Best Drawing Courses / Tutorials (2019)

Published: 13.07.2019
Best Drawing courses

Are you a student looking to build a career as a professional illustrator? Or a graphic designer with a passion for drawing? Or a professional artist looking for profitable work? Enrolling for an online drawing course is an excellent way to learn some new illustration methods or software, either for free or at a low cost. Even if you’re an expert, there are many high-level courses you can find online if you would like to learn about current digital illustration techniques or to fine-tune some skills. Besides, these courses will not only improve your skills, but they will also boost your illustration portfolio.

Digital Painting Academy

The Digital Painting Academy is a perfect solution if you are looking forward to becoming a world-class digital painter. It offers a wide collection of professionally-developed classes, premium resources, and downloadable exercises to assist you in becoming a professional digital painter. During the course, you will learn key skills in a series of fun and project-based classes such as:

• Sketching, measurement, and proportion
• Lighting and rendering
• Creating a good workflow, pushing your style, and fixing your mistakes
• Advanced methods for working with colors
• Portrait details such as skin tones, textures, anatomy, hair, and many more

The Digital Painting Academy gives you a better education than most traditional art schools. Although most of the lessons are detailed in Adobe Photoshop, you will discover that the majority of the classes are app-independent. If you are a newbie in the skill, the first thing you will learn is how to use your graphics tablet and software, as well as how to make your initial marks. If you are a more seasoned artist, you can skip several lessons, and go right into mastering the basics of painting. To guarantee your results when taking the class, you will also get some monthly critiques and feedback on your artwork from an experienced expert.

Digital Painting Academy is ideal for both intermediate and beginner artists who are passionate about digital illustration and art, busy with limited time to learn and those who dream of earning an income from art, as a concept artist, illustrator, or character designer.

Advantages of Digital Painting Academy Course
• It has an easy-to-follow roadmap
• The lessons are professionally produced
• Live critiques and feedback from professionals
• You connect with other motivated artists

Course Duration: 150+ videos of different topics to be done at your own pace

Price: $35 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Ultimate Drawing Course

The Ultimate Drawing Course teaches you how to produce advanced art that’ll stand up as specialist work. The lessons begin with the fundamental skills and provide you with an in-depth understanding of the basics of drawing. You will learn:
• The fundamentals of art
• How to draw objects from your head
• Perspective drawing
• Using realistic shadows and light
• Drawing human figure and face

The basics of this course are adequately covered, and you will enjoy constant support from an engaging and lively instructor throughout the entire duration of the course. You can learn the different lessons step by step, beginning from basics to the advanced level with a lot of examples. There is a plethora of exercises and assignments to work on, and you can try your hand on some of them depending on the concepts you covered in your lectures. Moreover, you will also learn how to integrate your perspective into the art before moving to more advanced lessons. There’s also a bonus segment where the instructor will show you how to draw the animated style characters.

The Ultimate Drawing Course is ideal for novices who are getting started with art and have no prior experience.

Advantages of this course
• Lifetime access to the course resources
• Regular exercise worksheets and quizzes
• Personal contact with a lively tutor

Course Duration: 63 lectures of different topics to be done at 11 hours

Price: $149.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Drawing Basics

Do you want to know how to draw but have no idea where to begin? Cleo Papanikolas, a professional illustrator, and painter, shares many fun and beginner-friendly drawing methods that can turn you into a great artist through this course. You will learn:
• How to use various pencils for line quality
• Practicing proportions and measurement in your artwork
• Applying different shading techniques

The Drawing Basics course will assist you in overcoming your fear of the clear page and focusing on putting the pencil to paper so that you can draw in the best way you would like to. Generally, it provides you with an accessible and friendly approach to introducing basic drawing tools and techniques that are ideal for newbies and those who are nervous about drawing. It allows the students to trace a detailed basic outline, and the instructor demonstrates more advanced types of tracing utilizing a tablet towards the end.

The course offers useful information on how to trace your work to alter it to a wider or bigger drawing slightly or to transfer it to a better paper. The course will also help you embrace the imperfections in your artwork with step-by-step exercises and examples that apply essential drawing techniques.

The Drawing Basics Course is ideal for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of art and drawing.

Advantages of this course
• Lifetime access to the course materials
• Offline access on mobiles and desktops
• Offline synchronization with iPad and iPhone apps

Course Duration: 10 video lessons in 2 hours

Price: $25 per month

Ink Drawing Techniques: Brush, Nib, and Pen Style

Are you looking forward to honing your ink drawing skills? You can learn more about essential drawing and inking techniques from a professional by enrolling in this class. The lessons include:
• Basic ink, brush and nib techniques
• Inking fundamentals
• Illustration textures
• Watercolor versus Asian brushes
• Scanning and sketching essentials

From choosing the best materials provided in the art store to exploring different inking styles and textures, both the seasoned inker and the novice artist will benefit from this course. This class will teach you more about basic brush methods, stretching essentials, and illustration textures. The classes cover everything from beginner to pro techniques, which means there is no reason why you should not take this short and well-crafted class. At the end of this drawing course, you’ll be able to produce unique and stunning drawings.

This course is ideal for beginners, intermediate and experienced artists who would like to learn or sharpen their ink drawing skills.

Advantages of this course
• A lot of content is covered
• The quality of the videos is amazing
• Expressive, thorough and lively tutor

Course Duration: 15 video lessons in 90 minutes

Price: $8 per month


If you would like to sharpen your drawing skills, then Drawspace is worth checking out. Their comprehensive website shows you how to make realistic drawings with ease. The skills you will learn in this course include:
• Contour drawing
• Linework
• Shading techniques
• Color
• Composition and perspective

The learning content of this course is usually divided into different lessons, which range from beginner to advanced level. As you progress with the class, the lessons slowly increase in difficulty. Each of these lessons is tackled in a series of six to twelve specific lessons. The comprehensive listings make it pretty easy to focus on areas of interest and avoid those you would prefer not to handle.

This class is good for intermediate and beginners artists. If you would like to become an educator, this course is also a great option.

Advantages of this course
• The course is professionally crafted
• Free tutorials of drawing lessons
• A lot of content is covered

Course Duration: 15 lessons once you sign up and 10 more lessons every month

Price: $9.50 per month

Generally, there’s no room for improvisation or poor decision making if you are looking forward to becoming a great artist. Apart from cultivating the right values, you should also enroll in appropriate classes. However, resources like the internet have made it pretty easy to access learning materials. Within a few clicks, you can start learning about basic drawing concepts. Before enrolling for any of the above online drawing courses, conduct your research, and make the best choice. That way, you will get value for your money and a good learning experience as well.

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