Are leaders born or made? This is one debate that a lot of people have needlessly given too much time without no gain.
The truth is that there are people who are natural born leaders. But there is still space to sharpen different aspects of their leadership skills. For those born lacking the skills, there are a lot of courses that you can study and become a successful leader.
This article will outline to you some of the best online leadership courses you can take to help you succeed as a leader.

Management and Leadership: Growing as a Manager

Do you yearn to be a successful manager of your time? You should consider this course to learn the foundation knowledge and skills you need when headed to a managerial position. The course is developed by experts from The Open University Business School with accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB and the Chartered Management Institute of UK. This makes it a full proof course that you can rely on for your management role needs.
The course is made to run for 4 weeks with a weekly study schedule of 3 hours. It covers a wide range of topics; management, management styles, decision making and data, and stakeholders.
You can easily register for this course as it requires few or no formal managerial qualifications. It is therefore ideal for both new and already established managers. Taking this course together with other specified courses is a step towards the award of CMI level 5 in the Management and Leadership Essentials program.
You can access this course for free for a limited time of 6 weeks. Or you can opt to pay $84 for unlimited time period access and a certificate upon completion.

Inclusive Leadership

Have you landed a new managerial position and you are struggling to find a way of getting the best out of the team? You don’t have to get all stressed over it anymore. All you need to do is register for the Inclusive Leadership course to learn how to build and lead an organization that makes good use of the different talents from all the contributors.
This course is designed to accrue the benefits that come with innovation, engagement, and creativity in management. It looks to show you how to create inclusive leadership and avoiding pitfalls.
Some of the common topics you will cover in this course are; Reasons for Inclusive Leadership, best practices in Inclusive organizations, creativity, innovation and inclusion, Probable impacts of inclusiveness, Common traits of inclusive leaders, and Inclusive leaders competencies
This 1-hour course is ideal for you if you are in the intermediate managerial level. It covers skills like; Business, communication, and leadership.
Once you have completed this course you can easily make good use of the diverse, hyper-connected, multicultural and multi-generational workforce.

Management Skills: New Manager Training in Essential Skills

Are you a new manager with all the technical skills yet is feeling lost how they will acquire the essential managerial, motivational and employee development skills? This is the course that will provide you all those skills to help to ensure your success in the new position.
The main skills enhanced in this course are; Motivating and managing individuals, having a performing team, and engaging the people for continuous work process improvement.
This course is ideal for newly promoted managers or already serving managers who would like to acquire the skills of leading, managing and improving the team output. It is also open to any manager who would like to better their management skills.
The course comes in 11 hours on demand lecture video, together with 13 articles and 26 downloadable resources. It allows lifetime access and easy access on any device. You are awarded a certificate upon completion of the course.
Action-learning is the most used structure in this course. Learners are encouraged to apply the lessons learned in this platform in real life as much as possible and to learn from the feedback you get.
The cost of this course is $12.99 with a 30-day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

Leadership and Influence

You should consider pursuing the Leadership and Influence course when you are a leader seeking to develop the necessary skills for effective leadership and success. This course is important in helping you build engagement, collaboration and conflict resolution strategies.
Some of the topics you will cover in this course are; Problem identification and decision making, Building a situational adaptability plan, Inclusive Leadership, and Effective influence strategy.
The course is designed to last for a period of 7 weeks, with 8 – 10 hours weekly study time. This makes it suitable for those in the advanced leadership levels. It also has a team of knowledgeable instructors who are willing to assist in case of concerns.
You can access the course free of charge, though you will have to top up $214 in case you want a certificate upon completion.
Note- There are some locations around the world which cannot access this course due to sanctions by the US government, such as Cuba, Crimea region of Ukraine and Iran.

Organizational Leadership Specialization

This is a course developed to furnish you with the strategies to be a successful manager of any organization. Some of the strategies you will employ are storytelling abilities, developing influence, building and Motivating teams, analyzing and applying analytics, and using creative approach for delivery.
Some of the skills you will attain by taking this course are; marketing, design leadership, leadership, and negotiation.
This course is 100% online which makes it easily accessible. You are free to keep a flexible schedule depending on your commitments. The lecture videos have subtitles in Arabic, English and Vietnamese options to ease learning. It takes approximately 5 months to complete using a 4-hour weekly schedule.
You can go ahead and enroll in this course for free.

In conclusion, your prospects of success as a leader depend on how well trained you are. It is important that you keep up with the current trends in the world to help you leverage the benefits that come with the developments and Inclusive leadership. Take your time, go through the list of these suggested courses and decide which is the best fit for you and your organization.