Are you looking for an in-depth and self-paced Excel course to advance your data analysis, modification and presentation skills? Then look no further. Here is a list of four best courses in 2019 that will automatically zero down your existing Excel incompetence while at the same time cutting down your cash corners.

Advanced MS Excel 2016 Certification Training (Edureka)

If you are looking forward to notch-up your excel data analysis skills using the latest MS Excel 2016 concepts then this course is for you. Through intuitive videos and PPTs, the course will introduce and familiarize you with the new features of the MS Excel 2016. It also goes ahead to capture the advanced MS Excel 2016 tools and concepts that you will meet on your day to day work.
At the end of the course, you will be able to:
Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Apply conditional formatting options

Implement charts and pivot tables in data analysis
Apply advanced filters in data analysis
Run basic stats using functions such as sttdev, average, correlation and regressions
Analyze data using charts, axis and scatter plots
Record, run and edit macros
Protect cells, sheet, ranges and workbooks
Apply advanced MS Excel 2016 logical functions, text, lookup and reference functions
Edit formulas and apply name ranges
Efficiently use advanced MS Excel 2016 tools such as text to the column, Data validation, What-if, duplicate removal, sorting and filtering.
Interactive and instructor-led online sessions
Hand-on projects and assignments to keep your focus and for self-evaluation
Case studies that gauge your mind and realize practicability
A free YouTube overview
Course duration
All the eight modules in this course adore self-paced learning mechanism. As a result, there is no absolute time taken by learners to reach its completion.
Who the course is for:
Financial and data analysts
Advanced Excel users

Job seekers in Analytics or consultation firms

Edureka charges 169$ enrollment fee for this course.

Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

This course is a top priority for any learner. With 209,000 active enrollments and 4.6 ratings from over 60,000 people, it remains the bestseller Excel course on the planet. Enrollment in the course will sharpen your overall Excel skills by touching on various formulas, concepts, and functions.
At the end of this course, you should be able to:
Create spreadsheets that stand out

Create and manage large sets of data
Effectively use the popular excel functions such as AVERAGE, SUM, VLOOKUP, IF and INDEX/MATCH
Apply PivotTables in the creation of dynamic reports
Apply Macros and VBA in day to day automation of Excel tasks
Master the Excel Worksheet cleaning formulas
Run the PowerPivot and Microsoft Excel’s Addln to unlock power and versatility.
It offers all the four packages in one roof. As a learner, you will be introduced to basics and taken all the way to the advanced level
It uses the popular Microsoft Excel tool which is easily accessible
The last package is exclusively project-based hence serving to completely furnish what you have learnt all through the newbie, immediate to advanced level.
30 days money back guarantee
Course duration
The course is based on video tutorials and downloadable resources. Therefore, there is no absolute time that the learner takes to be fully baked. It all depends on individual efforts and the pace at which you learn.

Who the course is for;
This course is ideal for any person. It will take you through the beginner, intermediate to advanced level. Additionally, the course goes ahead to groom your VBA and Macros skills at the end.
The course goes at a pocket-friendly fee of about 12.99$. For four courses in one roof, that is pretty much low.

Excel Skills for Business: Essentials (Coursera)

This course offers the only thing that may be missing in your portfolio as a financial analyst or a job seeker. In just six weeks of thrilling and engaging sessions, the course introduces and delves deeper in Essentials of Microsoft Excel leaving nothing uncovered. It does not matter whether you have some basic knowledge of Excel or not. All you need is a Window 365 and you are good to go.

At the end of the course, you should be able to:
Comfortably navigate the Excel user interface, enter and manipulate data
Effectively use the various Excel formulas and functions
Present data in various user-friendly visualizations such as tables, charts and graphs
Expertly apply Excel data format options
Friendly and engaging teaching teams
Sharable certification from a renown learning institution
Grade quizzes and assignments with feedbacks for self-evaluation
Peer sharing geared towards making the course lively
Self-paced learning options
Course duration
The course takes averagely 3-weeks of serious studies. However, that can be long or short depending on your learning prowess and memorability.
Who the course is for;
Aspiring data analyst
Job seekers
The course goes at 49 USD per month. The faster you go the less you spend. However, you can also enrol for the free version of the course.

Microsoft Excel Essentials: Level 1 Basics – Master Excel Step-By-Step – Learn Excel Fundamentals (Skillshare)

If you are looking for an online class that will surely bring the long-forgotten basics of excel to reality then Allan is who to call. With outstanding clarity, this course is a number one priority for beginners who do not understand anything as far as spreadsheets are concerned. It is easy to follow, precise and straight to the point.

Enrolling for this course will enable you to:
Learn the anatomy of Excel workbooks and how they function
Learn the order of Excel mathematical operations and how they function
Run popular Excel keyboard shortcuts
Operate all level one Excel functions
Easy to understand video and downloadable Pdf resources
Highly skilled Excel teacher with over thirty years of experience
Access to a forum where any student is free to ask and answer questions from fellows
Self-paced learning
You can download the classes in your iOS and Mobile devices and watch them later when offline
Who it is meant for:
Any person at beginners’ level in Excel
Course Duration
The course consists of 55 video contents that run for approximately 3hours 55 minutes. Learners are free to watch the videos at their own time and pace. You can also download the resources in PDF formats for future references.
You can opt for $15 or 8.25$ monthly and annual plans respectively.

Final thoughts

The aforementioned courses are exclusively top-rated with more than four and a half stars and thousands of active enrollees. They are all offered by high-end institutions that do not embarrass. What remains is you to decide on which course to go for as far as your needs in Excel skill advancement is concerned. Just as Allan (the mentioned Excel teacher) puts it, the space between you and your dream analyst or consultancy job lies on enrol or buy button. It is YOU to decide!