Best 5 Java Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 01.07.2019
Top java courses

As a programmer, learning Java has become fundamental as it is the backbone for server-side programming across domains, including mobile apps and banking platforms. With a plethora of online Java courses available, it can be confusing to choose the right one whether you are a beginner or looking to upgrade your skills. Regardless of your objective to learn Java, you should choose an up-to-date course, with new versions releasing frequently. Reviewed here are some of the top online Java courses to aid you in your decision.

Codecademy: Learn Java

Are you a beginner looking for an introductory course to Java? If so, this could be your go-to course. This course could help build your fundamentals on object-oriented programming, at the end of which you would be equipped to design basic Java-based applications.
Codecademy is fun for beginners who do not know Java. It provides an interface where you could learn the syntax of the language. Have you always wondered how the basic calculator on your Android phone works? Your chance to find that out is through this online course.
The course helps you jump-start your experience of coding with Java. Imagine learning how to drive a car. The core driving lessons help you get over the fear of the road. Similarly, this course could help you get over your hesitations around building an application. If, however, you already have the working knowledge of Java and are looking to advance your skills, this course might not be the right one for you.
Codecademy keeps working on updating their course structure, so it is a positive sign that you will find the latest versions of Java being taught here.

While some sections of the 15-hour course are free, you need to upgrade your account to 'Pro' before accessing most of the content.

Coursera: Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization

Are you looking for a foundation course that gives you an edge over your peers? The Coursera specialization might be your answer. A combination of multiple courses, this specialization certifies you as a Java programmer that brightens your resume.
Has it always been your dream to learn from professors of top universities? Well, enrolling with the specialization by Coursera could help you fulfill that goal. The specialization stands out because of its collaboration with Duke University. Now, you could engage in online learning while receiving substantial knowledge from reputed professors miles away.
Enrolling to the Coursera specialization provides the added advantage of elaborate learning through five different courses. Consider a short degree course in a typical college semester, and you might get a picture of what the specialization entails. The courses in the specialization advance from teaching you the basics of programming, to enabling you to build a full-fledged recommendation system. It could well be you who designs the next Netflix's movie recommendation protocol once you complete the course. Each of the five courses in the specialization is also available for taking individually, although the certification requires you to complete all courses.
The four-month specialization can be accessed for free, but the certificate is awarded only for a fee.

Udemy: Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

As you are reading through this list of courses, you might be asking, is there any course that would pave a way for you to become a professional Java programmer? The answer is, yes, and Udemy could help you get there through this course in as little as 14 hours.

Do not be fooled by the short duration of the course, because it is comprehensive and intense. Imagine the information and the subsequent knowledge you could gather from a few courses at a university spanning a couple of years, and you could then visualize the true scope of this course. It helps build you from a novice to a strong Java professional who can get out and begin applying to real-world programmer jobs. The course is also useful to those hoping to advance their designations to senior programmers. The versatility of this course is reflected in the academic improvements of students who are already enrolled in similar university courses.

Have you been contemplating an Oracle Java Certification to headline your resume before beginning your next job hunt? This is the course that could aptly prepare you for the examination. Taught by highly rated instructors, this course is a gateway to learning the most advanced versions of Java.

Originally priced at around $200, Udemy offers various offers and discounts to help you get started without a heavy financial burden.

EdX: Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Part of a professional program by Microsoft, this is an intermediate-level course for developers that have basic knowledge of Java. Trained by Microsoft professionals, this is your chance to learn from the industry leaders what it takes to become a sought-after Java programmer.
Having already learned the basics of Java programming, your next natural step might be to get into a course that allows you to understand Java in a little more depth. This course provides more hands-on coding projects compared to beginner-level courses. It is important for anyone advancing in object-oriented programming to understand the nuances of the language. This course helps a budding professional reach that stage.
Learning a language from an academic perspective is quite different from learning its real-world applications. EdX's tie-up with Microsoft ensures the learner is aware of the industry trends in the field of Java programming. Industry best practices, complex projects, and practical coding knowledge are some of the outcomes of this course that stand out. The entire Microsoft program would, of course, be more beneficial for someone looking into making a serious career as a Java programmer.
The 4-week course requires a commitment of 6-10 hours a week and could be taken for free. A $99 fee is levied if you want a certificate.

Educative: Learn Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Do you have a basic understanding of Java, and are looking for courses that focus on object-oriented programming? Educative's course aims at providing in-depth knowledge on the subject for intermediate-level learners.
This course is a part of a learning track 'Java for Programmers' and is a valuable course for enhancing your knowledge of object-oriented programming by working on hands-on projects. If being strong on the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in your desired outcome, this is the right course for you. The in-depth course structure ensures you are well equipped with the knowledge of writing strong, reusable code that could be your resume's show-stopping characteristic for your next job applications.
Filled with multiple quizzes, illustrations, and challenges, this online course is not just educative but also fun to go through. It helps bring out the professional Java programmer in you through engaging content.
Take your own time to complete it as it is a self-paced course. Originally priced at around $60, they offer discounts and 30-day returns.

The Final Word
Choosing the right Java course ultimately depends on your outlook and requirements. Evaluate whether you need an introductory or an intermediate course, the number of hours you can spend, and of course, how much you can loosen your purse strings. It is always wise, however, to choose a course that helps you excel in your domain and stand out from your competition.

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