Best Cloud Computing Courses (2019)

Published: 25.07.2019
best cloud computing courses

Choosing the right online course, training or certification is in itself burdensome and overwhelming. There is a lot to test and synthesis before coming to terms with what suits your needs. With a shoddy course, you can end up wasting vital resources such as time, money, and energy. Today, we are going to take you through the best online tutorials and platforms that you can learn Cloud computing without any worry. In this review, only the top-rated courses and most popular platforms are considered.

Cloud Certification training in Linux Academy

Linux Academy is the first learner's scope when looking for a cloud-computing course. It has a wide range of courses that are ideal for any learner. One of the outstanding features of Linux academy courses in the cloud assessment option. It allows various enterprises to train, test and gauge the skills of their staffs on real AWS knowledge. Unlike the other courses that use QandA based assessments, cloud assessments use real-world projects and actual environments. Linux Academy also covers the Google cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. Therefore, learners in this academy have many platforms to practice their skills.

In Linux Academy, you will learn:
All concepts behind Cloud Computing from entry to advanced level
The features and applications in Microsoft Azure cloud computing
The features and applications in the Google cloud academy

Use of advanced tools
A wealth of courses in one roof
Certification upon completion
Full-time access upon completion

Who's the platform for;
Students who want to remain at the top of their various computing classes
Enterprises that wish to train their employees on cloud computing
Administrators in Cloud Computing
Programmers who wish to advance their career scope

The prices for the courses are relative to their level of technicality.

However, for training without certification, you will only need to be a registered member on the platform to enrol for a course

Once you register, you will become a lifetime member of the platform
Linux Academy is probably the best place to go to when looking for your preferred course. It is mainly for cloud computing training. By becoming a member of the platform, you will have access to over 2000 hours of hands-on, labs, flashcards, in-depth courses and more. Register, choose, learn and become an expert in cloud computing.

Getting Started with Cloud Computing - Level 1

Just as its name goes, this Udemy tutorial is ideal for learners who are getting started in cloud computing. With completely nothing, be sure to supercharge your talent from Zero to a rational level. It is one of the most comprehensive and well-organized courses on Udemy with over 9000 enrolled students.

In the course, you will learn:
A brief introduction to the basics and characteristics of cloud computing
The history behind IT to cloud computing
Cloud deployment and the main service models of cloud computing
Benefits of public cloud services

Full-time access upon registration
Rich downloadable contents
Certification upon completion

Who's the course for:
It professionals and expert developers who want to know the basics of cloud computing
Cloud administrators who want to upscale their existing talents
Cybersecurity personnel who want to know how to safeguard the data in cloud systems
Bachelor of science students who want to get top of their classes

Course duration
It consists of 2.5 hours on-demand videos that you can play at your own pace

Course price
All you need is to register as a member on Udemy

A solid foundation is key inefficient learning of the ins and outs of cloud computing. With a good foundation, you will not miss the complex concepts in advanced learning. If you need a course with a wide depth and breadth of important topics in cloud computing, then here it is. This course will start you off from the ground and systematically help you grow your knowledge to a specific rational level. Going for this tutorial is a bold step towards joining the cloud computing revolution.

Cloud Training Courses with Cloud Academy

Cloud computing is a wide domain that is highly dynamic. There are emerging trends that you will need to stay updated with. Cloud Academy is one of the online platforms that mainly focuses on keeping various learners updated through thousands of online resources. In this platform, there is something for any person. Whether an expert, intermediate or entry-level learner in cloud computing, you will meet something that suits your needs.

By registering on Cloud Academy, you will;
Stay updated with the latest concepts in Cloud Computing
Access thousands of learning paths for various level of learning
Access your most preferred cloud platform
Access reliable training in any place on the planet

No stale, outdated video contents
Rich and comprehensive courses
One-time registration fees
Free trials and Demos

Who's the platform for;
Tech engineers and developers who wish to divert to cloud computing
Students who want to stay at the top of their classes
Managers and software engineers in Cloud Computing

The costs of the online tutorials are relative to the complexity of the specific courses or skill paths

The membership fee is lifetime and one-time

Google Cloud Training

Apart from UD computing services, Google also offers many courses for various levels of learning. It is the only viable platform that you will learn practical-based courses for efficient troubleshooting and acing interviews. Google courses are technical. They come handy with hard-to-pass examinations such as Cloud Architect and Google Data examination. Unlike other on other platforms, only certified and highly trained tutors are allowed to take a lesson with Google. Otherwise, you will find Google Cloud Computing courses on popular platforms such as Edureka, Coursera, and Udemy

What you will learn;
The features of the Google cloud platform
The fundamental concepts behind cloud computing
The Cloud computing software architecture

Many hands-on demos
Advanced Google-based tools
Certification upon completion
Rich learning paths
Career prospects after completion

Who's the course for;

Course price
The costs of the tutorials or certifications are relative to what the hosting platform charges

Course duration
They are entirely self-paced

Google's Certification courses and skill paths are always the best. They come handy with useful contents and are concise. They are neither too short nor long. To keep your focus, there are always Quizzes and Qwiklab hands-on exercises for memorability. To avoid redundancy, Google makes sure that each course originates from highly trained personnel who either works with them or have vast experience in the niche. In Google, you will not miss something specifically tailored to meet your needs. Enrol for one and get certified with the popular platform.

Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1

This is an awesome entry-level course on Coursera. It is ideal for learners that are interested in the core concepts of cloud computing. Using intuitive video contents, the course covers a wide ground of information in a limited period. This is not a Hello World course, by enrolling for this course, expect in-depth resources that are good and coherent.

In the course, you will learn
The concepts of Distributed Algorithm
The concepts of Distributed Computing
The basics of C++ that applies in cloud computing
Core concepts of cloud computing

High-quality video contents
Quizzes for memorability
Public forum for peer interaction
Full-time accessibility upon enrollment
Certification upon completion

Who's the course for:
Professional developers who want to widen their career scope
Any hobbyist learner in cloud computing

Course duration
It is entirely self-paced

Course price
You need to be a registered member of Coursera to get full access to the course content

Cloud computing is a growing discipline that is overly dynamic. There are a lot of new concepts to learn and a lot of new career jobs. It is just a hot piece of cake that is not planning to get cold soon. By enrolling for any cloud computing course, tutorial or certification programme, you will be dipping your feet in a vast ocean with a wealth of career options. However, before going for any course, it is prudent to know your level of understanding of cloud computing concepts. Otherwise, the list contains what it takes to build an excellent career in Cloud Computing.

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