Best Computer Science Courses & Certifications In 2019

Published: 21.07.2019
best computer science courses

Are you looking forward to becoming a self-taught world-class computer science engineer? If yes, then you are in the right place. By investing in a challenging, engaging and innovative course, it will not take you time before you deeply understand the concepts behind software engineering and the use of advanced tools. Unfortunately, with inestimable resources on the internet, you will always be in a crossroads while choosing the best online courses to go for.

Good courses have outstanding learning curves. They are taught with experts that understand the needs of their enrollees. They use the language you understand best and allow you to interact with peers. They look like a typical classroom where the learner is free to ask questions and get feedback. Whether you have been coding for years or completely green in Computer Science, with a good course, there is something to gain.
Here is a carefully curated list of the best courses you can enrol for as a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level learner.

Computer Science 101: Master the Theory Behind Programming

Theories are the pillars of any programming skill. It is what sets the gurus and substandard programmers apart. By mastering the theories, you will be developing transferable skills that will immensely help in advancing your career options. If that is your dream, then this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn;
The basic theories of Algorithm analysis and how to compare algorithms
Different data structures and how to use them
The Core Sorting Analysis
The Fundamentals of CS theories

High-Quality resources
An outstanding course's pace
An excellent course depth and coverage
High-quality video contents

Who's the course for
Any person that is willing to learn the Computer Science theories
Web and app developers who want to reinforce the CS theories in their minds

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
By enrolling as a member in Udemy, you will be eligible for full access of the course

You don't need any prior knowledge in Computer Science to enroll for this course. Being self-paced, you will be free to choose your schedule. One of the most overlooked features of this course is the ability to replay its contents. With full-time access to the resources, you are at liberty to use the contents in the future, play them while driving, and more. Don't wait and regret later, grab this course and take your programming talents to another level.

Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory, and Machines

Machine learning is a field in computer science that will help you get your computers into working without explicit programming. However, as simple as it may seem, there is a wealth of skills to learn to be a guru in machines. This Coursera tutorial introduces the learners to machine learning. It first introduces you to the history and evolution in machine learning. Then, it goes ahead to dig deeper into theories of computation and real-life computing.

What you will learn;
A brief introduction to a precursor lesson, Computer Science: Algorithms, Theory and Machines
Classic algorithms
The structures and types of Stacks and Queues
The Symbol tables abstractions
A brief introduction to theories of computing

Public forum for questions and answers
Flexible deadlines
100% of online-based studies
English subtitles

Who the course for
Any person with knowledge of Java

The Course duration
It consists of video contents that take approximately 28 hours of non-stop learning. Nevertheless, you are free to learn at your schedule

Course price
Once you have enrolled for the tutorial, you are eligible for the free version of the course that is exclusive of certification

There are a lot of benefits achieved from learning on Coursera. The platform does not only provide quality contents. You will also be eligible for certification from popular learning institutions. This tutorial is offered in conjunction with Princeton University. What else do you want apart from furnishing your CV with a certification from this awesome institution?

Learn: Computer Science Paths

This computer science path by Codecademy is one of the best Python courses out there. It is ideal for learners that are passionate about mastering Python and learning the core concepts of Computer Science such as algorithms and data structures.

In the course, you will learn:
Techniques of Python language and how to write it
Developing an application using the Python language
Objects, structures and algorithms of Python language and more

Two projects for practicability
Use of a popular language
Rich downloadable resources

Who's the course for
Those who are passionate about advancing their skills in computer science
Those who want to get some skills for technical interviews
Any programmer who wants to advance their career path with Python

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
For full access of the course, you have to register with a Pro plan on Codecademy

Python is the third most popular programming language on the planet. Due to its complexity, there is no doubt that you will meet its concepts in your interviews. By enrolling for this tutorial, you will be making a step ahead of other learners and standing a chance of advancing your career option. We will definitely like this skill path.

CS50's Introduction to Computer Science

This is an awesome entry-level course taught by David J. Malan. It is offered on edX in conjunction with Harvard University. In this tutorial, you are going to be mentored and taught to think algorithmically to proficiently tackle the real-life problem through computation. In this course, you will only be eligible for certification upon achieving a satisfactory score of nine sets on the course assignments.

What you will learn;
Computer Science and Programming concepts
To think algorithmically and solve problems like a programmer
Concepts of number languages e.g. C, SQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
Project development and presentation

Sharable instructor-signed certification
Rich video contents with English subtitles
No prerequisites

Who's the course for;
Any person who wants to develop a robust understanding of the concepts of CS and number languages

Course duration
Students are free to learn at their own pace and schedule

Course price
This tutorial is free without certification

Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours

This is another awesome course by a popular coding geek, Brian Holt. If you haven't come across this big name then you are in your world. As a self-taught teacher, Holts understand what it takes to efficiently pass information to the students without any hitch. He knows what and how to demystify complex concepts using a language that does not irritate.
In this tutorial, Holt will take you through;
Big O
Data structures
Sorting algorithms

Rich contents downloadable contents
10-days free trial
Team-learning option

Who's the course for;
Developers with background knowledge on JavaScript

Course duration
The course takes approximately 4Hrs and 47Mins of non-stop learning. You are also free to watch the video contents at your own pace and schedule

Course price
You must be a registered member on Pluralsight to get full access of the course

Going for a Computer Science certification is a good choice as far as meeting your job prospects is concerned. However, going for an online course is an excellent choice you will make as a learner. With a good online course, learning CS is an exciting journey that hardly irritates. You will realize that we have covered only the courses offered on accredited online platforms. They are the most sought with the highest number of active enrollees. Otherwise, a number of the courses are provided by top learning institutions that have produced thousands of world-class graduands. It is now or never! Cross your arms and enrol for any of the course, and be sure of taking your talent to another level.

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