with.
  • Approaching and solving real life problems with AI.
  • Mastering state of the art AI models.
  • Q learning and deep Q learning.
  • Deep convolutional Q learning too.
  • A3C.

Now that you know this is what the folks down at Udemy have to offer you, what is it that they require from you? Do not worry, it is not a lot, well, not as much as what they have to offer, that is for sure.

  • At least try and learn some key AI concepts before you begin the online classes, as this will help make the learning process a bit more faster and easier for you. Areas you should cover are;

i. The process of building AI with no prior coding experience using Python.
ii. Bringing together AI with open AI gym in order to learn as well as possible.
iii. How to make your AI reach its peak potential in the real world.

What you get from the Udemy AI course is;

  • Full beginner to expert AI skills.
    You are taught how to code AI that is self improving for quite a wide range of purposes. The tutors actually take the time and code hand in hand with you, and every tutorial starts from a fresh page, and you get to write up the code from beginning. Why do this? Well, it will help you understand how the code came together, and what every line you input means. Kind of like watching a building go up right from the foundation to the rooftop, you get a better understanding of the process and why each stone is put where it is.
  • Coding templates.
    With this course, you get downloadable python code templates for each artificial intelligence that you build within the running of the course. This way, you get to build an extremely unique AI simply by changing a few coding lines. Really cool right?
  • Tutorials for intuition.
    Now, Udemy do not aim only to teach you, to give you information, but they also do their best to ensure that you understand it fully, and internalize the information given to you. So, our course does not involve only complex mathematical formulas and such, but valuable coding lessons that will make your future results remarkable.
  • Solutions for real world problems.
    You know how most test are focused on the ass and forget’ strategy? Well, Udemy takes on a different approach. So you will achieve your target goals in three games. They put in various levels of difficulty and structure, so that by the end of it all, you are able to come up with AI that is applicable in any real life situation.
  • Support within the course.
    Udemy strive to be the best artificial intelligence course you can find online, and this is why they provide a results driven AI course for you. With them, you get a team of professional data scientists who guide you all though your course journey, are there when you need them, and will respond to all your questions within 48 hours.

You already feel like Udemy might be the place for you? Well, this AI course that they provide is really for anyone who is interested in deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
The classes come in 19 sections and 116 lectures. The course instructors are Hadelin de Ponteves, Krill Eremenko, a super data science team, and super data science support. The total cost for the whole course is $12.99, which is a pretty fair deal for all that you will get to learn. You can also check out some other courses taught by the tutors aforementioned, you will find that some of them will be of great help in advancing your AI knowledge base.


edX aims at teaching you all the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, and how you can apply them too. It teaches you how to come up with intelligent agents that will help you solve real world problems such as machine learning, logic, search, games, and constraint satisfaction issues.
The whole course will take up two weeks, with 8-10 hours for classes each week. Here is the good part, it will cost you absolutely nothing. Yep, the course is free! If you will need a verified certificate, you will just pay $300. This AI course is offered from ColumbiaX, under the computer science subject. It is advanced level, and the language used both for the classes and video tutorials is English.
So first things first, what is required of you as a student?

  • Basic knowledge of python programming would be good, and also, an understanding of probability. Your assignments will have an element of python programming, and the course offers an opportunity for students to learn about AI while still understanding how python programming works.
  • Knowledge of some linear algebra too, with special interest in matrices, vectors and derivatives.
  • An understanding of calculus.
  • Basic knowledge of probability theory.

Here is a question a lot of people, especially AI beginners, ask themselves; what do face recognition software, industrial robots, tumor detection and self driving cars have in common? Well, the simple answer that they come to find out later on, is artificial intelligence. Real life and real world problems being solved by AI. You will be provided with a broad lesson on the techniques used to build intelligent life and computer systems, the history of AI through the years, state space problems, logical agents et cetera.
What you will learn is a n introduction to AI, how to build intelligent agents, machine learning algorithms, applications of artificial intelligence in all possible scenarios, and solving real AI problems using python programming.
The instructor for this course is Ansaf Salleb Aouissi, from the department of Computer Science at Columbia University. Classes are open to anyone, except learners in Iran and Cuba, where they are not licensed yet, but it is in the works. The classes are real and offered by the best professors and universities in the field, you get to learn new things that are applicable in your daily life, and you take classes at your own pace.


The name tells you all you need to know. Google is a trusted household name for lots of things, so you know that their online AI program is top notch too. Now, whether you are just a curious person looking to pick up some information about AI, or a data scientist, software engineer, student, or business person, Google offers you lessons to take you a lifetime. With them, you get to pick the type of content you want to learn about, from interactive, documentation, video, tutorials and code labs, or sample code. They teach all of this in the stages below;

  • Data collection.
  • Data preparation.
  • Idea development.
  • Construction of the model.
  • Deployment of the model.
  • Evaluation of the model.
    You can use you AI knowledge for social good, for example social, humanitarian or environmental changes.

Here is a bit of what you can expect from Google’s AI online classes;
• Introduction to federated learning.
• A guidebook for people and AI.
• Clustering.
• Systems recommendation.
• Testing and debugging for machine learning.
• Machine learning problem framing.
• Future engineering for machine learning.
• Guides for machine learning.
• Fairness in machine learning.
• Responsible AI practices.
• Machine learning recipes (by Josh Gordon)
• Deep playground.
• TensorFlow documentation.
• Cloud machine learning.
• Rules of machine learning.
• Serverless machine learning codelab.
• Kaggle learn.
• TensorFlow for poets.

Google also uses various tools to achieve effective learning, for example DeepDream, ML Kit, CoLaboratory among many others. You can check out their website for more information on what they offer, duration, pricing etc.


This course program focuses more on teaching you all you need to know about machine learning in TenserFlow specialization and will teach you the best practices to use it with too, as someone who want to build AI algorithms.
This class comes in 4 lessons taught in 4 weeks;

  • A new programming paradigm.
  • Introduction to computer vision.
  • Enhancing computer vision by using convolutional neural networks.
  • Using real life images.
    The classes are offered 100% online, so no worries about having to break your already set physical schedule. The deadlines are flexible enough for you to reset dates and timelines according to your schedule.

What you are required to have before starting the course is knowledge in python programming and coding, plus a good understanding of high school math. The language used throughout the course, of course is English.
So what do they offer?

  • The best practices for using TensorFlow, which is a very popular machine learning framework.
  • How to build a basic neural network using TensorFlow.
  • Training a neural network for computer vision applications.
  • Using convolutions to improve and advance your neural networks.
    The skills you stand to gain are computer vision, machine learning and TensorFlow.
    The class instructor is Laurence Moroney, who is an AI advocate. Enrollment for the class is free, and you can start on the same day you enroll. Financial aid is available too. For the full online class, you get full specialization, certificates that can be shared, the power to set your own learning pace, course videos and readings too, practice quizzes, assignments that are well graded together with feedback from your peers, properly graded quizzes that come back with feedback, and graded program assignments too. You can upload the certificate you get at the end of the course on LinkedIn, your resume, CV, and any other document.


The data incubator is run and funded by an organization called the Cornell Foundation. They have experienced teachers who are fully dedicated to teaching you all about data analytics. This online class forum also equips you with all the necessary tools for you to excel in your AI related career in the outside world.
The people at the data incubator understand that you are most probably an extremely busy working individual, so their classes are tailored to best fit your schedule. They have part time classes available, and lectures that are recorded too.
The course also encourages you to build your own mini projects, and a series of hem at that. This is to ensure that you have adequate hands on skills, which are very widely sought after in the current modern job market.
Live lectures are also on offer, which allows you to ask your tutor all your questions in that moment instead of having to wait for a response later on, and also, you get to interact with all your course mates. Te size of the classes is also kept small so that you have the undivided attention of your tutor ad you can receive ell crafted answers to your queries.

What they require you to have before beginning the class is a lot like what the other online course sites ask for too;

  • Knowledge in python programming.
  • Be reasonably good with high school linear algebra.
  • Be versed with machine learning.
    The audience they target for their course is;
  • People who have taken data science and machine learning foundations, and wish to further their knowledge in these two areas.
  • People who would like to earn about TensorFlow.
  • People in non-technical roles who want to learn about TensorFlow and neural networks in order to have better communication systems with data scientists and engineers in their workplace.
    The knowledge you will expect to have once you have completed the course includes understanding what AI, neural networks, machine learning and deep learning entail, plus know when the right time to use TensorFlow is.
    Below is the course outline for The Data Incubator:
  • Introduction to TensorFlow.
  • Iterative logarithms.
  • Machine learning.
  • Neural networks.
  • Overfitting.
  • Adversarial noise.
  • Convolutional neural networks.
  • Deep dream algorithm.
  • Variational autoencoders.
  • Recurrent neural networks.
  • Estimators and data sets.
  • Optimization schemes in TensorFlow.

Classes run for about 2 weeks, for 3 hours each evening (with exceptions to holidays). The total cost for everything is $1695, and discounts are available.


Edureka offer you deep learning in TensorFlow with some python knowledge too that is carefully structured by experts who know what will attract job offers your way. Concepts such as SoftMax, Autoencoder, Restricted Boltzmann Machine, etc are among the things you will learn. So why should TensorFlow be important to you?
For starters, it is the next big thing in the future of artificial intelligence. Google also invests in a piece of software, which at the moment is TensorFlow. TensorFlow is also often used in Google’s speech recognition system.
The instructor led AI and deep learning classes are live, and online too. They can take up to 2 months, with 2 classes per week, mostly on weekends, for up to 3 hours. Total pricing for this comes to $330, with an offer for 15% off if you sign up soon enough, so hurry on up and get to it!
Upon completion of the classes, you get a verified certificate that you can use while applying for a job too.


First of all, the interface of the website these guys run is really cool, and yet so simple to go through. They teach their course in 6 chapters, which include;

  • What AI is.
  • AI problem solving.
  • Real world use of AI.
  • Machine learning.
  • Neural networks.
  • Implications of AI.
    The course mainly aims at demystifying and debunking AI, with over 170,000 students taught so far, and in 110 countries. They have partnered with several organizations and universities to offer you nothing but the best.


Udacity knows that the demand for AI experts is high, with over 2.3 million jobs expected to pop up by the year 2020. So what they do to prepare you for this is give you 10 hours per week of detailed classes, all in various topics.
They offer nanodegree programs for topics like;

  • AI products manager.
  • Introduction to machine learning.
  • Machine learning engineer classes.
  • AI programming with python.
  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • Deep learning engineer.
  • Artificial intelligence specialist.
  • Quantitative analyst.
    They offer problems that relate to the real world for you to tackle, a one on one mentor, personal career coach, and an extremely flexible learning schedule. They also offer some courses that are free, so check them out today and decide which one is best for you.


Saylor offers you the best when it comes to AI learning. They tackle everything right from the introduction, to 8 more units that cover the whole course. We will list them below for you;
• Introduction to AI and AI Programming. This course takes about 10 hours.
• 12 hours of Search.
• Constraint Satisfaction should take you 10 hours.
• 10 hours of Game Playing.
• A day (24 hours) of Logic.
• 26 hours of Machine Learning.
• Natural Language Understanding will take you 20 hours.
• And finally, a class in robotics which will be covered in 9 hours.

Afterwards, you do two exams, the Final and the Proctored Final. There are a few other related courses than you can take afterwards too.
There are a couple of other popular online Artificial Intelligence class sites, that offer some of the best artificial intelligence courses, you can check them out then get to pick whichever one you prefer.

Some of the newer technologies that are coming up thanks to Artificial Intelligence include blockchain, augmented and virtual realities, cloud computing, angular and react, DevOps, internet of things (IoT), Intelligent Apps (I-Apps), big data, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Apps such as Siri and Alexa are also some perfect examples of AI for the current times and in the future.

Hopefully, all of this information has given you a bit of insight on which is the best artificial intelligence course for you. Of course, feel free to check out some more reviews online, visit some of the sights and see what best suits you in terms of pricing, and which course fits into your schedule. Time for class now…

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