5 Best Statistics Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 18.07.2019
Best Statistics courses

For most of us we take statistics as just constant and constant doing of mathematical work that has no value. Do you know that statistic is a stepping stone to any career you want to uptake? Whether its the fashion industry, media or even agriculture. Today's world is all about data. Whether its in a technology company, a agricultural place or even a law firm. In all places data is being dealt with every single day. One has to understand how to quantify and know data quality so that they can know how to interpret and analysis it so as to come up with results. Statistics helps you do that. It helps you deal with all aspects of data. Whether its manually or automatically through the use of technology. Here are some of the best online statistic courses just for you.

Basic Statistics

This is a great start to learning statistics provided by If you want to understand all the in and out of statistics and don't know how to do it, then this is the right course for you. The course is highly recommended for beginners. It helps you understand the science of research as well as social behaviors. This is the third course out of the five statistics courses offered at this site.

Advantages of this course
• It equips you with research skills.
• The materials are easy to understand.
• The course is flexible to your schedule
• You get a certification upon completion.

Course duration: The course comes with a 36 hours complete of material review and video instructed classes.

Course pricing: the course is practically free. You only get to pay for certification. Which are ranged between 29-99 USD.

Become a Probability and Statistics pro.

This is quite an interesting certification offered by One thing I love about this package is its added quality which is probability. Not to forget how in details the instructors are. The course can be accessed on a full time basis. Their resources are easy to download. So you can read them offline at your free time.

Advantages of this class
• Get to understand the science of statistics.
• Help you in your statistic school work.
• It is easy to understand.
• Its short not much effort required.

Class duration: the course runs for 12 hours of on demand video from renowned instructors.

Package price. For only 199.99 USD you get to earn yourself a certificate. However the site often comes with great discounts for its students.

Fundamental of Statistics

While up taking this class, you get to understand the principles of statistics and data in depth. You get to know how to evaluate data in terms of quantity and quality. This is highly recommended for advanced level. It will help you deal with your school work as well as data at your workplace. This comes in handy in terms of research. Make sure to check to learn how to enroll.

Advantages of the course
• Get a motivation certificate.
• Get access to other students.
• Easy to understand materials.
• Get equipped with needed skills.

Course duration: 16 weeks of study. It includes 10-14 hours of study weekly.

Price: the course is offered for free. You only get to pay for the certificate which comes at 300 USD.

Statistics Essentials for Analytic

This is an interesting certification. It helps you to comprehend statistical techniques and know how to employ them in real world data situations. The course offered by is taught by among the best statistic instructors available. The most interesting part about this is that you even get to learn about machine learning. This class is highly recommended for advanced level learning.

Advantages of the course
• The course is self-paced.
• You get to be equipped with skills
• Understand various data.
• You get to have a certificate.

Duration: the class is self-paced therefore it is upon the student to decide on when to finish or start.

Pricing: the course comes at a price of 119 USD. However discount of 15% is available for their students.

Statistics foundation: Understanding Probability and Distribution

This is a beginner’s level certification being offered by The knowledge from this class enables you understand the science of big data. It also helps you in terms of research whether it’s at work or in school. The materials offered for the course are very easy to comprehend. They include videos, transcripts and many more things.

Advantages of the course
• Helps you understand big data science.
• The materials are easy to download.
• The class can be accessed full time.
• Helps you with your daily work

Course duration: the course runs for a period of maximum five hours of learning.

Pricing: the pricing is different depending on the plan. For personal, it goes for about 29 USD monthly to 299 USD annually. For business it goes for 579 USD annually per user. However they offer 10 day free trials.

All being said, we all understand that data and research are very key in most things especially our careers. Therefor this is a must try course for everyone. Make sure to pick out on the package that suits your current need

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