Best Management courses & certification (2019)

Published: 26.07.2019
Best Management courses

Business management online courses offer a lot of things to different individuals. There are online courses that suit business managers, functional managers, and executives at all ranks. You can leverage business management online courses to assist in meeting an array of performance goals, including target specific fields, management, and leadership skills or transitions. If you are thinking about enrolling in an online business management class, here are some of the sought-after and most prestigious business management certifications you should consider.

Fundamentals of Management - Coursera

Are you an upcoming professional? Are you new to your position in the organization? All potential new employees can benefit from understanding basic management roles, responsibilities, and principles offered by this program, regardless of your position. Once you enroll for this certification, you will learn:
• The difference between leaders and managers
• How to describe all the functions of management
• The power of creating a network
• How to utilize the SMART goal-setting approach

It’s never too early to plan your professional journey by learning how effective managers manage their companies for success. This course will give you an in-depth understanding of the fundamental theories and concepts of management while studying the operational role of a manager in all kinds of organizations.

Once you enroll for the course, you will have access to videos, quizzes, and all programming assignments. You can only submit and peer-review assignments once your session begins. If you decide to explore the class without purchasing, you might not be able to access some assignments.

This certification is perfect for beginners who do not have a background in management but might end up dealing with this kind of position.

Advantages of this course
• Access to videos and regular assignments
• Final project and exam to access your skills
• Get a verified certificate of completion

Course Duration: 4 weeks of study, 2 to 3 hours per week

Price: 31.00 EUR

The Complete Management Skills Certification Course – Udemy

Whether you are a seasoned executive, an experienced entrepreneur, or an upcoming professional, this remarkable certification is a great opportunity to improve your management and leadership skills, increase your achievements, and make a positive impact on the individuals around you. By taking this class, you can develop a high level of management and leadership abilities to help you reach your highest potential and also deliver extraordinary value to the community you serve, your team, and your organization as well.

Once you enroll for this course, you will discover how to manage high-performing teams across various situations, how to communicate in the current era effectively, and how to handle the most popular management challenges easily. You will also learn how to boost your negotiation skills and improve your productivity. From a productivity perspective, you will learn to be more efficient and to also work effectively with many claims on your energy and time.

The course will also help you develop the capacity to look at important management matters from a macroeconomic standpoint. That will allow you to anticipate crucial changes in government policies and macroeconomic events. You will also develop your leadership style by developing leadership guideposts and building some tools that you can utilize to understand your people and work better with your teams.

This course is perfect for advanced learners like existing managers who are familiar with basic business practices and are looking forward to getting more innovation and engagement from their organizations and teams.

Advantages of this course
• Full lifetime access to course materials
• Engaging video lectures and interactive exercises
• Get a certificate of completion

Course Duration: 7.5 hours on-demand video

Price: $134.99

People Management – edX

Are you looking forward to being an ideal manager in a big organization? The journey from being a mere contributor to a people’s manager requires considerable personal growth and development. The People Management course will teach how to put your priorities right, how to communicate effectively with the employees, and make important decisions. You will learn how to:
• Have a deep understanding of the various aspects of managing people
• Gain an overview of how you can be an effective people’s manager
• Be able to handle the challenges faced by first-time managers
• Reflect on your experiences as a manager

The main objective of this management certification is to smoothen the changeover for newly appointed managers, guide and motivate individuals who are aspiring to become a team and to reflect for experienced managers. The program will provide the learners with an improved understanding of the main role of managing people in an organizational context. This beginner-level certification is designed to assist in smoothing out the transition for the newly appointed managers. You will learn to guide and motivate people who are looking forward to becoming one and reflect for experienced managers. In general, you will get an enhanced understanding of the role of people management in an organizational context.

This program is ideal for beginners who would like to be great team leaders by developing communication and leadership skills designed for first-time managers.

Advantages of this course
• Full lifetime access to course materials
• Final project and exam for assessment
• Get a certificate of completion

Course Duration: 6 weeks, 2 to 4 hours per week

Price: $150.00

Productive Prioritization – SkillShare

This program will teach you how to get the right things done in time by understanding the why behind your priorities and goals. From there, you will learn how to utilize Trello boards to help manage your to-do list, your projects, and teams. You will learn how to:
• Customize your workflow to maximize your level of productivity
• Use productivity techniques to work together with your team
• Strategically prioritize and implement your goals

This course is a great option if you are looking for new digital tools to keep you more productive and organized. Being productive isn’t just about marking things off your list. It is about strategically doing them so that it provides you the greatest benefit to you and also give you high returns on investment when it comes to your time. That is especially crucial when you’re managing multiple development projects with deadlines which are equally important to your customers across the board.

In this class, the instructor will share tools, tips, and tactics to make your day even more productive, to help you and your team to collaborate better and achieve all your goals with success. Learning all these fundamental tools will change your day to help you tackle your projects and workdays with ease.

This course is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners who are looking to work more strategically to prioritize, and also own their day for maximum success.

Advantages of this course
• Proper organization of lessons
• Engaging and lively instructor
• Clarity of guidelines

Course Duration: 9 Lessons in 31 minutes

Price: Free

What Great Leaders Do – Alison

This online business management program will introduce you to the most important responsibilities of a manager, as well as the most crucial modern procedures and practices. So if you would like to jump-start a career in management and climb the ladder to a respectable position or enhance your managerial and leadership skills, this course is worth a look.

This online course will help you become a business expert leading a big team, or improve your communication and leadership skills, and unlock your leadership capabilities. The program will also teach you the best habits of successful managers and the worst habits of those who fail to lead employees the right way. You will also learn the strategies and hallmarks of smart in-tune bosses. You will also learn strategies for handling team agreements and strategies, and learn how to know if a person will be an effective and pleasant boss.

The program has a well-crafted curriculum, and the lectures are divided into different sections. All the concepts are laid out in simple ways that are easy to follow. Once you complete your coursework and pass your assessments, you will eventually get a certificate of completion. The skills will help you create strategies and alternative options to ensure smooth flow at your workplace.

This program is ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced level managers who would like to learn the basic skills of a manager or to enhance your leadership and management skills.

Advantages of this course
• Good organization of lectures
• Regular assignments and quizzes
• Get certification of completion

Course Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Price: Free

Online business management certifications can help employees focus on their specific areas for improvement, expand their skills and knowledge, meet your company standards, and become more productive assets in the workplace. The above online certification programs are more than a badge of honor. Enroll in one of them to allow your company to monitor the progress of your employees and retain your main talent.

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