5 Best Nutrition Certification / Courses (2019)

Published: 16.07.2019
Best Nutrition Certification and Courses

Are you having troubles finding which nutrition course to take online? Are having nutrition issues and would want to be at your best? Then worry no more because am about to take you through a number of the best online nutrition courses just for you. Whether you want to up your game as a nutritionist in your career or want to know how to deal with your home issues. Or maybe you want to embark on it as a career then these are among the best courses for you.

So why nutrition courses? For the longest time people have been undergoing lifestyle issues due to their nutrition. As we all know food is basic and we need to know how to eat right and live right too. Make sure to check what suits you in terms of need, content and affordability too. So let’s dig in into the list of the best online nutrition courses for you.

Diploma Certificate in Nutrition

If you are all about knowing all about your nutrition in depth, then is the right place for you. This course is an easy to learn and comprehend kind of course. You get to learn nutrition from its basis to the depth of it. From what nutrition is to how to understand its component. This course is highly recommended for beginners of nutrition as a career or as an individual. You can actually access it on your phone or even your tv. The sources from this site are easily downloadable.

Advantages of the course
• This is an easy to learn course.
• You get to earn a certificate upon completion
• The course is self-paced
• The course is internationally accredited and known

The course is only thought for around d 2 hours of video instructed teaching. One thing I love about this course is the fact that you can actually twist the study time to fit your schedule. You get to pay 199.99 USD for this course. However, the service provider sometimes gives out some very great discounts.

Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

If you’re having issues with lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity, then this is a must try course for you. This is also a beginner level course offered by so you don’t have to feel out of place or lacking in information. The course is very flexible when it comes to your program and schedule. The course is offered in English but come with subtitles of most languages depending on preference. You will get to earn skills on food science, nutrition and food safety.

Advantages of this course
• Easy to learn
• Comes with a certification.
• You get to learn about nutrition trends.
• Learning times are flexible.

The course can be learned using at least four hours of study time. It comes with well explained videos and the instructor is easy to understand. The course can be learned for free through the free trial or one can get financial aid. You only get to purchase the certificate depending on the plan which ranges between 39-79 USD.

Health and Happiness

If you are all are about being happy knowing how to live healthy then Joshua Rosenthal is your it guy. Integrative Nutrition enables you to know how to turn what you love into a full time career. You get to learn the concept of wellness and nutrition. From this course you get to earn yourself an IIN Health coach certificate right from the comfort of your home. You even get to become a health coach from learning this course. This course is highly recommended for newbies in the nutrition worlds or anyone who want to advance in the course.

Advantages of the course
• Builds your nutrition career.
• You get to be accredited as a health coach.
• The learning schedule is flexible.

The course is self-paced so it has no specific time limit. For only 5,999 USD you earn yourself a full accredited health coaching certificate to boost your career. The course might look pricey but the benefits are quite priceless I must say.

Precision Nutrition

This is another health coaching and wellness school. It is known for its best classes by renowned lifestyle coaches. The school is all about the field of health and sports. Their certification is well accredited from the best when it comes to exercise and wellness. The certification is for level one which is well appropriate for beginners and level two are for advanced level people. They have their client’s testimonial to speak for them.

Advantages of this course
• The coaching is both for men and women.
• The classes are flexible.
• Easily accessible to your phone.
• Get to use health software.

Within the course of 12 months you will have gone through all the nooks and crooks of wellness. The resources are easy to download and access. The pricing is 99 USD for level one certification per month. Under the free presale you get 33% of 79 USD per month.

Mind Body Eating Certification

The training which is provided at is a must try to for every health lifestyle lover. It is provided by the IPE. To them health living is both in the mind and the body. The coach goes ahead to take you through a series of weight, body, emotional, stress issues trainings. The trainings help you deal with common issues that are related to your wellbeing.

Advantages of this course
• The training is overall.
• You get to have a certification.
• It helps you deal with wellbeing issues.
• The course can be programmed to fit your schedule.

One thing about this course is the fact that it easy to learn and comprehend. The course runs through 250 hours of comprehensive trainings on wellbeing.

If you are all about wellness and wellbeing, then these courses are a must try for you. Each course is meant to fit one need or the other. So have fun staying healthy while keeping others healthy as is important to have such a course because this many disease are gotten because of poor nutrition.

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