Best Blockchain courses & certification (2019)

Published: 30.07.2019
Best blockchain courses

Blockchain is the newest buzz in the world of technology. With the robust growth in the use of cryptocurrencies over the decades, learning the concepts of Blockchain is the only way to getting ahead of peers and meeting your prospect employer soon. However, not so much is taught in schools about its concepts. It is only through the best online classes that you will be able to step up your knowledge of Blockchain and trade like a pro. Today, we have curated a list of the best tutorial on the planet that will start you up and show you the way to advanced trading. No experience. No knowledge. We get you all covered.

Blockchain A-Z: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain

Sounds so hilarious, but do you have some knowledge of the high school mathematics? If yes, then here is an ideal course for you. This class by Udemy is one of its own that introduces novice learners to basics of Blockchain and goes ahead to explore the advanced concepts through the smoothest learning curve that you will ever meet.
In this course, you will learn;
--The importance of Blockchain technology
--Theories behind Blockchain, cryptocurrency trading, and smart contracts
--Creating your own currencies and smart contracts

-Team access option
-Rich downloadable resources
-Full-time access upon enrollment
-Access on mobile devices and TV

Who's the course for;
-Employers who want to train their staff on Blockchain
-Any person with an urge to trade with Blockchain
-Developers and programmers who want to widen their career scope
-Other cryptocurrency traders who want to learn the concepts of Blockchain building and Blockchain app
-Crypto, Blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiasts

Course duration
The tutorial is self-paced

Course price
You only need to register as a member on Udemy to access the tutorials.

As a person that is green in Blockchain, you need intuitive video contents that can effectively introduce you to its concepts and speed you up to its learning course. This fascinating course will introduce you to the core concepts, intuition and practical in Blockchain. It is a bundle of theories merged with projects that flow smoothly to bake you for the real-world projects. It incorporates a team of scientists and experts on the planet that will tutor, support and mentor you to become an astounding trader with Blockchain. If you like hands-on training then you don't need to look any further.

Certified Blockchain Expert

This is a wonderful course by Blockchain council, a team of experts that researches and come up with extraordinary developments in Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading. It is only for those who are passionate about riding the wave of Blockchain technology and going ahead of the others. With exams and real-world projects, this exhaustive certification training is one of the courses out there that you should never miss

In the training you will learn;
-The core concepts behind Blockchain technology and their uses
-Types of Blockchain technology, mining, transactions and conflict resolution
-Security in Blockchain
-Blockchain architecture and how to build your own

-A wealth of in-depth resources in one roof
-Blockchain council certification
-Highly qualified tutors
-Real-world cases and hands-on projects

Who's the course for;
-Programmers who want to build their own Blockchain
-Blockchain project managers who want to add some skills on their skillset
-Consultants who want to widen their scope in Blockchain trading
-Hobbyist learners in crypto trade

Course duration
It is entirely self-paced

Course price
You need to register as a member of the Blockchain council for the full access of the tutorial.

Join this course and get to interact, learn and join the only platform for experts in Blockchain. You don't need to have prior knowledge of anything. This course is subdivided according to the level of learning. The introductory part explains everything you need to know about Blockchain. The intermediate level part will introduce you to the average concepts that pave the way for advanced learning. Finally, you will be ripe for its real-world projects and cases before getting certified.

IBM Blockchain Essentials For Developers

This is one of IBM's wonderful courses out there for learners that wish to jumpstart their career life with Blockchain. It is a short introductory class to Blockchain. Through intuitive video contents, this course will introduce you to the basics of blockchains and how it uses IBM and Hyperledger fabrics.

In this course, you will learn;
-What is Blockchain and uses and benefits of Blockchain in every aspect of life
-Blockchain transfer assets
-Lab-transfer assets

-IBM Blockchain completion badge
-Quizzes and hands-on projects
-Concise and easy-to-understand contents

Who's the course for;
Any person that wants to start out in Blockchain learning
Expert traders who want to know how to link IBM and Hyperledger fabrics with Blockchain

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
The tutorial is free of charge

If you are looking for a well-structured course that is short and straight to the point, then here it is. It is a sweeping overview of the core concepts of Blockchain, how it works, impacts, ecosystem, ramifications and potentials. In this course, Yundhanjaya excellently balances theory and coding to develop easy-to-understand contents. Unlike most of the courses out there, in this training, you will not need any research outside to understand what this adept researcher and data scientist teaches. It is an exemplary course of its own.

Blockchain and Ethereum Certification Training

This is a merger of two courses that are bundled together on Edureka to come up with a full certification training. The first part will introduce you to the basics of Blockchain and its environments. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain and Hyperledger. The second part is mainly about Ethereum development. It will help you in setting a Blockchain ecosystem with Ethereum. Finally, the training employs various practical use cases to solidify what you have learnt in your memory.

In the course, you will learn;
-History of Bitcoin
-Fundamentals of Blockchain and their implementation
-Crypto business networks such as Hyperledger, Multichain platforms and more
-Setting up an Ethereum platform with Blockchain

-Two different skill sets in one course
-Certification upon completion
-Quizzes, use cases and hands-on
-Access to resume builder tool

Who's the course for;
-Software developers and programers
-Finance professionals

Course duration
You are free to learn at your own schedule

Course price
You only need to be a registered member of Edureka to access the whole certification training contents

Blockchain Technology

This is another awesome course on Edx for Intermediate level learners. It consists of deep resources that explain the fundamentals of Blockchain technology and its future use in powering various economies

In this course, you will learn;
-Distributed consensus and advanced topics such as CAP theorem
-The composition of crypto-economics , its fields and goals
-The key enterprise-level blockchain implementations
-Challenges in widespread Blockchain use and their sustainable solutions and more

-Instructor-signed certificate of completion
-Financial support option
-Full-time access upon enrollment
-Entirely online-based studies

Who's the course for;
Crypto-traders who want to learn the use of Blockchain in powering different economies
Any trader with background knowledge of Blockchain

Course duration
It is entirely self-paced

Course price
You only need to be a registered member of Edx to get full access to the tutorial

The future of various economies lies in Crypto-currencies. Blockchain is one of the highly-sought skillsets on the planet. By enrolling for any of the Blockchain classes, you are walking into the future ahead of others. This review captures the most reviewed online classes from popular platforms. Enrol for any course and join millions of other peers in adding a treasure in your existing skillset. Enrol, learn, build, trade and meet your financial dreams.

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