The demand for data scientists is increasing and recently, IBM predicted that the number of data scientists working in organizations might increase by around 28 percent within the next two years. Businesses in every industry are now capitalizing on the increasing data and big data technologies are becoming available for analyzing and deriving value from the data. So, if you need a well-paid career, a big data course is worth trying. Here are the best big data courses to choose from.

The Ultimate Hands-on Hadoop – Tame Your Big Data

The Ultimate Hands-on Hadoop – Tame Your Big Data course, from Udemy is open for beginner, intermediate and the expert level students. The topics generally touch on Cassandra, Flume, MongoDB, Hbase, Pig, Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HDFs and Hadoop. In addition to that, it offers 25 technologies that you will discuss thoroughly.

The course will help you:

  • Install and run real Hadoop installation in your computer with Hortonworks and Ambari UI
  • Manage big cluster data with MapReduce and HDFS
  • Write Programs for data analysing on Hadoop with Spark and Pig
  • Store and query data with Hive, Sqoop, HBase, MySQL, Phoenix, Drill and Presto
  • Design systems with Hadoop ecosystem
  • Learn management of Mesos, YARN, Oozie, Zookeeper, Hue and Zeppelin
  • Handle data streaming with Flume, Kafka, Flink, Spark Streaming and Storm

The study duration

  1. 5 hours after which you will get a certificate

What you need to start the course

  • You will need a Personal Computer running macOS, Linux or 64-bit Windows with at least 8GB free Ram and Internet Connection to participate in exercises and hands-on activities.
  • Prior programming experience, preferably Scala or Python
  • Basic familiarity with Linux command line

The price

  • $179.99

The key benefits

  • You can study at any time
  • Suitable for learners of all levels
  • You will get a certificate after completing

The Hadoop course will provide you with skills that you need to start working in companies with large batches of data. Most importantly, you can start the course at a time and complete from the comfort of your home. All you need is a personal computer and an internet connection.

Coursera: Google Cloud Platform BigData and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Coursera is not only among the big course providers in the world, but it is also among the most popular. Since the Stanford Professor, Andrew NG launched it in the year 2012, the online course provider has been growing rapidly and today it offers over 3000 courses from top-notch universities like Yale, Stanford and Princeton University. The Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals course provide the basics of Google Cloud Platform and data processing capabilities.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purposes and values of Big Data and Machine Learning Products on Google Cloud Platform
  • Use Cloud Dataproc and CloudSQL to move your existing MySQL and Hadoop/Spark/Pig/Hive workloads to the Google Cloud Platform
  • Choose between Cloud SQL, Datastore and BigTable
  • Employ Cloud Datalab and BigQuery when conducting interactive data analysis
  • Train and use neural networks with TensorFlow
  • Choose between the various data processing products on Google Cloud Platform

The course requirements
Before enrolling, you should have at least one year of work experience with:

  • Common query languages like SQL
  • Extraction, transformation and loading activities
  • Data modelling
  • Machine learning and statistics
  • Programming in Python

The course duration: Between 26hours and 40 hours

The price: $43 per month

The benefits

  • The course is 100 percent online
  • Flexible deadlines
  • Available in English language

The course is suitable for students at the intermediate level and starts on April 27 each year. To complete it, you will just need 26-40 hours. The certificate is recognizable and you will get it after you have completed the course.

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

This big data course from Edureka came as a result of combined efforts from industry’s experts. It covers many Hadoop Ecosystem and Big Data such as YARN, HDFS, Hive, MapReduce, Spark, Flume, Oozie and Sqoop. The whole course is instructor-led and focused on real-life use cases in the retail, tourism, social media, and finance and aviation industry.

The contents

  • Introduction to Big Data and the Big Data Challenges
  • Limitations and Solutions of the Big Data Architecture
  • Hadoop and its key Features
  • Hadoop 2x Core Components
  • Hadoop Processing – MapReduce Framework
  • Different Hadoop Distributors
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Hadoop Storage – Hadoop Distribute File System (HDFS)

The requirements

  • No requirements

The course duration

  • 48 hours of instructor-led training
  • 24 hours self-paced videos

The price

  • $449

Benefits of this course

  • Flexible pricing options
  • 24/7 learner support and assistance
  • Blended learning material delivery model

After completing the course, you will get an instructor-signed certificate featuring the institution’s logo as a way of verifying your qualification and increasing your job prospects. You can post the resume on LinkedIn or attach it to your resume. The course is a good choice or students of all levels.

Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Big Data

The Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Big Data will help you build solutions for big data. You will start with the basics after which you will master the highly used tools and prove that you have the skills to start taking jobs. You will love the guidance of industry and academic experts. The course is a result of a collaboration between employers, leading universities. It is, therefore, a good choice for people who want to start a career in the big data industry.

The contents
In this course, you will learn:

  • How to analyse data and visualize it
  • How to use NoSQL Data
  • Query Relational Data
  • Implement Data Warehouse
  • How to process Big Data in both motion and rest
  • How to orchestrate Big Data Workflow
  • How to build solutions for Big Data analysis

The requirements

  • No requirements

The course duration

  • 12-30 hours after which you will get a verified certificate

The price

  • $99

Benefits of this course

  • You just need 30 hours to complete it
  • It provides you with the skills you need to analyse and visualize data
  • You have the chance to choose various courses in one study unit
  • Easily shareable

The course consists of three units and the final capstone project. It offers a comprehensive curriculum involving courses that provide you with all the skills you need to start your career in big data. You can choose a course in every study unit. It is suitable for beginner students.

Big Data Hadoop Certification Course

If you want to switch your career to Big Data Hadoop, this is the course to take. The Big Data Hadoop Certification Course, online course, helps you master Hadoop Ecosystem and Big Data Tools like YARN, HDFS, Hive, MapReduce, Flume, Spark, Hadoop, Sqoop, Spark SQL, Hadoop Frameworks and many other concepts associated with the processing life cycle of Big Data.

The course contents
Here is what you will learn after taking the course:

  • Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem and Big Data
  • YARN and HDFS
  • MapReduce and Sqoop
  • Data formats and the types
  • Data file partition and Hive concept
  • Pig
  • HBase and Apache Fume
  • Implementation of Spark applications
  • Apache Spark basics
  • Spark algorithms

The requirements

  • Knowledge of SQL and Core Java is beneficial

The course duration

  • 90 days with lifetime access to the e-learning content and the live class recordings

The price

  • $799


  • Suitable for students of every level
  • Prepares you for other courses
  • You just need three months to complete it

After taking this course, you will be able to work in the stock exchange, human resource, retail and payments, BFSI departments in addition to understanding the Big Data Hadoop concepts. The course will also prepare you for other courses. You can take it regardless of your level.

The world has become digital and that means big data is not going anywhere soon. In the coming years, data analytics and big data will grow continuously and choosing a career in the field is a good decision. Professionals working in the industry expect good salaries and the number of organizations relying on them is increasing rapidly.