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Published: 15.07.2019
best ios development courses

Learning how to develop new iOS apps has opened doors for millions of people worldwide to start a new career and potentially earn a huge amount of money. According to Indeed, the average salary of an iOS app developer is $115k. With new skills, a little innovation and dedication, anyone able to understand some basic coding functions could become a top class iOS developer. But how do you learn the right skills? All the research you need is here. Check out the list below to compare all the features of the best iOS Development Courses available right now.

iOS App Development Basics from the University of Toronto

This is the second in a series of courses so takes you a little further from basic app design to some more specific technical knowledge, using the language Swift. It also teaches you to work with certain features on Apple such as how to access a phone's camera or speakers more functions in your app. Certification is awarded on completion.

Most of the reviews about this course are generally positive and the university shares data that suggests 80% of people who complete the training go on to start a new career. You might benefit from having prior knowledge of Swift to get the most out of the lectures. The assignment itself is quite difficult so you will need to take your time and get as much help as you can. Some parts of the training can be a little old fashioned as they don't always work with the most recent versions. For example, it teaches using Xcode 7 instead of Xcode 8. This is fair enough, you might say, as developers are constantly updating their material and it must be hard for training colleges to keep up. Overall, the modules are really well structured and you can learn everything you need to know to make your own app. Deadlines are flexible so you can work at your own speed which is great.

Key Features
*Divided into easy modules
*Completely online with flexible deadlines
*Teaches how to create fully functioning apps
*Graded assignments and feedback

Suitable For: Intermediate / those who have completed the first module or want to move

Course Duration: 10 hours, recommended 3 weeks

Price: Free trial for the first seven days with subscription required later. Financial aid is available.

Udemy iOS 12 and Swift Complete Bootcamp

This training teaches you all you need to know to start your own app development business by making your own apps. All teaching is delivered through video tutorials of over 500 lectures and downloadable articles that you will have access to for life.

Reviews are highly positive. The instructor, Angela Yu is engaging and this course is Udemy's highest rated iOS course. The hands-on tasks make it easier to learn new information. It only takes a few weeks of training for a complete beginner to create a fully functioning app that they can load onto the App Store to start earning straight away. The explanations of Swift and Xcode are really clear and Yu makes her delivery funny which keeps you engaged. It uses some of the most recent software available and students don't have to purchase any licenses. You will need your own Mac laptop or PC, though. Having access to the materials for life is great as you can look back to anything you might need in the future.

Key Features
*No experience necessary
*Over 50 hours of video tutorials
Build a portfolio of 25 appsFull lifetime access

Who is this Training for?
Beginners or those wanting to enhance their knowledge of Swift 4.2

Course Duration:
Over 50 hours - no deadline

£12.99 with full lifetime access

Edureka iOS App Development Certification

As the title suggests, this course offers valid certification on completion. It teaches students how to build their own iOS apps using Swift and develops a good understanding of the features of the iCloud. During the course, you will apply your knowledge to a real-life project.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive as most of those I have found refer to the learning materials as excellent. The live sessions are really popular and you can record them to pay attention to later if you want to review the material. Face-To-Face live online training is great. Great lectures with slides you can refer to later. Working on a live project at the end of the course gives a real chance to try out what you have learned. Support is available whenever you need it. Knowledge of some code and Java beforehand is really helpful.

Key Features

*Lifetime access to learning materials
*24-hour support available
*Certification as an iOS App Developer
*Live online training

Who is this Training for?
Intermediate / advanced

Course Duration:
Contents and support available for life.

Price: $179

iOS 12 Development Essential Training

This is a short module available from training on LinkedIn. A monthly subscription is required, with the first month free. It focuses on teaches you to use Xcode to create apps for iPhones and iPads. It takes you from the very basics to being able to use code independently.

There are not many reviews available on this particular course but there have been over 65,000 views which is pretty promising. is also known as LinkedIn Learning and there are thousands of courses available, all of which can be accessed with one subscription fee. The first month is free so you have a good chance to complete this particular course before you have to start paying. The instructors on, in general, are supposed to be excellent and the extra subscription for a premium account is worth it if you want to create your own playlists and use notebooks.

Key Features
*No experience necessary
*Only 2.5 hours long
*Experienced Instructor
*No software needed

Who is this Training for?

Course Duration:
2.5 hours

$29.99 / month for premium access

Hacking With Swift

This website offers completely free, hands-on training with the most recent version of Swift and is even endorsed by the creator of Swift, Chris Lattner. Site owner Paul Hudson has written a range of books about using Swift and offers his email address for further details.

After searching the reviews, this seems a great resource not least because it is completely free. Hudson makes his money from advertising so you can access over 40 tutorials and pay nothing, Knowing the creators of Swift think its good is also reassuring. There is also a downloadable edition with some extra information that users can purchase if they wish. There is no time limit and the tutorials are divided into different sections so it is easy to tell which are for beginners or experienced learners.

Course Features
*Completely free
*Endorsed by the creators of Swift
*Most recent versions of Swift and iOS 12
*From beginner to highly advanced

Who is this Training for?
From beginner to advanced

Course Duration:
Totally flexible

Completely free

So, there you have it. My complete guide to the iOS training courses available online at the moment. They all have something different to offer and your choice will need to be a personal one as it depends on what your priorities may be. Do you need a certificate to show potential future employers? Then one of the paid versions might be best for you. Are you planning on working for yourself? If so, then there is plenty of learning available in the free versions and accreditation will not be as necessary. Whether you are just starting out on your app development journey, or if you are a seasoned professional looking to extend your skills, check out these courses to get a head start in the industry.

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