Best JavaScript Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 02.07.2019
Top javascript courses

Are you looking for a meticulously detailed JavaScript course to nurture your java programming talent? Look no further. Here is a list of carefully compiled courses from a non-affiliated reviewer that will definitely cover all your worries.
Whether you are brand new to Javascript or having some background knowledge, these courses will surely notch up your programming skills from the scratch to advanced level. They are taught by best online JavaScript teachers with impeccable teaching skills and many years of experience in the use of various JavaScript tools.
Bottom-line, you will realize that these courses have been carefully chosen to cover wide arrays of questions from aspiring learners with typically different needs. With this, you will surely find an ideal course that is trimmed to meet your needs.

Introduction To JavaScript (Codeacademy)

It takes an effort to learn JavaScript to the advanced level. However, a good foundation is all you need to cut short the time taken to master all JavaScript concepts. In this course, you will be introduced to the basics of JavaScript in programming and website design.
At the end of the course, you will be able to:

Build games through JavaScript programming
Build interactive websites with friendly user-interfaces
Apply React in web building
To meet this, you should be able to reach the Objects lessons as per the course syllabus. The course primarily uses the latest JavaScript syntax to lay an outstanding environment for advanced JavaScript knowledge.

All-interactive sessions with over one million enrollees
Stress test quizzes for memorability and brain testing
Exclusive use of latest JavaScript syntax
No prerequisite for new enrollees
Projects at the end of the lessons for practicability

Who the course is for:
Any aspiring web developer or programmer. You can also enrol to jog your memory on forgotten fundamentals that you studied a long time ago.

Course duration
30 hours

Course price
To learn the course to completion, you will need to be a registered member of codeacademy. The platform offers three membership packages that you can choose from. These packages include:
15,99$ annually
17.99$ bi-annually
19.99 monthly

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning (Udemy)

With 4.7 star ratings and over 46,000 active enrollees, this front to back JavaScript course is a gem to look out for. It uses easy-to-understand video contents that are ideal for any person, whether a newbie or an established JS Programmer. And, if you don’t have a good taste for courses that rely on library resources and frameworks, then you should be the first enrollee in this course.

What you will learn from the course:
Various JavaScript patterns
Use of Ajax, Fetch, Promises &Async/Await in Asynchronous programming
Regular JavaScript expressions, error-handling and local storage
Master document object model without jQuery
Modular learning with 10 real-world projects that are purely JavaScript-based

Intuitive videos and downloadable contents that are usable with mobile and TV
The course is exclusively self-paced
30 days money-back guarantee option upon purchase
Certification upon completion
10 projects to keep your focus and for practicability
Use of five different languages ( four are exclusively auto-generated)

Who the course is for
Programmers with basic HTML or CSS background knowledge
Any aspiring web designer
Established Js programmers

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

The course goes for at 11.99 $

Web Applications for Everybody Specialization (Coursera)

Are you looking forward to upscaling your PHP, jQuery and JavaScript skills to an entry-level web developer? If yes then this course will surely paint a huge smile on your face. It uses basic programming tools to realize fast-paced and comprehensive sessions that create a well-laid foundation for web development.

Throughout the course, you will be introduced to:
JavaScript language and its application in Object-Oriented patterns and approaches
jQuery and its applications in in-browser and DOM manipulations and event handling
JavaScript Object Notation and its application in JavaScript Syntax exchanges

The course is exclusively self-paced and 100% online-based
It includes quizzes and assignments to keep your focus and jog your memory
Sharable certification from a popular learning institution
7-days free trial and a solid refund policy
Financial aid programs for learners who can’t afford the enrolment fee

Who the course is for:
Intermediate JavaScript learners with background knowledge on PHP

Course duration
Approximately 16 hours

49$ monthly learning fee after the free trial

JavaScript paths (Pluralsight)

This course by Pluralsight is the absolute JavaScript course to defining your path to an advanced level programmer. It creates, nurtures and furnishes various learners with JavaScript skills such as in front-end and back-end codes, game development and more. It is ideal for learners that wish to solidify their programming and coding skills.

In the course, you will learn:
The fundamentals of programming and JavaScript syntax
Different types of Built-ins
Different types and applications of operators
JavaScript statements, functions, arrays and objects
Exceptional handling and OO programming in JavaScript

No prerequisites required
Self-paced learning mechanisms
Interactive online sessions from highly skilled teachers
10-days free trial

Who the course is for;
Newbies and any other aspiring java programmer

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced.

To get access to the full course, you will need to register and upgrade your plans with Pluralsight. The site offers different memberships packages that come with different contents to meet the vast ocean of needs from various learners. These packages include:
29$ monthly
299$ annually (regular)
449$ annually (premium)

JavaScript 30 (Wes)

The last in the list is a free thank-you JavaScript package by an online java teacher, Wes. Actually, being a gift does not mean that the contents are substandard or poor in quality. The package consists of 30 video contents that are highly tailored to groom intermediate and advanced learners to achieve apex comfortability while dealing with JavaScript.
However, the course is not an introduction to java programming. As a result, you will need to have some background knowledge on JavaScript in order to be at par with what Wes dispenses.

In the course, you will learn:
How to create various interfaces
How to create and apply various types of variables
Experimentation with HTML 5 canvas
Customization of HTML 5 video player
How to apply the Konami codes
The CSS text shadow and mouse move effect
Event delegation and local storage
Native speech recognition
Video speed controller user interface and many more

The video contents are free
Self-paced learning mechanism
Downloadable contents for future referencing
One-on-one touch with Wes through mail messaging
Quality content from a JavaScript online teacher with years of experience in the field of programming

Who the course is for:
Intermediate or advanced JavaScript programmers

Video contents are absolutely free

Course duration
30 days of thirty videos

A right JavaScript course is a milestone in realizing your web design and Java programming dreams. It marks the boundary between your dream “laptop-life” job and your current situation. The aforementioned courses are as a result of in-depth research with proper consideration of different types of learners' needs. Depending on your level of understanding and the background knowledge in JavaScript, you will surely get an ideal course that suits you from this list. The ball is on your side!

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