Published: 23.07.2019
best interior design courses

You've probably have watched those programs on TV about the extreme makeover where a hugely disorganized house becomes livable and wondered: "How can I ever do that?" Well, you can achieve the dream house with perfect Furniture and at the same time earn money too by learning a few tricks online. Fascinatingly, these courses do not need a laptop or desktop to learn, with a good smartphone you can be in class wherever you are. Well, these courses aren't designed only for professionals but everyone with a keen-eye for better residence. From choosing the best fabrics for curtains to that pillow on the bed, you can add lush and comfort into your house! There are many wannabe designers and instructors in the market, but these five courses have the content and the versatility that suits your preference. Best of all, the classes can be taken online with well-packaged videos and sometimes video conferences and phone and email support at all times. Well, the design is a practical course. Therefore you will need to be on your toes to find materials around you to use for your design exercises. Now, let's dig in.

How to work with interior designs like a pro by Udemy

Fee- $199.99
Duration- 6hrs
Rating- 4.5
I am not a great interior design enthusiast, but the preview of this course made me have second thoughts on redecorating my space. It made me recognize that there is more to living than throwing Furniture here and there because of their practical use. Yes, Furniture can speak about character and bring out our feelings and moods about life. The course structure is designed for everybody, and the tutorial comes in downloadable materials, Videos, and full lifetime access. In class, the instructor will teach you about accessorizing, guide you in basic techniques, and also how to work with interior design like a pro. While at it there is expert guidance on using light, minimalism, and color like a pro. What you need to know is choose the course, and the experts will give you a taste of home decor that will change your life.
Advantages of Udemy interior course
• You learn at your own pace.
• You get to learn from industry experts.

New York School of Design

Fee: Variable depending on the level
Duration: 18 months
Rating: 4.6
If you are looking for self-paced real-time classes with a class feel, NYSD is the institution. These are not your let-me-do-it-for-fun kind of course but tailored towards a career in interior design. At the basic certificate level, you'll be introduced to drafting, color, textiles, among others. Besides, you will learn about design trends and history as well as furniture styles and lighting. Do you enjoy tracking your progress? If yes, then there are weekly assignments to help you keep up as well as one-to-one feedback from professional interior designers. What I enjoy most about this class is its versatility, and furthermore making a career out of it with a valid certification.
Merits of this course include
• self-paced real-time classes
• Student are awarded certificates after completing the course

Interior design: Decorate like a Pro by Skillshare

Fee: Free
Duration: Self-paced
Rating: 4.6
We all want to know something about life and are always driven to try out new things. If you are part of this team, they join this beginner's course and have a skill in interior design. We can't all be experts, but it is hard to find someone who will do things to your liking, especially when it gets to home decor. There are indeed best guys out there, but what if you want something personal, something that speaks about who you are? At Skillshare, you bring out your creative self in this guided tour to becoming who you are at home and the office. The tutorial will guide you on creating a color palette, accessorizing, and arranging stunning masterpieces. You can join Skillshare at any time and try their free trial if you are undecided on what to do.
The course has several advantages,
• The course is exclusively free
• You learn by doing; thus, it is interactive with quizzes to jog our mind.
• Student support community.

10 easy step by step ways of designing a room by Udemy

Fee: $99.99
Duration: Self-paced
Rating: 4.5
You might be lacking the guts to go all out and try decorating an entire house. Why not try a room then? These ten simple steps take you into a journey that will guide you through choosing the right Furniture, creating the right ambiance and lighting. Udemy is my favorite one-stop-shop for class packages because of its lifetime access and the provision of building a virtual library with its numerous downloadable materials. The way this class is designed, it merges seamlessly with your daily routine. The video tutorials are short and the illustration magnificent, giving you ideas on how to go about decorating your room. On completion, you will be awarded a certificate.
Advantages of the course
• self-paced learning mechanism
• they use interactive quizzes that jog students mind making it interesting

Interior Design Course by The Interior Design Institute

Fee: $999 (Can be paid weekly @ $34.79 or monthly $183.17)
Duration: Self-paced or 24 weeks (4-6 hours a week)
Rating: 4.4
Take a dive into a fully online course and enjoy 12 fantastic modules in this well-packaged diploma course. With no fixed start and end dates, 24/7 support, and an exclusive Facebook group, the course is tailored both for those with daily commitments and those fresh out of high school. The free online portfolio and Darren Palmer master series are some of the reasons I will consider this course.
Some of the advantage that come along with these classes include.
• student support community aided by Facebook updated regularly
• Open enrolment and you get to study ant your own pace

Interior design can become like a hobby and a full-time career. To make the desired choice, you need to decide whether you want the course as a part-time hobby or full-time job. The moment you are sure of what you want, you can choose the platform that suits you well. Also, there are options for learning at home and going to school, whichever fits,It is your duty to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment.

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