The world has gone digital. Everyone is struggling to fit in the digital society. Ease of communication since the innovation of the internet. How many people are using the internet today? Countless, almost two-thirds of the world’s population. Networking is the key to sustaining a prosperous connected globe. Taking networking tutorials is the solution to making the world a better place; online marketing, e-learning, communication, and socialization are all embraced by networking.

Networking fundamentals tutorials by David Bombal

David saw the need to educate the world about network skills. He created this short course to meet the need of his students. Over fifty thousand students have enrolled with at least twelve thousand five star-ratings.
The training entails; description of fundamentals of networking, building simple LANs and, brief explanation of routers, switches and hubs, OSI model, IP addressing, subnetting, and access control lists.
A lot of David’s students have proposed the course as the best starting point for any student who wants to enroll in computer and networking degree certification. Besides the certification upon completion of the session, it also prepares one in CCNA, CCENT, and ICND exams. This is one of the best networking courses for teenagers, youths and young adults. This is why you should take this short program?

Learner get full access to resources.
Affordable package price.
Certificate is given upon completion.
Flexible learning experience anywhere and anytime.
Anyone with basic computer skills can enroll in this tutorial. Its best suited for beginners.

The span of training: 55- hours

Cost: $19.

Bits and Bytes of computer networking

Coursera is the world’s best online tutorial platform with wider connection and partnership with top universities and educational institution around the world. It has the highest review ratings with over sixty-three thousand enrollments. You need to have the skill to fit into the current employment market.
You can enroll today for the full 7-day free trial. At the end of this training session you will be able to perform extensive troubleshooting, run an ipv4, master Domain Name System – DNS skills, and design a network model.
Meet the great google IT professionals as your instructors. The course has the following advantages:
Self-pacing learning option.
Graded assignments with friendly feedback.
Adequate reading, and video resources.
A credible certificate with full specialization.

This is why its and bytes of computer networking’ training session is so important? Earlier after my college study, I was longing to be google content writer but then I didn’t know where to start? I met one of my course mates who introduced me to Coursera. I enrolled for free and after seven days I enrolled for one month. Since then, I am specializing in network troubleshooting instead of the course I studied for in the college.
They have a well-established syllabus. Every week is allocated a topic of focus. There are six topics to tackle: Introduction to networking, the network layer, the transport and application layer, networking services, internet connection, and troubleshooting as well as the future of networking.
It is a beginner’s short course hence no skill required to enroll.

Course duration: 6 weeks

Charges: $49/ month

IT support – Networking Essentials

This is one of Computer Science course offered by EDX e-learning platform. When you enroll today you will learn about: network topologies, LANs, WANs and Internet, network protocols, wireless and wired networks, TCP/IP, and troubleshooting of common network issues.
Have you had about Microsoft? Meet the best Microsoft IT experts as your instructors. James Seymour- the principal content publishing manager of Microsoft, Martin Coetzer- a senior content developer of Microsoft Corporation, Pam Glazier- a content specialist, and Tony Frink- a senior content development manager from Microsoft.
Why you should give this training an upper hand?
oGet a verified Microsoft certificate upon completion.
oStudy at your own convenient time.
oExperienced world’s leading instructor
This is a beginner’s class.

Length of training: 4 weeks (2-to-3 hours per week)

Course figure: USD 99

Computer Networking by Georgia Tech

Meet Nick Feamster and Joshua Valdez as your instructors at Georgia Tech. This is a great opportunity to prolong your experience in computer networking. Students with basic knowledge of python programming, and understanding of the TCP/IP protocol.
An interfaced syllabus covering wide aspects of computer networking. Sixteen topics within sixteen weeks and free certificate of completion. The syllabus includes network introduction, architectural principles, switching, routing, addressing and forwarding, router designing, internet worms, DNS, congestion control and streaming, traffic engineering, network security, and software networking.
Cover advanced computer networking skills and knowledge. This will place you on top of the ladder in the networking industry. You are the next network administrator or networking manager. Why should you enroll in a three-month course after finishing an undergraduate degree in computer networking? Consider the following leads:
Extensive analysis of networking content.
Vigorous practical classes.
Massive learning resources and video tutorials.
Certification at the end of program.
This is an intermediate course. Suits undergraduates or people with basic computer networking skill.

Extend: 16 weeks (3 months)

Rates: $359/ month

IT – Networking skill training

Pluralsight offers you a 10-days free trial tutorial. Grow you IT- networking skills and be the next administrator or manager upon completion of the training. Take classes today that suit your level and comfort. Pluralsight provides both intermediate and advanced training.
Beginners can still benefit from the free trial session. This is why you need to start these classes? First, you will learn on your timeline, keeping with emerging trends, and master your craft at the comfort of your home. Sign-up now and acquire the skills you need today and shortly in the networking industry. You can also win epic prizes with Pluralsight and a valid certificate at the end of the session.
How worthy is this training?
Flexibility in learning
Chances of winning epic prizes
A valid certificate upon completion
It is a beginner’s course

Tutorial period: 36 hours

Amount: $29

In general, computer and technology courses are trending nowadays. It is best if almost everyone gets access to basic networking skills. Let’s make the world a better and social home wherever we are by promoting networking. Enroll and make a difference in your life and the entire society at a cost-friendly fee.