Grammar usage is part of daily lives. You need to communicate ideas clearly without the risk of misunderstanding. The need for clear communication is even higher with the improvements in social media and the internet. There are a lot of platforms to write and interact in like never before. That is why it is important you take some grammar courses to aid in building your grammar usage, to build your reputation and reader confidence.
This article will give you a recommendation of some of the best online grammar courses to consider, their features, advantages, duration, and prices. These top courses are;

Grammar and Punctuation

Do you feel like the English grammar you studied has somewhat faded away with time? That you might need a refresher? Well, Grammar and Punctuation is the best course for you. This is a basic tool to revive the earlier grammar you already had. It is important in preparing you for other advanced courses.
This course uses short video lectures, peer discussions, and practice to help you master what you learn.
Some of the skills you will gain by taking this course are; English grammar, punctuation, and writing. This means that by the end of this course you should be able to; understand the different types of sentences, use verbs, tenses, and commas correctly, and generally improve your writing skills.
You don’t have to worry about accessing the course; it is 100% online and you can access anytime. It also comes with subtitles in different languages; Catalan, Arabic, Spanish, English, and Vietnamese, to help you understand better.
This course takes approximately 9 hours to complete, which you can spread across a 4 week study period. You are free to reschedule your deadlines depending on your availability.

English Grammar Launch

You should consider English Grammar Launch when you are looking to improve your English speaking skills, listening abilities in English, and master general English grammar. It is a course developed to improve your confidence when using language by giving a deeper understanding of the English grammar structures and proper use.
This course features a 6-hour video lecture, an article, and 32 downloadable resources as study tools. It is also easily accessible anytime in both TV and mobile devices. You will be awarded a certificate upon completion to help shore your professional profile.
Joining the course is easy. It only requires you to have a pre/intermediate level of English level and a desire to better your English.
To help you master the contents faster the lessons are structured into target lectures, MP3 downloads for easy access, PDF transcripts and involves a lot of speaking and listening practices. The 6-hour course is separated into different segments to help you understand better. It also undergoes regular updates while incorporating desired improvements.
The cost of the course is $12.99, with a 30-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

Grammar Foundations

Do you fancy the prospect of becoming an authority in your field? Then grammar is important for your writing more than you have ever thought of. Proper grammar is important in building the readers’ confidence in your ideas. You must observe all the grammatical rules no matter how hard it seems to master them all. That is where the Grammar Foundations course comes in.
This is a course developed by one of the English grammar gurus and author, Judy Steiner-Williams, to help you avoid the common mistakes by ensuring you master and apply the basic principles. Some of the topics covered in the course are; possessive rules, parts of speech, enforcing parallel structures, and punctuation rules.
This 2 hours 11 minutes course is ideal for users who have intermediate English grammar skills. It covers skills like; marketing, writing, business, and communication.
This is the best course to help you produce mechanically correct writing which is important in improving your standing among your readers thus your confidence.

English Grammar and Style

The need for good writing is at an all-time high due to the rise of the internet and social media. You must have great writing skills to stand out irrespective of medium you use. That is why you need the English Grammar and Style course to help you learn the important concepts, strategies, and styles in grammar. This is helpful in building your confidence when writing.
This course covers writing style, grammatical principles, sentence and paragraph structure, and word usage. These are presented in the form of video clip interviews with reputable grammarians, quiz challenges, peer discussions and assessments, and several writing activities to improve your writing skills.
The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who will ensure you learn faster.
It will take you 8 weeks to complete the course, investing 3 – 4 hours per week.
You can study the course for free, but required to add $99 for a verified certificate upon completion.

The elements of English Grammar

The way you use grammar determines how people perceive you. You need to use correct grammar to command respect and confidence from your readers. That is why you should opt for The Elements of English Grammar course to help build your language.
This course is designed for writers and other English language users who are looking to polish their skills. It deals majorly with the fundamentals of grammar. It is also helpful in making your writing easier to read and understand. This makes it ideal for grammar users of all levels.
The course covers a range of skills; Technical skills for punctuation, spelling, and syntax. It covers content to help you understand how to communicate ideas, and writing style to dictate how you communicate. These are presented in the form of texts and class exercises.
The course is 7 hours 18 minutes long. It is accessible at any time and from any device.

Deciding the course settle on among these top grammar courses can be a little difficult. They tend to share the ease of accessibility and probable impacts. Therefore, the best way to choose the most suitable course for you is to consider the English language level accepted and your budget. To get the most out of these courses ensure you engage in the peer discussions, attempt the quizzes and challenges, and have access to all the provided resources.