5 Best Online Blender Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 29.07.2019
Best Blender Courses

Have you ever wondered how your favorite animation movies are created and brought to life? Then you are about to learn that. If you are into technology, then you have heard about 3D Animations. This course is all about teaching you the art of video creation, modelling, animations and even simulation. When it comes to multimedia content a lot of things go on behind the scenes. Learn all the tricks that you need up your sleeves to get a perfect work done. These courses would highly help especially if you are into gaming and animations. All the troubles you been having while trying to do your animations will finally come to an end. With these five great courses you will be fully equipped with the required skills to get you through your classes or business without any hustle.

Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modeling for Beginners.

This is a combination of great blender classes offered by if you want to learn how to use the blender software to create rich content then this is the right place for you. You get to learn the principles and basics of animation creation. This class is highly recommended for beginners’ level. It is taught specifically in English but other few languages are auto generated.

Advantages of this class.
• Learn how to use blender easily.
• There is no basic knowledge required.
• The course is self-paced.
• The content provided are simple.

Class duration: this is a 59 hours highly on demand session of video instructed classes.

Class pricing: the class is ought at a price of 194.99 USD. However, there is a discount of free month trial for its students.

Fundamentals of 3D Visualization

This is a great place if you want to learn the fundamental concepts of 3D models and animations. You get to interact with the blender software. have gone along to create content that will help you out throughout this course. The course is highly recommended for any one with no basic knowledge about Blender.

Advantages of this course.
• Equip you with required skills.
• Two in one course.
• Boost your resume.
• The class is self-paced.
• Easy to understand content.

Course duration: the course runs for approximately 4 weeks with 4-6 hours weekly of studying per course.

Course pricing; the course ranges at around 98 USD but the site gives its clients discounts depending on the seasons.

Blender 3D: Crash Course for Beginners.

This is a great certification offered by if you are having troubles with class issues or want to get into the animation business, this is the right course for you. This course will enable you to learn all the basics of modelling, animation and rendering. This course would work well for beginners. It can work well for anyone with the urge to master the skills

Advantages of this course
• The course is easy to learn.
• You get to do projects.
• Learn how to use the blender software.
• Easy to use learning materials.

Course duration: you get to learn nine lessons for about 3 hours of video watching sessions.

Course pricing: the prices depend with the plan. For premium you pay between 8.25-15 USD billed monthly or annually. However, there is a free month trial offer available.

Blender Fundamentals

This is a 4.5-star course offered by the course helps you navigate through the steps of creating drone spaceships from scratch. You get to cover all the fundamentals of blender. This course would highly work well for beginners or anyone who wants to master these great skills. It can also help you with your school work.

Advantages of this course.
• The course takes a sort period.
• Easy to understand materials.
• Taught by pro instructors.
• You get a certification

Course duration: the course goes for about 10 hrs. of high on demand video interaction.

Course pricing: the site offers a ten-day free trial for its clients. The pricing highly depends on the plan one picks on.

Learn Blender, Free.

If you are so psyched up about learning Blender and don’t have the means to do so then blender guru is your place to be. The site helps you navigate the software if you are completely new to it. From the classes you learn how to create, edit, save, texture and render videos.

Advantages of this class.
• The class is completely free.
• The class is self-paced.
• No prior knowledge needed.
• Get equipped with skills.

Course duration. This class runs for a period of 10 hours on demand video bases learning.

Course pricing: the course is completely free.

This being said it’s up to you to pick out on the place that highly fits your needs and pocket. However, don’t miss out on these great skills offered by each site. One great thing about it is that this might be a stepping stone to a great career. Have fun learning new things then.

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