With the adoption of Big Data in the business world, the significance of Hadoop skills is growing day by day. As a result, the demand for Hadoop skills is rising at a high rate. On the other hand, businesses are struggling to employ the right talents in the sector. Here, the right talent refers to the professionals with relevant experience when it comes to handling data and proper processing utilizing Hadoop ecosystem. If you are thinking of taking a certification in Hadoop, here are some of the best online courses you should consider.

Hadoop Platform and Application Framework – Coursera

Are you a complete beginner and would like to know the main tools used to analyze big data? This online course will walk you through hands-on scenarios using Spark and Hadoop frameworks, the two common platforms in the sector.

Once you enroll for this certification, you will be taught how data scientists use the important techniques and concepts like M,ap-Reduce to solve issues in big data. You will be empowered to have informative conversations about the process of data analysis and big data. Once you register for this certification, you will have access to all the videos, quizzes, programming assignments, and other course materials such as graded exercises.

At the end of the course, you will be confident explaining the basic processes and specific components of the Hadoop framework, software stack, and the execution environment as well. Your electronic certificate will also be sent to your Accomplishments section once you complete the course.

This course is for beginner level business individuals who would like to learn about the core tools utilized to break and also analyze big data using Hadoop architecture.

Advantages of this course
• Well-organized lectures
• Graded assignments
• Flexible learning option

Course Duration: 20 hours

Price: Free

Taming Big Data with MapReduce and Hadoop – Udemy

Have you ever wondered how Google analyzes the entire web continually? You can learn the same techniques Google uses in data analysis, utilizing your Windows system. This online program will teach you Hadoop and MapReduce, the two main technologies used in big data.

This course will help you learn and also master the art of outlining data analysis issues as MapReduce problems using more than ten scenarios, as well as scaling them to work on cloud computing services. This training is hands-on, and you will spend most of your learning time following along with your instructor as you write, analyze, and also run real codes together both in the cloud utilizing Amazon’s MapReduce service and on your system.

The content includes more than10 real-life scenarios of increasing complexity that you can also build, run, and learn on your own. You can cover them on your schedule and at your own pace. The training wraps up with a review of other Hadoop technologies, including Pig, Hive, and the popular Spark architecture.

This online course is for intermediate and advanced level learners with prior scripting or programming ability who would like to enhance their skills by learning more about Hadoop and Spark platforms.

Advantages of this course
• Downloadable learning materials
• Learn from industry experts
• Learn at your own pace
• Get a certificate of completion

Course Duration: 5 Hours

Price: $9.99

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce – Udacity

Are you considering taking an online certification that will teach you Big Data analysis to boost your career? This online course will teach you the fundamental principles of Hadoop and how you can utilize its power to analyze and make sense of the Big Data of your company.

This comprehensive program will teach you how to master the common big data technologies in the market. You will understand different ways of exploring data and how to properly write programs and also analyze your data on Hadoop using Pig and Spark. You will also learn how to manage data clusters, store, and also query information among many other things. You will also get the opportunity to get hands-on and also work on different assignments by implementing all the concepts covered in the lecture videos. Once you complete the course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the Hadoop framework and other distributed systems associated with it.

This online certification is perfect for beginner and intermediate level learners who would like to learn and sharpen their Bid Data analysis skills to build an eventual career as a Hadoop developer.

Advantages of this course
• Taught by industry experts
• Rich learning content
• Interactive quizzes and assignments
• Vibrant student support community

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: Free

Hadoop Developer In Real World – Udemy

If you would like to begin a career as a certified Hadoop professional, then this course will assist you in learning the ropes needed to work in Hadoop environments. The training will help you develop a solid foundation of the important concepts from scratch.

Some of the main topics you will cover in this course include HDFS, MapReduce, and Apache among the common concepts. Once you complete the basic concepts, the tutor will take you towards some complex topics like file formats, optimization, and troubleshooting to give you the chance to work on different projects. All the concepts are backed up by interesting real-life projects such as analyzing million song datasets to find the less familiar artists with incredibly hit songs, simulating mutual friends functionalities in Facebook and ranking pages with some page dumps in Wikipedia among others.

This course is ideal for intermediate learners who have basic knowledge of Java programming and Linux commands and would like to sharpen their skills in Hadoop and Big Data.

Advantages of this course
• Comprehensive learning materials
• Downloadable content
• Lively instructor
• Full lifetime access to course content

Course Duration: 18.5 hours

Price: $199.99

Hadoop for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques – Lynda

Are you considering taking a Hadoop certification to hone your skills as a Hadoop developer? This course is designed to assist you in taking your understanding of Hadoop and Big Data a notch higher regardless of your present level of experience.

Some of the topics you will learn in this course will help you to take your initial steps and also get acquainted with this important field, and the others will be useful if you’re looking forward to getting some useful techniques, tips, and tricks. The lecture videos will guide you through all the important topics starting from the introduction to the advanced topics. The course lectures include a comprehensive explanation of how you can get started with the available exercises.

These exercises are available for both online practice and download as well. The offline view option enables you to attend the classes without an internet connection and on the go. The program is divided into parts along with regular quizzes and relevant exercises. By working on the quizzes and assignments, you will be able to build your basics and also perform extensive data analysis on big datasets.

This online program is an excellent option for intermediate students, such as software developers and technology managers who are looking forward to sharpening their skills as Hadoop developers.

Advantages of this course
• Learn from qualified and experienced tutors
• Regular assignments and quizzes
• Flexible learning option

Course Duration: 1 hour 12minutes

Price: $29.99 per year

Best way to learn Hadoop

Learning how to develop and program using the Hadoop framework can lead to new and lucrative career opportunities in the big data space. The more you practice with the Hadoop platform, the more you get some more insights into it. You can access a pre-installed Virtual Machine system from any online training source. That way, you can easily access and practice with Hadoop to make your learning process effective and fast.

Joining a guided certification always works well and makes Hadoop learning easier for novices. These courses come with additional tools and packages to learn the entire Hadoop ecosystem. Ultimately, your main objective of learning Hadoop is to get a good position in the Hadoop sector. If you’re in the same line already, you can follow a certification from a good institution. A good certification from a reputable source will distinguish you from other individuals with the same skill set without any question.

Hadoop is among the most common frameworks used in Big Data space, which means a good understanding of Hadoop will go a pretty long way in enhancing your career prospects, particularly if you’re interested in data analysis. If you are considering learning about big data, or, would like to explore Hadoop architecture, and are looking for some good courses, then you can choose one of the online courses discussed above.