5 online design thinking courses you should try out

Published: 29.07.2019
best design thinking courses

If you are having issues making decisions either in your personal lives or in your professional life its high time you find a solution. Trying out a design course might just be the solution for you. The good thing about it is that you can actually do it from the comfort of your home. You get to use your creative and innovative mind to solve your issues. The process is all about teaching you about the art of brainstorming and coming up with new ideas that will help you increase your knowledge and skills. The course also helps in your business to create better and greater products, services, strategies and experiences throughout your working time. Through learning you get to be practical in problem solving ways. Here is a list of online courses to help you navigate through your decision making process.

Design Thinking for Innovation

When it comes to making the right decisions you need to have the right skills to do so. brings you to the world of innovation and critical thinking. This helps you especially in the business arena. Design thinking will help you learn to use all the tools of decision making to deal with all your issues. It helps you be an innovator and creative thinker. This class is highly recommended for beginner’s level.

Advantages of this class
• Easy to comprehend materials.
• You attain a certification.
• Get equipped with skills
• Learn to be innovative.

Course duration: this is a 7-hour course of high on demand video session plus final assessment.

Course pricing: the course is offered for free. You only pay for the certification after doing the assessment. The price ranges between 29-99 USD.

Cooper Crash Course: Design Thinking in 3 steps.

This class helps you know how to understand your target market, come up with a creative solution and test it. All this is the with the help of the Cooper Professional Education. The course is taught in English but other five languages are auto generated. The course is easy to access and can be accessed full time. The course is highly recommended for beginner’s level.

Advantages of this course
• You get to make prototype to test ideas.
• The course is accessed full time.
• You get e certification upon completion.
• You meet a community of other learners.

Course duration: this is a 1.5 hour on demand video session. It includes interaction with other learning materials.

Course pricing: the course is offered at a price of 194.99 USD. However, you get to access discounts every now and then from the sight.

Introduction to Design Thinking

This is a great certification offered by Microsoft through site. You get to learn and master all the required skills required in every industry in the world. The course is highly recommended for beginners or anyone who wants to get the basic skills of design thinking. The course is self-paced therefore it can fit in in your schedule.

Advantages of this class
• You attain a certification.
• The materials are easy to comprehend.
• You get equipped with required skills.
• You get to interact with pro instructors.

Course duration: the course runs for a period of 5 weeks. This includes 3-4 hours of study weekly. With video and other materials interaction.

Course pricings: the course is offered for free. You only get to pay for certification which goes for around 99 USD.

Design Thinking: Design for New Experience.

In the few minutes you are going to learn the art of how to improve, arrange and organize what is around us. Well offered by Taught well by the best instructor around Jason Severs. He helps you to design new experience and put things in practice. The instructor challengers you to be at your best. The class works well for beginners, students and also people in their careers.

Advantages of this course
• You get a certificate upon completion.
• You get equipped with required skills.
• The course is self-paced.
• Easy to understand study materials.

Course duration: the course goes on for a period of 2 hours of learning at least 12 lessons.

Course pricing: the prices depend will highly depend on the plan you are using. For premium you pay between 8.25-15 USD billed mostly monthly or annually. However, there is a free month trial offer available for its learners.

Cultivating Creative Collaboration

The aim of this certification is to help you explore unknown directions and be able to develop possibilities. helps you learn through experimenting and collaborating. This will go along to help you learn how to take risks and venture into new businesses and uptake your ideas. This course is recommended for anyone who has been having issues of getting out of their comfort zone.

Advantages of this course
• Gain skills to foster collaborations.
• Attain a certificate of completion.
• Easy to navigate study materials.
• Learn how to be innovative and creative.

Course duration: this is a 5-week online course. It is also self-paced meaning you can fit the classes into your schedule.

Course pricing: the course is offered at a price of 149 USD.

All said, it is highly important that you understand yourself before embarking on new experiences. This courses are highly effective when it comes to guiding you on how to be at your best. Don’t hold back but makes sure to pick out what suits you. Have fun while you are at it.

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