10 Best Data Science Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 25.06.2019
top data science courses

Nowadays, data is present everywhere around us. Research shows that the need for professionals who can handle huge amounts of data and manipulate it to solve real-world increases each year. Today’s data involves understanding complex scenarios, speaking to machines, anticipating the future, etc. It’s not just some piece of information.

According to a report by IBM, by 2020 the demand for data scientists will have increased up to 28%. Here are some of the best data science courses you need to look out for. Read on to find out more.

Data Scientist with Python-DataCamp

This data science course covers statistical and machine learning techniques with Python. The course will help you analyze, interpret, and easily understand complex data.

With a total of 26 courses, Data Scientist with Python includes an Introduction to Python, Python For Data Science (Intermediate), Part 1& 2 of Data Science Toolbox (Python), Data Science Toolbox (Python) of Importing Data, Cleaning Data (Python), pandas foundations, Manipulation of Data Frames with pandas, Merging DataFrames with pandas, Analyzing Police Activities with pandas, Intro to SQL for Data science, an Introduction to Databases in Python, etc.

Advantages of this course

• In-depth understanding of Data Science with Python

This course offers an in-depth understanding of data exploitation, data science processes, data visualization, data wrangling and building, and testing hypothesis. It also includes knowledge of how learners can install and use the Python environment, its libraries, and other auxiliary tools.

• Skills in application

Learners get to understand how to apply concepts of Python as well as its associated packages such as Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, SciPy and matplotlib library in data science

• Easy to understand

The course is easy to understand and helps you become an expert in natural language processing and machine learning.

Who’s the course for

Are you looking to enhance your software development and IT skills? This course focuses on enhancing skills that have already been developed by analytic professionals, software developers, and IT professionals. Although it includes everything a data scientist needs to learn, it will be easier and faster for someone with some statistical and coding background to understand the approach and context of the course compared to someone who is not familiar with coding.

Course duration: 84 hours

Price: $118,000/year

Data science specialization - Coursera

This data science course is among the most enrolled and highly rated courses. Through John Hopkins University, the course offers one of the largest and well-established online data science education.

Comprised of 10 different courses, Data Science Specialization is a mix of theory and practical. These 10 courses include Data Scientist's Toolbox, Reproducible Research, Getting & Cleaning Data, Regression Models, R Programming, Statistical Inference, Exploratory Data Analysis, Developing Data Products, Practical Machine Learning, and Data Science. The course includes a complete section that covers pure statistics; which is generally the backbone of data science Capstone.

For learners to complete this program, they have to create a data product that can be used to solve one or more real-world problems. Most experts believe this is one of the best Data Science courses you can find on the web.

Advantages of this course

• At the end of the course, learners have a set of skills that can help them transform data into actionable insight.

• Uses R to analyze, clear and visualize data which is easy to understand for many learners

• Uses regression models to perform regression analysis, least square to come up with reliable inference.

Who’s the course for

The course is suitable for both beginners with no programming knowledge as well as those who are experienced in regression and Python or have background knowledge in maths or statistics. All the 10 courses cover the complete data science needs of any student; from data acquisition, management, and publication.

Course duration: 8 months

Price: $49/month

Data Science Bootcamp – Datasciencedojo

Data Science Bootcamp equips you with skills on how to extract valuable information from datasets using programming and analytical skills. This comprehensive course requires students to at least have prerequisite knowledge in one scripting/programming language or computing environment.

Before the start of the course, students are introduced to the basics of data science as well as the functions of Amazon, Azure, and R programming tools for data science and engineering. Data Science Bootcamp consists of a mix of theory, science, maths, hands-on labs, and engineering. At the end of the course, learners get to participate in a Kaggle competition (an In-class data science competition) after which graduates get invites to network groups, exclusive events, and more learning tutorials.

Advantages of this course

• The course offers a complete toolbox which learners need to become data scientists

• Helps you to understand r programming and how to visualize data easily

• The training has a series of live instructor-led tutorials that mainly involve real-life analytical challenges.

• You find all the learning material you need in one place; from course materials, recorded lectures, quizzes, handouts, books, to advanced learning resources and source code.

Who’s the course for
Do you think you are a good candidate for this course? Well, yes. Anyone can learn Data Science Bootcamp even if they don’t have any previous knowledge about data science. Students spend 4-6 hours to get introduced to cloud-based machine learning tools, and computing environment-which are necessary for in-person learning of the course. You will also get to learn the basics of the industry landscape and data mining before arriving at bootcamp. Watching all of these tutorials before getting to bootcamp helps students create a learning environment that allows easy understanding of the course.

Course duration: 8-12 weeks

Price: 3799/year

Complete Data Science Bootcamp - Udemy

This is a rapidly growing career that has caught the eye of many learners. The course covers all the topics you may need to become a successful data scientist.

Each of these topics is easy to follow as they build on previous topics and discuss everything necessary for the entire course. Areas covered include an into to Data and Data Science (business intelligence, big data, machine learning, business analytics), Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Tableau, Advanced Statistics (regression, factor analysis, clustering), Machine and deep learning, Data Visualization, Deep learning.

The course focuses on teaching all of these topics in a smooth flowing way. It teaches you everything you need to know about how to become a better data scientist. There are a total of 434 lectures, 80 articles, and 129 downloadable resources as well as lifetime access. There is also a question and answer community and support team.

Advantages of this course

• All-in-one
Learners begin from scratch, and by the end of the bootcamp, they are usually proficient in handling real-life challenges.

• Easy to follow

• Allows for more advanced specialization

Who’s the course for:

Do you wish to become a Data Scientist or learn a few things about Data Science? Well, Complete Data Science Bootcamp lets you achieve what you want as a data scientist by helping you understand the basics behind machine learning, and solving real-life problems-which can easily get you a job.

Course duration: 27 hours

Price: $199

Python Fundamentals - Pluralsight

Python Fundamentals lets you get started with the basics of Python as a dynamic language that is popular for dealing with big data, web development, scripting, and science.

The Python language thought in this course usually comes with a standard library that ensures easy expression and production. The great standard library is the center of your huge universe of third-party libraries. With this basic course, learners can build anything they want; from simple and easy coding to complex applications. You’ll get to do scripting faster while using fewer lines of code. The course begins letting learners understand Python, open sources, and software that might be needed throughout the course for Python codes.

At the basic level, you’ll get to learn different operators, data types, list, variables, working with strings, tuples, decision statements, handling errors, loops, exceptions, accepting various inputs and displaying output, functions, etc. At the intermediate level, students get to learn how Python creates interaction between computers and users, data manipulation, object-oriented programming, regular expressions, using command line prompt to control parameters.

Advantages of this course

• Python is fun; you can sit down and enjoy writing codes

• It’s easy and quick to edit-and-run different development cycles for beginners

• No prior knowledge required

Who’s the course for

This course is preferable for beginners in data science. It provides a solid foundation for programming so that learners can easily move on to the next stages (intermediate state) of Python programming. The course mainly attracts coding enthusiasts and students who are willing and ready to learn Python crisply and quickly.

Course duration: 5 hours 11min

Price: $29/month

Data Science - Dataquest

Rather than being affiliated to any university, Dataquest is an independent online training provider. Although it allows free access to most of its course materials, students also get to pay for premium services-mostly tutored projects.

Dataquest’s Data Science gets you started with the basics of Python and moves step by step to stages where you can make predictions with machine learning and statistics. The course mainly focuses on the math and its application and not just importing libraries. This means you’ll have to come up with functions to perform basic statistic, machine learning tasks, probability before you use the available libraries.

Some of the available courses include Python for Data Science: Fundamentals, Python for Data Science: Intermediate, Pandas & NumPy Fundamentals, Exploratory Data Visualization, Storytelling Through Data Visualization, Data Cleaning and Analysis, Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced, Data Cleaning Project Walkthrough, Command Line, Git & Version Control, SQL, APIs & Web Scraping, Probability & Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Structures & Algorithms etc.

Advantages of this course

• 1/3 of Dataquest course materials are free. You only need to create an account

• Prices for premium courses are also very reasonable

• The learning materials mainly focus on application

• Dataquest has one of the most interactive coding browsers

Who’s the course for

Whether you are new to Data science or looking to step up and enhance your career, this course will teach you different data skill; from basic, intermediate to expert level. You’ll find guide projects that not only help you solidify your skills, but also provide a platform for you to showcase your prior knowledge and skills. The Dataquest team has put together some of the best videos about learning data science which strengthen the philosophy of the site.

Course duration: One-on-one office hours and includes 200+ missions

Price: $49/month

Data Science - Udacity

Are you looking for a unique set of skills in Data Science? Taking a course in Data Science at Udacity lets you build your skill in data manipulation, predictive analytics, visualization, data science, machine learning, etc.

The course lets you advance your data career by acquiring important skills which will help you showcase your abilities. You’ll also get support from professionals, experts, and peers on how to advance your career as well as achieve your goals. The course presents its topics briefly and mainly focuses on breadth instead of in-depth analysis of a single topic. This allows students to sample and apply their basic knowledge and techniques of data science.

This course covers data visualization (Tableau, Dashboards, Data Storytelling), Data Engineer (Data Pipelines, Spark, Data Modelling, Airflow), Data Analytics (Matplotlib, Data Wrangling, Pandas & Numpy, Bootstrapping, Statistics), Predictive Analytics for business ( A/B Testing, Data Wrangling, Classification, Segmentation, forecasting), Data Scientist (Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Deep Learning), Business Analytics (SQL, Excel and spreadsheets, Data Dashboards, Data Visualization), and Programming for Data science (Python, SQL, Git & GitHub, Numpy & Pandas) . These lessons introduce learners to many areas in data science. However, for more advanced lessons, you’ll have to look for other courses on the platform.

Advantages of this course

• A flexible learning program that is tailored for your everyday busy life

• Learning is mainly based on real-world projects with immersive content

• Personal as well as career coaching services

• Every learner gets a knowledgeable mentor who guides them and answers all their questions, keeps them on track and motivates them.

Who’s the course for

This course is a preferred choice for data enthusiasts and students who want to showcase their data skills and represent essential data science value for organizations looking to make data-powered business decisions. The course combines skills in statistical analysis and programming to uncover important insight, communicate findings, and create data-driven solutions.

Course duration: 3 months

Price: $359/year

Applied Data Science with Python - rmotr

Do you wish to learn Python for applied Data Science using analytical tools such as Numpy and Pandas? This is an amazing course that offers a great experience to students because of its unique nature.

The course syllabus covers Python Programming which includes reading files, communicating with APIs; Math and Statistic Fundamentals which introduces learners to the concept of math and statistics in a digestible and easy way to understand; Data Science Tools which cover data management with Pandas, Data Visualization involving Matplotlib and Bokeh, scientific computing with Numpy and Scipy. The course also focuses on career development that builds your portfolio through working on various projects.

You’ll get to learn the basic Python patterns for Pandas library and data science for easy manipulation of data. The focus is to learn how to load data into your working environment, ways of cleaning it, and how you can prepare it for modeling and visualization.

Advantages of this course

• Unlimited support from mentors who are always ready to help you fine-tune your programming skills

• Organized weekly routines that help you keep track of your studies and always be accountable

• Saves you time by using predefined and proven methods of learning which ensures minimum study time

• Great value as the course is relatively cheap as compared to other Data Science courses

Who’s the course for

Are you looking to stand out from other data scientists and build your own unique brand? This course is skill-based and intended to help have basic programming or Python background in addition to other data analytical techniques such as machine learning, social network analysis techniques, etc. Learn how to code and get to secure your dream job at any time!

Course duration: 4 Months

Price: $349 /year

Data Science Bootcamp - Springboard

Whether you are a seasoned IT pro, a recent graduate, or just looking to change your career, Data Science Bootcamp is one of the best options available.

This course equips you with important traits and skills in data science and the secrets of becoming a successful data analyst. You’ll get full access to the data science community of Springboard, have a personal mentor, student advisor, and a career coach. By the end of the course, learners usually have access to a wide variety of data science network and “interview-ready portfolio.” Almost all students complete the course within 2 to 4 months.

Knowledge and skills from data science have helped many people land lucrative jobs as data engineers, data scientists, data architects, and data analysts. Data architects and data engineers spend most of their time dealing with complex queries, codes, and database while data scientists and data analysts are usually more focused on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting huge amounts of datasets to help in decision-making.

Advantages of this course

• Refund on tuition fee if students don’t get a job within the first six months after they graduate, i.e., Job guarantee

• Unlimited mentor support at a personal level

• Learning through real-world projects which give you hands-on experience

Who’s the course for

Data Science Bootcamp is designed for people who already have some prior knowledge and experience in programming and statistics. Some of the skills required include software development, simple analytics, and financial skills. You need to have at least 6 months of active experience in coding with any general purpose programming languages, i.e., Python, Java, R, or C++. You also need to be comfortable with the fundamentals of descriptive statistics and basic probability, i.e., mean, median, standard deviation, histogram, and distribution.

Course duration: 6 months

Price: $499 per month

Introduction to Python for Data Science - thedataincubator

Python is one of the most important programming languages in data science. This course provides you hands-on experience on how to use Python in data analytics as well as different data science techniques.

The course covers 3 main areas; Python which includes variables, python list, python dictionaries, functions, logic and program flow, truthiness, iterations, whitespace matters, exceptions, and putting it all together; Python’s Data science Tools that includes NumPy Indexing, Pandas, and Matplotlib & Building a Topic Modeler which covers gathering a data set, topic modeling with sci-kit-learn, the bag of words model, exercises, batch versus online training and visualize our results.

The course comes with a 3-hour workshop where students with no prior background knowledge about Python get to learn the basic concepts of Python. By the end of the workshop, students take The Data Incubator's Pragmatic Institute's data science curriculum. However, it’s essential for you to have basic technical abilities in computers and the desire to learn how to use new tools.

Advantages of this course

• Course materials are available online, and there are no installations required

• Minimal experience needed when using computers

• Live lectures that allow you to ask questions and interact with your instructor and classmates

• Hand-on experience through the use of real-world datasets.

Who’s the course for

Are you new to data science and don’t know where to start? Are you an Economist, Data Analyst, or Research who usually works with large data and would like to make the whole process easy and straightforward? This course targets people who are interested in data science and really want to learn the basics and important skills in data science.

Course duration: 3 hours

Price: $119/workshop


There is a wide range of jobs that are open for people with skills in data science. Some of these jobs include management analytics, information security analytics, operation research analytics, computer system analytics, statisticians, etc. Given the practical nature of data science, online courses are considered the best way to learn and understand it.

Without a doubt, data science is continuously growing. We expect more products that will make learning data science easier in the future. We look forward to seeing more adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MA) in Big Data analysis.

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