As the world becomes more interconnected, and many countries start relying on exports and imports to keep their economies running, forex trading has gradually risen as a common option to stock trading. Most forex traders enjoy the flexible schedule that comes along with the devolved currency market, which forgoes the standard 9 am to 5 pm schedule that Wall Street operates on. Having mentioned that forex trading education is essential and online courses provide people with access to the best forex trading programs. Here are some of the best online forex trading courses you should consider giving a try.

Forex Trading A – Z – Udemy

In this course, you will learn everything you should know to begin trading in the markets. You will be taught how you can take full advantage of different currency movements to generate profits. You will also know how Forex trading brokers work to help you separate honest forex Brokers from the undependable ones once you are ready to open a trading account.

Forex Trading A-Z is a complete course that teaches you the ins and outs of the forex markets, including how you can trade and make real cash off currency movements. Whether you are looking to brush up your trading skills or starting right at the beginning to get the most crucial and relevant information, this course is a lifetime subscription where your instructor provides you with unlimited access to his continually-updated content.

The program shows you proof that trading in foreign currencies can make you profits. It includes detailed lectures about currencies, bulls & bears, charts, short selling, reliable forex brokers and how to analyze the Calendar of Economic affairs to master the worldly and diverse market, Forex Market Hours wallpapers for your timezone, and many other lessons.

This course is ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners who are new to forex trading and those who would like to add to the ever-growing knowledge of trading in foreign currencies.

Advantages of this course
• Unlimited access to course materials
• Knowledgeable and supportive instructor
• Extensive case studies for assessment

Course Duration: 5.5 hours on-demand video

Price: $194.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

The Successful Trader System – The Forex Trading Coach

If you are looking forward to learning about trading in international currencies, then The Forex Trading Coach is the site you should consider visiting. The forex trading courses offered here will take you from a complete beginner to a successful forex trader.

Designed and facilitated by Andrew Mitchem, a successful trader from New Zealand, The Successful Trader System online course has trained many people from over 58 countries across the world. He teaches aspiring traders utilizing the system that he uses in his trades every day. Apart from the training, you will also get weekly real-time trading room webinars and daily trade recommendations for those who buy his course. If you are after even more than that, then consider the one-on-one training that includes a whole day live training regardless of where you are based across the globe.

This course is ideal for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced level traders who would like to become consistent and successful forex traders over time.

Advantages of this course
• Daily trade recommendations
• Weekly real-time trading room webinars
• Easy to follow trading videos

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: 3-month subscription of $197 or a 12-month subscription of $597

Learn Forex – Forex4Noobs

Forex trading is more than having a great trading strategy. Forex4Noobs will teach you the basics to venture in the forex market, how to have a solid trading strategy, an in-depth risk management plan, a good broker, solid trading psychology and a good trading plan.

On, you will learn everything you should know to master trading in foreign currencies step-by-step. Regardless of the level, you are beginning from; you’ll be able to learn Forex trading the right way. This course is specifically intended to help the new members of the forex trading community to know how pricing action works.

You can begin by signing up to their free weekly newsletter that provides trading tips and price action analysis. The next phase is to cover the basics of trading. There are more than 15 subjects covered under this segment to ensure that you understand what you are getting into. Finally, you can register for the Forex Mastermind program to access five advanced units and a forum with fellow traders.

This course is for beginner level traders who would like to learn and understand how price action works in the forex markets and how to succeed in forex investments.

Advantages of this course
• Lifetime access to course materials
• Knowledgeable and supportive instructors
• A trading community for motivation

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: Free

Live Forex Trading Signals – ForexSignals

If you are planning to make full-time or passive income from forex trading, ForexSignals will help you interpret and trade the forex markets successfully and profitably. You will have access to many hours of comprehensive trading lessons and profitable forex trading ideas and strategies.

Once you join this class, you will learn from hours of detailed educational videos, which are available to the members. You will learn everything you require to become a successful trader, including proven proprietary strategies. You will also stream live across each trading session with the professionals covering every fundamental and technical forex move exclusively as it happens.

The team of professionals working with you in the course of your study will regularly publish some easy to understand forex alerts for you to follow. You can also discuss markets and trading with community members during the day. The members range in levels of experience from full-time professionals to newbies. You will also get access to breaking market news immediately inside the trading room via an exclusive Twitter feed.

This course is suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced level traders who would like to get professional training in foreign currency trading and effective strategies to succeed in the markets.

Advantages of this course
• Comprehensive trading lessons
• Access to profitable trading strategies
• Real-time trading sessions with professionals

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: $97 per month

Traders Academy Club

From beginners to experienced veterans, traders of all skill levels have a place here. This comprehensive program will teach you the ins and outs of the foreign exchange market, as well as how to trade and also make real money off the currency movements.

Once you join the Traders Academy Club, you will be able to watch how Vladimir trades the currency markets in real-time, utilizing proven technical analysis procedures. Also, Vladimir and all other guest traders will show you how to utilize his effective algorithmic trading programs best. You can also chat with each other in the Telegram groups and live chat room, and you can directly interact with the instructor and get your questions answered.

The guest traders will share their priceless knowledge by engaging in special webinars, in the real-time Trade Room sessions and will also publish their trading strategies and ideas. Vladimir’s live webinars are pretty easy to understand, and besides asking Vladimir all your questions directly, there’s always a trading expert available through live support to respond to your questions at any time

This course is for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders who would like to learn the ins and outs of foreign exchange trading to earn a passive or full-time income.

Advantages of this course
• Real-time trading sessions with the instructor
• Detailed trading reports and trading ideas
• Free trading books and educational videos

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: $297 per year

The forex market is an international market for trading different currencies. This market typically determines foreign exchange rates and includes all the aspects of selling, exchanging and buying currencies at determined or current prices. In terms of the volume of trading, it’s by far the biggest market in the entire world. The list of the best online Forex trading courses discussed above is a perfect place to begin your trading education in the profitable and exciting currency market.