Do you want to become a better writer? Whether you are barely starting or you’ve already had your works published, a writing course can boost your creativity, improve the quality of your writing, and give you the motivation you need to reach your next project goal. There are many classes available, but these are the best we’ve found. These courses range from beginner to advanced instruction and cover a variety of specializations and topics, so no matter what you are looking for, you will find the right course for you on this list.
All of these courses are online, so it is simple to sign up and you can do them at your own pace. Enjoy the freedom of taking a class anywhere and having access to your classwork and resources at all times.

Write a Book! Creative Writing Skills for Beginner Writers

This course was created by author Brian Jackson. If you have the inkling of an idea you want to try, if you’ve already started writing but you don’t know where to go next, or if you’ve finished a project and want to get it published, this could be the course for you. Through a series of instructional videos and downloadable resources, Brian will help you find your very own writing style and get your thoughts onto paper.
This class focuses on writing and editing, which is helpful not only for beginning writers, but also for those more advanced who are experiencing writer’s block or don’t want to let their hard work go in the editing process. If you are not confident in your writing ability, this class can help you see the value of your writing and give you the courage to begin or continue on your very own literary journey.
Perhaps you have already finished a book or a collection of works and you are ready to share them with the world! But how? As a self-publishing author himself, Brian teaches you the process and benefits of self-publishing. If you are interested in doing the entire writing process, start to finish, on your own, this may be the very class for you.

⦁ 30-Day Money Back Garauntee
⦁ Focus on beginning stages of writing
⦁ Learn about Self-Publishing
⦁ Learn to create your own book cover

Course level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Duration: 14 lessons, 8.5 hours of instructional videos

Price: $199.99 for full course

Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

Margaret Atwood, known as the “prophet of dystopia”, becomes the master teacher in this in-depth class. The main focus of her works is historical and speculative fiction, but even if that’s not the genre for you, anyone can use her wisdom. She encourages students to learn more about the world around them and use what they find within their own writings.
The lessons go deep into each topic, with Margaret providing her thoughts and views, as well as examples. The video lessons are short, but put together well, so if you are looking for an inspiring course with an engaging instructor, you may have the perfect match here. Beside the videos, there is a downloadable workbook with writing exercises, lesson summaries, and loads of extra content.
Alright, so you’ve learned to write, but you still doubt your abilities. You can use the online chatrooms to see what other students have done and post your own works. As Margaret explains, feedback is crucial. It helps you become more confident in your abilities and see where your weaknesses are. This is an excellent tool for any writer, beginner to advanced, to utilize.

⦁ Downloadable workbook
⦁ Great class community and support
⦁ In-depth lessons, beginning to end

Course level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Duration: 23 lessons, 4 hours of instructional videos

Price: $90/class, or $180/year for MasterClass all access

The Triangle Method of Character Creation

You are a fantastic writer. Plot, action, setting, you have it all… but there’s something off about your characters. If your characters are the most unbelievable thing in your world of fairytales or folklore, this course can help. It specifically focuses on character development in your writing so they come across as real people with color and vibrancy, not flat and emotionless. Give your characters a little life!
Your teacher, John Matthew Fox, helps you understand your characters so you can best write them. He uses videos and PDF files for instruction. His class goes over everything from choosing a name that fits your character, to first impressions, to how to improve dialouge. There are tips and tricks for every writing level and it is a course every writer could benefit from.

⦁ Writing challenges with each video
⦁ Creative and insightful video instruction
⦁ Downloadable PDFs with instruction and examples
⦁ Step-by-step character creation

Course level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Duration: 7 lessons, 2 hours of instructional videos

Price: $39 for full course

Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journalling Challenge

This course, created by author Emily Gould, helped her find inspiration to continue writing when she felt she had nothing left to give. Although designed for intermediate and advanced writers who are suffering from writer’s block, this class can also help new writers find their creativity. The challenge is simply to write for 10-15 minutes every day, but each day there’s a twist.
If you need new thoughts and ideas, or if you simply want to be a better writer, this could be the right class for you. There is an online classroom where you can share your thoughts and ideas and recieve feedback from Emily or the other students.Emily approaches you not as an internationally successful author, but as a normal person, a friend, and gives advice and examples to help you complete the challenge. The atomosphere is very friendly and non-judgmental, so you can find your own creativity. The challenge is simple and the course doesn’t require a lot of time, so if you are a busy person, but your dream is to write, perhaps this course can help.

⦁ Little time commitment/requirement
⦁ Online classroom, share and recieve feedback
⦁ Free trial with SkillShare

Course level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Duration: 10 days, 6 lessons, .5 hours of instructional videos

Price: Free for sign up, SkillShare monthly and yearly package prices vary

Creative Writing Specialization

This is an online course offered by Wesleyan University. It focuses primarily on short stories, essays, and memoirs. If your goal is not only to become a better writer, but to become a better editor, this may be the option for you. Throughout the course you will submit your work for editing as well as review and edit the writings of classmates. Together you become stronger and more confident in your abilities.
The line up of professors and staff to teach are very friendly and helpful. They help teach five different classes as part of the course. It is not necessary to complete all five; you can pick and choose the classes that would benefit you most. This course is designed to help writers of any skill level hone their abilities, so there is beginner as well as advanced material.

⦁ Multiple teachers, fit your learning style
⦁ Certificate of Completion at end of course
⦁ College partner deals for students
⦁ Learn to edit, not just write

Course level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Duration: 5 classes, approximately 14 months to complete full course

Price: Free for sign up, Coursera prices and package deals vary

While each one of these online classes provide excellent information and learning environments, you want to make sure you pick the right one for you. Ask yourself what you are looking for in a creative writing class, what are your expectations for the class and yourself? We encourage you to go to the websites and look around. Most have introductory videos to give you a better idea of the course material and you can see for yourself what the best choice for you is. Best of luck and happy writing!