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Published: 30.07.2019
best linux courses

Linux is the chief shareholder of the world's supercomputers with most of its servers being used on the internet. On top of that, Linux seems to occupy other settings for instance mobiles, desktops, and mainframes.

According to research, financial trade which involving Linux contribute to over two billion in the business with mobile android users ranked as the leading powerhouse. If you do critical analysis, it will come to a conclusion; Linux is omnipresent.

In today's globalized society, having Linux skills is almost becoming a basic need. In a survey, it found out that 47% of hiring managers would prefer hiring someone with Linux certification alongside other skills.Here are the 5 best Linux courses:

Starting your career path with Basics-Linux Command-Line: UDACITY

Join the path of greatness by learning the introduction to Linux Command system. What does it mean? If you have no idea about what I am talking about then this could be the first place for you to start it out.In this course, you're going to learn more about the command-line interface of a Linux serve in areas such as:

Get into the Shell: In this lesson, you'll learn better about the terminal user interphase and how you can link a Linux server by the use of shell commands.

Shell Commands: this will be part of the lessons that you're going to be part of if you enroll in this course. You're going to learn about the different types of shell commands, Plus of course with the terminal in different ways.

Besides, gaining knowledge and skills on how to use Linux manual could prove decisive in line to your career path and expertise.

The terminal and Shell (GNU Bash): here you're going to learn more on the basics of files and the commands in the Linux filesystem. In this area, you'll gain skills especially on how to work with different files and commands which is a big element of the shell.


  1. It's a self-based learning process: You can plugin at your own pace.2. It's taught by industrial specialists- meaning you'll gain a lot.
  2. It's affordable: You can enroll for free once you've got an internet connection.

Target Audience: Beginner.
Course Duration: 1 Week.
Price: Free.

Earn Certification in Linux Administration: Edureka

Learning is never-ending. Are you interested in improving your prowess in the running of applications? If you either answered yes or no then that isn't a big deal. In every profession, continued pieces of training and certifications are very crucial.

What does Linux certification training mean?
In the world running application can be perceived as easy. However, that's how reality is- if you're a Linux professional, you need the capacity to run applications effectively, configure networks, ensure sustainability in security administration and also perform other functions in the system.

Am going to take you through the concepts that you're going to learn:
Introduction to Linux Administration and Installation. Linux architecture and booting process.
System initialization and command system.
How to install Centos 7 Os.
Creation, editing, deletion, and transfer of files.
Use of input and output redirection.

Remember in all the procedures, you're going to learn manual and automated system where applicable.


  1. Increases your monthly paycheck to an average of not less than $95.
  2. You're going to be more informed; the course offered is more detailed.
  3. You'll be a certified professional. You can start updating your CV as a consultant after you finish the course.
  4. You become more effective in administration and management.

Target Audience: Linux Professionals.
Course Duration: 7 weeks.
Price: $330.

Become a Linux Server Professional- CloudAcademy

Every company/organization demands a high level of security in their organization. I guess you're aware of hackers today.

What does it imply? Correct! Data security knowledge and skills are top-notch.Linux Server professional course is all about the administration of a Linux, the operating system and how Cloud is used in the storage of information. Most importantly, this course will enable you to acquire skills in packaging and booting system.

Let's look into what you're going to learn from this course: How to share libraries.
Boot manager and how it works.
Debian Package management.
Major Linux distribution.
Applications of Linux in enterprise operations.
Basic command operations.
System configurations.

Advantages. You can complete projects by drawing information from various tool kits.
Increases your ease of using technology.
Boosts your management and storage of data in your organization.
Learning is organized in series making it more objective.

Target: Linux profession and Newbie.Price: $190
Course Period: 7 hours.

Update your skills in Linux Certification and Training - LinuxAcademy

Linux certification training seeks to give the student a guide on how developments in IT and how it can impact our daily activities in the real world.

The courses entail the different processes, programs and the concepts that enable you to take your skills to another level. Also, you'll gain important information on computer hardware and open source applications.

In summary, this is what you're going to learn: Desktop applications.
Server Applications.
Development languages.
Apt Package Management.


  1. You'll receive Certification hence career developments.
  2. More skills and information on Linex applications and management.
  3. Increases your prowess in computer skills.

Target: Advanced.
Price: $190
Course duration: 6 hours.

Overcome e-challenges with Linux troubleshooting course - Udemy

This course is keyed towards helping the student have a sustainable server infrastructure by reducing costly downtime.

Through a Linux troubleshooting training course, you'll gain the expertise to: Conduct a proper diagnosis through the use of effective tools and techniques.
Recognize IT problems and correcting them with common networking and filesystem approach.
Management of the company IT environment.


  1. Acquisition of professional knowledge and expertise through practical work.
  2. There is a likelihood of high productivity through maintenance and mitigation of risks.

Target Audience: Advanced.Price: $ 199.99

Course duration: 13 hours.

To become a better student, never look at the cost so much. Training courses is like an investment. For instance if you're into management the skills obtained in this course can be the ladder to your success. Organizations these days need managers who can manage many things at once; this is because its seen as a cost effective way of using resources.

With innovations and developments in IT, you are going to be left behind if you don't update yourself through pieces of training and certification. If you're an expert in IT then it can prove decisive if you can refresh your mind with the best Linux courses today.

Wishing you all the best as you make your choice!

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