Best Finance courses & certification (2019)

Published: 26.07.2019
Best Finance courses

Whether you are just getting started or at the height of your present career, adding a finance-related certification to your career portfolio can benefit you in a lot of ways, including some ways you cannot predict. Studying about finances can also be beneficial outside of your current job. Even people who do not work in fields related to finance should get a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of finance. Most of the skills provided by these programs are directly applicable to our everyday life. For example, you can learn how to save on taxes, make suitable investments, and improve your budget. If you are thinking of taking an online finance course, here are some comprehensive packages you should consider.

Financial Analyst Course – WallStreetMojo

If you are serious about making an eventual career in finance, then the Financial Analyst course is the best package you should own. There are no requirements for taking the Full Access Bundle. That means that if you are new to finance, you can begin with the Finance for Non-Finance. In the same way, if you are new to MS Excel, then you can begin from Excel training and then proceed to the other finance programs.

The Financial Analyst Bundle course contains 214 courses with more than 1000 hours of video lectures and Lifetime Access. This bundle is created in such a way that you can take the course even if you are coming from a background that is not related to finance. However, you should spend additional time on the Accounting programs before you can move to core finance modules. The Financial Analyst Bundle can be taken by people who are serious about making a finance career in the future.

The bundle will make you eligible for careers in Equity Research, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Credit Research, Venture Capitalist, and many other Corporate Finance jobs. Moreover, you will also get some verifiable certificates with unique certification numbers and your unique URL once you complete these programs.

This course is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level learners who are looking forward to making a successful career in Accounts and Core Finance.

Advantages of this course
• Full lifetime access to course materials
• A wide variety of courses and tutorials
• Get a certificate of completion

Course Duration: 1000+ hours of video lessons done at your own pace

Price: $299

The Complete Financial Analyst Course – Udemy

According to Forbes, a financial analyst career is among the top-paying entry-level positions on the job market. Even in the toughest markets, good candidates will always find great positions. Therefore, if you are trying to prepare for a career in finance or a finance-related field, but are still hoping to round out your understanding of the subject, then The Complete Financial Analyst Course may be an ideal fit for you.

This course is one of the most comprehensive, practical, and dynamic courses you will find online. Once you enroll for this class, you will find a way to get practical skills that will offer you an edge over many other candidates in the job market. The class covers a huge amount of lecture materials in easy to understand lessons that ease your ability to absorb the whole material. The course also is a perfect reference, in which you expect to revisit the lecture material from time to time because of how informative the program is.

After covering every major roadblock in the class, you will be given a certain challenge to solve. At the end of each challenge, you will send the work you’ve done to the tutors, and they will reply with some personalized feedback. That makes for interactive students experience that optimizes everything you’ll learn from the program. The course is comprehensive and with lots of practical examples, which makes it pretty easy to understand.

The course is ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. No experience is needed to enroll for the program since it starts from the basics and slowly builds up your knowledge.

Advantages of this course
• High-quality course videos
• Knowledgeable and lively instructor
• Extensive case studies for assessment

Course Duration: 17 hours on-demand video

Price: $11.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Financial Markets – Coursera

If you are looking forward to honing your skills in any finance-related field or building a career in finance, then Financial Market course might be a great option for you. The ultimate goal of this program is to teach you how to use such industries towards a better society.

This course gives you an overview of the methods, institutions, and ideas that permit human society to manage risks and also foster enterprise effectively. It introduces you to behavioral finance principles and risk management to understand the functioning of securities, banking, and insurance sectors. All the finance-related topics are covered from scratch, including the basic definitions and terms since it’s a beginner-level certification.

The course emphasizes mostly on financially-savvy leadership abilities, discussing the current practice as well as analyzing the prospects of the industry’s future. You will learn about stocks, shares, bonds, and investment banking, among others. By the end of this course, you will be able to utilize the knowledge obtained in the classes and effectively work towards a better society.

This course is ideal for beginners who are looking forward to building an eventual career in a finance-related field or acquire basic financial skills for personal reasons.

Advantages of this course
• Quality course materials
• Plenty of exercises and quizzes
• Flexible deadlines

Course Duration: 7 weeks, 3 to 4 hours per week

Price: Free

Financial Essentials – EdX

Are you thinking of studying for an MBA program but are not sure of fundamental financial concepts? This management and the business course will prepare you for studying finances in an MBA class and generally in business. You do not need previous financial knowledge to join this program.

This course will teach you the key financial subjects such as Internal Rate of Return present value, equity, bonds, capital budgeting, Capital Asset Pricing Model diversification, and portfolio, all of which are often explored and discussed in great detail in most MBA classes across the world and everyday business operations as well.

This program uses a ‘supported learning’ approach to teach financial concepts. To help you attain the optimum learning results from this course, you will get access to a professional online instructor who will support you with the learning materials and other associated activities.

This course is ideal for beginner level learners with no prior knowledge in finances and would like to start their journey into the most rewarding world of investments and financial management.

Advantages of this course
• Graded assignments and quizzes
• Engaging and lively tutors
• Continuous support

Course Duration: 6 weeks, 2 to 4 hours per week

Price: $79 for graded exams and assignments, plus a certificate

Finance and Accounting Tips –

If you are curious about big companies’ financial details but you shy away from further investigations because you do not consider yourself a person of numbers, an online finance course can help you a great deal. Enrolling for the Finance and Accounting Tips course will teach you the fundamentals of finance to prepare you for an eventual career in accounts and financing.

This course contains a series of lecture videos that will teach you the basic concepts of finance. It generally covers subjects such as capital budgeting, return, and risk, as well as how to read and analyze financial statements. You will also learn the basics of investing, as well. The instructors use real reports for all the exercises in this class. For instance, you can get to compare the IPOs of Facebook and Microsoft.

The tutors will also break down the essential finance and accounting concepts into some manageable and bite-sized chunks for you. They will help you understand the debits and credits, balance sheet, company operating cycles, and many other financial statements. Besides, they also explain where you can find accounting information and statements in the real world, and what you can do with it once you have it.

This program is suitable for beginner level learners who are aspiring to become financial analysts in the future or those who would like to build a successful career in a finance-related field.

Advantages of this course
• Graded assignments and quizzes
• Engaging and lively tutors
• Continuous support

Course Duration: 3 hours 57 minutes

Price: Free

Some individuals start taking online courses without some clear goals in mind. Sometimes, this approach might yield great results as long as you select a class with a well-structured and comprehensive syllabus. Online finance programs are especially beneficial to individuals who completely know what they want in the job market. You can use any of the classes discussed above as a springboard to become skilled in your preferred finance-related field.

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