Best Cybersecurity courses & certifications (2019)

Published: 23.07.2019
best cybersecurity courses

Having technical skills is key when trying to figure out how to get into the cybersecurity domain. However, this does not mean that you have to be a professional developer, programmer, or web engineer. A perfect online tutorial will take you through all the aspects of cybersecurity and help you jump the ladder to become an adept professional with impeccable skills for both technical and non-technical jobs.

Unlike other fields, cybersecurity is highly dynamic. The attackers use a wide array of techniques and tools to bring down networks, programs, or computer systems and siphon billions of private information. It is for this reason that you will require a comprehensive course that realizes both innovation and creativity. Best courses will mentor and tutor you into thinking and acting like a hacker or attacker for a sustainable solution.
Through weeks of insightful research, we have finally come up with a list of the best Cyber Security Courses in 2019. It is a whole bowl of rich contents tailored to meet anyone's needs. The review follows a systematic sequence of the course description, advantages, price, and duration. To help with easier choosing, we have gone ahead to add who's the course for. Take a look..!

Become a Cybersecurity Engineer

As an entry-level learner, you need something that will systematically take you through the basics of cybersecurity with the use of easy-to-understand language. You need an online-based tutorial with deep resources on functions such as assessment and penetration testing, building secure systems, auditing intrusion, development and implementation of the security systems and more. This skill path by Cybrary is a gem to go for as a novice learner, intermediate and advanced-level learner.

In this skill path, you will learn;
13 certification courses on concepts of cybersecurity
30 hand-on labs on threat identification and management
5-major real-world projects

One-time registration fee
An in-browser virtual learning environment
A public platform for free chatting
Certification upon completion
Internship and future career job options

Who's the course for;
Any hardworking person that is passionate about becoming a Cybersecurity expert

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
To get full access of the course, you need to be registered on pro plan with Cybrary

This is one of the best video learning skill paths that you will find on the planet. It gets you fully covered with accurate, concise and rich resources that will align you to top certifications such as CompTIA's and CySA+. You will love their vetted, solid and high-quality video contents that are all-time engaging. Another better option with the skill path lies in free learning. With this, you will get access to the certification courses contents. With just the course content, you will be somewhere as far as upskilling your cybersecurity talent is concerned. To get full access of the course including the hands-on lab and assessments, you must be registered with Insider Pro plan.

Introduction to Cyber Security

This free course developed by Open University is one of its own that is IISP accredited, GCHQ Certified and fully supported by the UK Government's National Security Programme. In this course, Arosha K will take you through the concepts of threat identification and management.

In the course, you will learn;
Different types of malware e.g. Trojan and viruses
Network security, Identity theft and risk management

Well-detailed and rich resources
Free access to the contents
Lifetime access upon registration
Preview option to determine the suitability of the course

Who's the course for;
Employee or private development managers
Any person willing to become experts in cybersecurity

Course duration
This tutorial is entirely self-paced

Course price
The tutorials are free to access

Enrol for this course and feel free to be guided towards becoming a rockstar in Cybersecurity. No experience? No big deal. All you need is a computing device and you are done. And, how does it feel when you get certification from a government-supported course? Think about it in the career prospect perspective. You are free to access the course freely on FutureLearn.

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Course: A Complete Package

This course is primarily for those that want to make a career life out of hacking and Cybersecurity. In short, it is tailored to teach learners how to think like hackers. If you want to be cognizant with attack networks and methods employed during attacks, then here is a good course for you.

In the course, you will learn:
Ethical hacking and web penetration
Hacking for Windows, Linux, mail and mobile phones
Spying and tracking of attacks
Analysis and investigation of various types of threats and attacks

30-days Money-back guarantee
Rich resources by an adept tutor
Full-time access upon enrolment

Who's the course for;
Professional managers in need of adding some Cybersecurity skills on their skillset
Anyone who wants to become an Expert in Cybersecurity
Any person that intends to widen the career option in the Cybersecurity domain

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced
English transcripts
Certification upon completion

Course Price
You can get full access to the resources upon registration on EH Academy

This practical-based Cybersecurity course is deeply rooted in easy-to-understand theories. It first exhausts the theory part of it to help you develop a deep knowledge of the concepts before going ahead to show you the practical part of it. Through a step-by-step approach, you will be guided through how to set your system and conduct attacks against them. It is an awesome journey for novice entry-level to advanced learning.

The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!

This is another top Udemy releases that deeply cover the building blocks of Cybersecurity. The tutorial introduces and gradually takes its learners on the concepts of Cybersecurity such as malware, trackers, exploit kits, Zero days and cybercriminals and more.

In the course, you will learn;
The tracking and hacking infrastructures
Understanding the mindset of a cyber-criminal
Building a secure data system
Risk mitigation and safeguarding of data system

Concise and comprehensive resources
Assignments and quizzes for memorability
Lifetime access upon enrollment
Downloadable resources

Who' the course for:
Any person with an urge to become a Cybersecurity specialist

Course Duration
This tutorial is entirely self-paced

Course price
To enrol for the course, you need to be a registered member on Udemy

Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains

This is another awesome tutorial on Coursera, a popular MOOC platform for various self-taught learners. This tutorial digests the concepts of ten fundamentals of Cybersecurity. In engaging video contents, the tutors will introduce to basic concepts of Cybersecurity before expounding on advanced concepts of.

In the course, you will learn;
All the concepts in the ten domains of Cybersecurity
Information security
Cybersecurity Regulations

Public forums for interactions
Quizzes and assignments for memorability
Certification upon completion
Supportive course by Kennesaw State University

Who's the course for;
Any person with or without prior knowledge of Cybersecurity

Course Duration
The tutorial is entirely self-paced

Course Price
To enrol for the tutorial, you need to be a registered member on Coursera

Access to the internet is becoming a necessity in this contemporary world. We use the internet to run almost all errands. With skyrocketing numbers of systems, networks and information to protect, Cybersecurity is one of the highly sought skills in the world. By enrolling for any of the courses, you will be making a bold step to advancing your career scope a bunch.

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