If you are into front-end development, you probably have heard of Django, a popular web-framework for Python. Django emphasizes quick build time, allowing your web-page to be up and running in no time, and is used for popular websites such as Google, Instagram, and Youtube. Although Django is well known for being easy to learn, you still will need to find the right course that suits your specific needs and experience level Fortunately, there are many options around. Below are some of the best Django courses you can find on the internet.

1) Python eCommerce, build a Django eCommerce Web Application

This course is primarily aimed at people who want to build eCommerce applications. While some Python experience is recommended, the course starts from the very basics of Django, so it’s great for beginners. Rather than teaching the fundamental theoretical aspects of Django, this tutorial is aimed at teaching how to set up a running eCommerce site. It shows, step-by-step, how to set up each component your site would need. What I liked about this course is that it actually teaches you everything you need to build a project from the ground up, from using Git to hosting on Heroku. The instructor also writes code on the screen, so you can follow along and build your own app as you go.

1)The instructor has real life eCommerce experience,
2)Focuses on building an actual project,
3)Teaches all the basics

The course has 33 hours of on demand video that you can watch any time you want. Although the sticker price is $40,00, I got it for $5,00 during a sale, which happens frequently.

This course is definitely the right one for you if you want to learn how to make an eCommerce web app. However, if you just want to learn Django basics while also building a fun project to show off along the way, this class might be for you.

2)Advanced Web Development with Django

If instead of learning how to build one specific project, you want to learn the ins and outs of advanced Django, this course is for you. This course teaches you the general skills to build and maintain websites. The class covers the important APIs, testing methods, development environments, and security.

1)Teaches all Django skills and fundamentals,
2)Condensed, ramps up quickly,
3)Teaches advanced concepts

This course is not for beginners, and it ramps up quicker than most tutorials. This also means it’s shorter, and you can expect to finish the course in just a few hours. This is a great course if you have the basics of Django in order, and find yourself asking ‘now what?’. You will learn the more advanced aspects of Django, without wasting time on the basics of web development. This course is free for people with LinkedIn Premium, which is free for the first month,

3)Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

As it says in the title, this is a Full Stack course, meaning it teaches you everything you need to build a website, not just Django. This includes extensive HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. It has several projects you can complete along the way to put what you learned to practice.

1)Teaches Full Stack
2)Has fun projects to build along,
3)Has some advanced topics

What I liked most about this course is that the instructor teaches in a clear and concise way, at a relatively fast pace, and doesn’t dwell too much on the snippets of code. Once it is done with showing how to code something, you can start building the sample projects to solidify your knowledge. You can also look at the extensive notes provided to help.

While the class is beginner friendly, it can also be used for professional Web Devs who want to bridge some gap of knowledge, or Python developers who wish to enter the web design world. This course offers 32 hours on call video, slides, sample code, and lecture code, for $69,99. Of course like any Udemy course, it is pretty much permanently on sale and you can get it for as little as $5,00.

4) Learning Django

This course is a condensed beginner course. It will show you how to set up a Django project, and some basic front-end stuff to go with it. Although it does not expect prior knowledge, it’s great for someone who either has some previous web-dev experience and wants to see what Django is like, or someone who want’s to get into web development and wants to see how it all works.

1)Very quick and condensed,
2)Doesn’t dwell on details,
3)Teaches some basic front end stuff as well

This course is for complete beginners to Django, and takes less than two hours to complete. It is on Lynda, meaning you need a Lynda Subscription to view it. The most basic subscription starts at $25 per month, but you can get a free trial month. It is worth noting that once you have a Lynda subscription, you can view all their materials for no extra charge.

5)Python Django Tutorial: Full-Featured Web App

If you have ever tried to learn Python on YouTube, you have probably heard of Corey Schafer. He finally is offering a Django course. This course will take you through all the steps to build any Django project. Although the tutorial is pretty extensive on how to set up your website and maintain its security, there is not much front end shown.

1)Clear and concise teaching
2)Teaches more fundamental hosting principles,
3)It’s free and on YouTube

This is a course for people who either are not sure if they want to be invested in Django and finish a whole course, or don’t want to pay. I would also recommend the videos about hosting on servers and getting a domain name for anyone who has Django experience but wants to learn more about deployment. Although there is no explicit level of prior knowledge asked, a familiarity with Python is necessary. This course is completely free, and will most likely stay so in the future. There is around 15 hours of video material here.

Bottom line, there are several great Django courses online, with varying prices (or no price besides the time investment). They all have their unique strengths, and it’s up to you to look through them and decide which one is right for you. The only thing left after is to dive in and start your project!