Top 5 Best Life Coaching Courses / Training (2019)

Published: 09.07.2019
Best Life Coaching Courses

Completing an online course in life coaching can unlock an entire world of opportunities for you. This is because professionals with certified life coaching skills are in demand now more than ever. Below are some top 5 quick online courses that can transform you to a globally recognized coach in under 6 months.

Managing as a Coach

Offered by the University of California, Davis Campus, this course is part of the Coaching Skills for Managers Specialization program. It teaches managers how to manage their employees to get better performance out of them. An important focus of the course is effective communication between managers or supervisors and employees that are below them. Completing the Managing as a Coach course equips you with active listening, communication, management and coaching skills. Features of the course include financial aid, highly trained and experienced instructors, shareable certificate, course videos & texts, practice quizzes, and graded assignments with peer feedback. Plus, you get a 7-day free trial during which you can cancel at no cost.

Certificate offered upon completion.
Financial assistance available.
Free no strings attached 7-day trial.
Flexible deadlines.

Target Audience
This course is for all corporate leaders such as managers, and supervisors with employees to lead and guide.

Course Duration
This course takes only four weeks to complete.

This course costs only $700.

Life Coaching Certificate Course

Offered on Udemy, the Life Coaching Certificate Course aims to equip successful learners with crucial life coaching skills they can use to empower themselves or others to fulfill and surpass their personal and professional goals. The course is intended for individuals with a true passion as well as desire to help others become empowered and improve their lives. People who are at a crossroad in life yet want to do a meaningful thing with their life or career. Professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, life coaching experts, etc. Upon completion of the course, learners will gain practical life coaching, client relationship, and positive mindset skills. Its features include a full lifetime access, certificate upon completion, 30-day money back guarantee, 221 downloadable resources, plenty of informative videos, and several texts.

A professional certificate issued upon completion.
Low enrolment requirements.
Taught by a top international instructor.
30-day money back guarantee.

Target Audience
This course is for parents, teachers, corporate executives and essentially anybody else with a true passion as well as desire to become empowered and improve their lives or assist others to.

Course Duration
This is a 52-hour course with up to 240 lectures with an entire duration of up to a couple of weeks.

Life Coaching Certificate Course is only $10.99 per week.

Life Coaching: A Complex Guide

The Life Coaching: A Complete Guide course offered by Joeel and Natalie Rivera on Skillshare is great for people who would like to improve and do better in life or help other to, using a range of essential skills. These skills include personal development, life coaching skills, business, entrepreneurship and marketing. The course features 45 lessons that will take up to 4 hours and 50 minutes to complete. Additionally, the course entails numerous videos, class projects & assignments, texts as well as virtual classrooms throughout its duration.

A quick course, lasting only a week.
Low enrolment requirements.
Provides a complete range of skills.

Course Duration
Joeel and Natalie Rivera's short life coaching course can be completed in just a week.

This course goes for only $10 per lesson.

Certified Professional Life Coach (Exam Included)

This course, which is taught by Jean LaCour, who is a PhD holder, Certified Prevention Professional, author, and a trainer with vast experience in the field of addiction recovery, in conjunction with teaches the Core Competencies of the International Coach Federations (ICF). Students will learn the professional coaching process from start to finish and ICF-recognized protocols such that they are able to use the knowledge to construct their own distinctive coaching styles. In addition, they will have access to a wide variety of instructional materials, including videos and texts not to mention professional support at no extra cost.

It's a flexible, online course.
You can enroll anytime.
No requirements to enroll.
Globally recognized certification issued upon completion.

Course Duration
You only need to invest some 6 months to become an internationally recognized professional life coach with this course.

You will need to part with only $1795 to be able to complete this simple, rewarding, profitable and globally recognized life coaching course.

Certified Life Coach

This is one of the best life coaching courses to complete in 2019 as it is very affordable despite being ICF approved and guaranteed to get you to your goal of coach certification within the shortest duration ever! Taught by Dr. Randin Bron in conjunction with The Life Coach Certification Group, the program features a free coach teleclass, student financial assistance and professional mentoring, beside the standard features of a typical certified life coach course. It is open to anybody that would like to become an internationally recognized life coach in the shortest amount of time possible.

Financial assistance.
The fastest online CLC course ever.
Protégé coach mentoring.
Ability to learn from anywhere.

Course Duration
This ICF approved, 60-hour life coaching course can be completed in less than 6 months.

The Life Coach Certification Group's Certified Life Coach course costs only $1,997 with tuition, materials and support, included at no extra cost.

Final Thoughts
Want to unlock a world of career opportunities faster than ever? Simply enroll in one of these top 5 life coaching online courses that will take no more than 6 months to complete. Whichever course you choose, you will be able to make a lot of money when you graduate as professionals with certified life coaching skills are in demand now more than ever.

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