Best graphic design courses & certifications (2019)

Published: 23.07.2019
best graphic design courses

The dynamic world of art moved from the canvas to the computer a long time ago. Graphic design is the in thing, and everyone is itching to become the best in this ever-competitive field. To have cutting edge expertise in this field, you need the best course, which is practical and also evokes your creative juice. These can be imparted by any college out there, but you need the perfect ambiance and instructors to put you above other individuals. The best Graphic design courses should be on your pre-existing artsy skills. That can help you create virtual masterpieces, and make you a leading expert in your field as well as nurture your entrepreneurial skills. These courses do precisely that.

Fundamentals of graphic design by Coursera

If you are new in the graphics field, then this course is tailored-made for you. The training encourages hard work despite it being online. You cannot afford to procrastinate if you want to save on tuition. Paid every month at $49 a month, you can learn as much as you can within the shortest of time or choose to extend at your own expense! You don't have to worry about where you can get money for payments since Calarts has a financial aid program. However, you need to justify that you are incapable of paying for the tuition and that you will complete the course. With flexible deadlines, short videos, and quizzes at the end of each unit, this is the study to go for if you like flexibility.
What is more, the certification can be included in your Linked In profile or your other job folder, including a resume. What I like most about this subject is that it primarily teaches you the value of money and wise spending. You can't afford to sleep through such a course unless you cherish long hours of class at your own expense.
Advantages of this course
• The classes are exceptionally free of charge
• The course also uses a self-paced teaching mechanism
• Moreover, they use interactive quizzes for jogging students mind
The lessons are tailored for beginners in graphic design

Graphic design Bootcamp for beginners by Udemy

Price: $11.99
This tutorial is packaged simply with step by step guide into the complex world of graphic design. With a thirty-day money-back guarantee, the course can go as down as $11 per study which includes ten downloadable resources, 15-hour video, and other fascinating offers. Typically, online research will cost you $200. You may want to hurry for the special offer though. Also, you can easily link into the Udemy Facebook page for updates once you join Udemy. The good thing about this tutorial is the chance to live chat with instructors and ask them questions when stuck in your creative process. Secondly, with downloadable resources and Facebook group, you have an opportunity to interact with peers in your chosen career.
The course is suitable for the following groups
• Beginners who want to have a career in graphic design
• Employees who require skills in graphic design.
• Entrepreneurs, interested in strting their own frelance business in graphic design.
• An individual interested in learning how to take their creative skills and converting them in print and digital format
Advantages of the course
• Student have access to tutors on a regulars basis
• All resources are downloadable online

Graphic design basics: Core principles for visual design by Skillshare

Price: $15 or $8 for members
Art isn't just colors and sketches; it understands your page, the lines, grids, and balance. How best is it when introduced to these mathematical concepts simply and elegantly without numbers to boil your brains? These are what this course does. If you study on Skillshare, the program is payable monthly at $15 or on offer at $8 for membership. Moreover, the best part is you get to download videos on your iOS and android to watch later. This lesson is the core of every designer's journey to graphics. Without it, you cannot understand the interplay between images, word, color, and space to create a perfectly balanced finished program. It is a must-have beginner's tool. The lesson takes on 36 minutes and its free.
Advantages of this course
• The course interactive quizzes that better learner experience.
• There is a student support community in the class.

Introduction to graphic design history methods by Kadenze tutors

Price: free but for members, it is $20
Do you love to know the origins of things at the same time learn a skill? Well, here is your chance as a graphic design rookie. Though courses are charged differently, you need 20 dollars to become a Kadenze member. Member, may sign up for any course they prefer and pursue it online. Some courses earn college credit after certification. Graphic design history takes us back into when things began to take shape in the visual arts. Of course its gazillion of years ago but it is relatable to the current day virtual world. It is surprising how beauty comes to life at the click of the mouse as it did when Leanardo Da Vinci painted Mona Lisa or the Cave Paintings of Lascaux.
Advantages of these classes include
• The course uses short, interactive quizzes to jog the mind of learners
• The course is free for non-members.
The course is suitable for a beginner in graphic design

Introduction to the design of everyday things (Principles of design) by Udacity

It is refreshing to search the web and find courses that won't cost you a dime. It is one of them! A two-week course for beginners gives you the authority on how to handle the tutorial besides giving you a better understanding of industry insights. This course is interactive, and with three instructors, it makes for a breathtaking view killing boredom as you listen to variation of voices and tutors. It also has a forum that makes you feel like you are in a class! When we talk about designing everyday stuff, we mean a practical approach to computer application. This study offers an introduction into 3-D design and thus opens a can of worms into the realm of graphic design beyond the poster, banners, and postcards that many are used too frequently.
Advantages of this package.
• The course is exclusively free
• The student support community is also available
• The course uses a self-paced learning mechanism
• It also uses interactive quizzes to jog students’ minds
The course is suitable for beginners, and it takes approximately two weeks to complete

The above courses are majorly free because the get you started on the pathway of becoming an expert graphic designer. They also have refresher courses for experienced Graphics designers out there. Who may want to attend an interview in new careers and may miss out on some vital points in their chosen field. Let's face it, most of us may be experts in our area but whet it gets to talking about what we can do, and we become dumb. Introduction to graphic design is the first step, and therefore, many of us can take it. However, we can choose to diversify into the 2-D realm as in the first four courses or dive into 3-D where principles of design open doors to Artificial Intelligence among other exciting opportunities offered in their Nanodegree programs. The choice is yours.

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