Best ethical hacking courses (2019)

Published: 22.07.2019
Best ethical hacking courses

Are you looking for the best ethical hacking course in 2019? You should not look any further. We have compiled a list of some of the top 5 courses for the beginner traders, intermediate traders and the advanced ones. It will be hard to go wrong with any of the following courses. They have stood as blueprints for newbies desiring to establish their success online. A large percentage of these courses are seemingly the same, but the educators maintain a different style due to their unique personality. So, your choice will highly depend on your personality. Here are the top five courses.

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course leads this list for a good reason - it is a good choice for the beginner level, intermediate and the advanced students. The course also is a gold standard for the white hat hacking training. The comprehensive course is designed with the beginner level students in mind and offers anything you require about ethical hacking and securing of your systems against attacks.

What the course covers

  • Introduction to ethical hacking
  • Introduction to website hacking
  • Introduction to network hacking
  • Introduction to social engineering
  • Hacking using Android

The requirements

  • Basic IT skills
  • Wireless Adapter

The cost

  • The bundle will cost you $500, but if you are a Comparitech reader, you will benefit from 87 percent off in addition to five other courses for around $65.

The benefits

  • Ideal for students at all levels
  • Offers you five more courses for around $65
  • You will get skills to hack and test networks and websites

After signing up for the course, you will realize that the first thing it covers is the basic terminology. After that, you will learn how to set up the penetration-testing lab. Then, you will learn about hacking and testing for networks and websites and social engineering in addition to using Android to test your computer system security. The course instructor is the ethical hacker and computer scientist Zaid Al Quraishi.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

The Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Course is a good choice for the absolute beginners - those without any background knowledge on penetration testing or hacking. The course is focused on the practical side but the educators do not neglect the theory part on the interaction of devices in a network. You will start by learning how to set up the testing lab on a machine and the Installation of the Kali Linux computer operating system. You should not worry if you are already familiar with that.

The course content

  • Networking penetration testing
  • Gaining access
  • Testing of web application penetration
  • Post exploitation

The requirements

  • Basic IT skills
  • Wireless adapter

The cost

  • $150, but you will also get regular specials


  • 12.5 hours of on-demand video


  • Only requires you to have basic IT skills and a wireless adapter
  • You will have lifetime access to the on-demand video
  • The website is easier to navigate

After registering for the course, you will benefit from the easier to navigate the portal and a wide range of ethical hacking courses, both paid and free. If you run a search on ethical hacking, you will get more than 800 matches and over 40 of the courses are free of charge. It is suitable for students at all levels.

The Complete Cyber Security and Hacking Course

If your goal is to know how to establish a lab, the Complete Cyber Security and Hacking Course is a good choice for you. It covers all the basics of white hat hacking and introduces you to Metaploit tools, Nmap and the basics of Linux and Windows commands. On the upside, you will be able to comment at the end of every video or post your questions so that other students and instructors can provide you with answers.

What the course covers

  • Computer introduction and basics
  • Set up a lab
  • Information gathering
  • Webs server and website hacking

The study duration

  • 1.5 days

What you need

  • A reliable internet connection

The price

  • $50-$200

The benefits

  • Only takes one and a half day
  • You just need a reliable internet connection to access the course
  • Introduces you to Metaploit tools

EH Academy offers many ethical hacking courses and the price ranges between $50 and $200. Other courses suitable for students at an advanced level include Advanced Mobile Application Penetration Testing and VOIP Hacking and Penetration Testing Hacking.

Coursera Hacking and Patching Course

After taking the Coursera Hacking and Patching Course, you should have a grasp of the cryptographic primitives in use today. The course from the University of Maryland, through Coursera, teaches you how to combine the cryptographic primitives to come up with good protocols for safe communication.

What the course covers

  • The foundations and applications of the modern cryptography

The study duration

  • 7 weeks

The course requirements

  • Some experience in basic probability and discrete mathematics
  • Exposure to algorithms is helpful
  • Familiarity with C-like language programming
  • Mathematical maturity

The price

  • The course is free of charge

The benefits

  • The course is free of charge
  • It teaches the foundations and applications of the modern cryptography
  • You will get adequate exposure to algorithms

The Massive Open Online Courses are usually free and open to all people. They will not lead to a college degree but your future employers will take them as a degree level training. The method of training is video-based but the instructors can also lecture through chat sessions and virtual forums. You will also take a test after completion.

Cybrary: The Art of Exploitation

Buffer Overflows arise when programs overrun a buffer's boundary when writing data to buffers and overwrite the adjacent memory locations, therefore, creating a probable security vulnerability. In the Cybrary The Art of Exploitation course, you will learn how to write Python scripts for hacking any system that the Buffer Overflow affects.

What the course covers

  • Vulnerability and exploit
  • Buffer overflow

The course duration

  • 3 hours of video


  • Prior coding experience

The price

  • Around $99 per month

The benefits

  • The course is free of charge
  • You will get a certificate that will cost you $99
  • You just need 3 hours to complete the course

The Cybrary courses are free of charge and they will cover a wide range of subjects but you will have to pay for the assessments and exams upon completion. To get the examination, you will need to pay roughly $99 per month. The website is properly organized and it offers the option to choose the ethical hacking course that will suit your specific path. You can also create your personalized syllabus. It allows you to choose your skill type, level and certification.

Not every class will work for you. Finding an instructor and a course that is engaging, easier to understand and one that will improve your chances of trading success is important. Try to communicate with the instructors before you sign up for any course. Most instructors will help you know whether their courses offer what you need. The above courses are a good choice.

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