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Published: 13.07.2019
best php courses

PHP is one of the most powerful, open-source programming languages that is entirely server-side. That is why millions of websites e.g. Facebook, Flickr and Yahoo entirely run on it. However, with ever-increasing online resources, choosing a self-paced online tutorial to upgrade your PHP programming skill can be a real pain in the ass. It is for this reason that we have compiled a cheat list of the best PHP courses in 2019 that will surely warm your heart. But wait, why do you even need these resources?
Learning to program with PHP will benefit you a bunch. First, it is one of the most popular programming languages on the planet that is bursting in demand. Enrolling for any of these courses is a window to immensely widening your career scope. Secondly, out of the five reviewed courses, four will take you through to the advanced level programming. Here, you will be able to create a responsive and customizable website that can be monetized to meet your financial dreams. In short, with online careers such as drop shipping, you can easily be your own boss. Thirdly, the rich contents in the reviewed tutorials are the only sure resources that you may need as a learner. Don't be surprised to find yourself at the peak of your class in no time. And, of course, graduate with a distinction without breaking much of your sweat.
You don't need to have background knowledge of PHP to achieve your programming dream. Whether a novice, intermediate or advanced programmer, there is something for you. In fact, in each review, we have extensively explored the course content, price and duration. Additionally, we have included the advantages and who's the course for; to help with easier choosing.

Take a look…

PHP for Beginners 2019 Part 1: every line of code explained

It is no doubt that this online course by Udemy had to top this list. Just as its name goes, it covers everything you need to know in PHP without leaving anything unmentioned. With this course, you don't need to be a brainer, fast-learner or have some knowledge of PHP. It covers all your worries.

In the course, you will learn;
• How to create sessions, cookies, PHP scripts, bad word filter, HTML forms, simple array, basic hit counter, and their different applications
• The popular PHP functions, loops, conditional statements and their applications
• Real-life PHP projects such as 2 player Tic Tac Toe game, Rock Paper Scissor game and how many days until X-mas script
• Use of mathematical operators in solving real-world problems

• Regularly updated downloadable contents
• Lifetime access upon registration
• Tutors full support through feedback
• No background information needed

Who's the course for;
• Advanced programmers who need to refreshen up the long forgotten knowledge of PHP
• Any person green in programming with PHP

Course duration
• The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
• The course is absolutely free upon registration on Udemy

As a novice learner, you need a cautious and caring tutor that understands your needs and diligently work to meet them. Dave, a popular national award-winning teacher will take you through step-by-step training that covers every piece of your needs. You will realize that the rich HD video contents are carefully tailored and uniquely delivered to allow for immediate use of the skills gained. It is all about learning through action. Therefore, if you are looking for a precise course that is entirely action-based with no fluffs, then you have no other option other than giving this course a go.

Learn PHP

With some background knowledge on the HTML, this course by Codecademy will surely paint a huge smile on your face. Its prestigious and intuitive video contents will expose you to the basics of PHP. It is ideal for learners who need to build a well laid out foundation for advanced learning.

In the course, you will learn;
• The basics of PHP
• Variables, functions and PHP functions
• Handling HTML Forms in PHP

• Regularly updated rich video contents
• Three portfolio projects for practicability
• 3 stress-test quizzes for memorability
• Other downloadable resources
• Lifetime access upon registration

Who's the course for
• Any person with background knowledge on HTML (Introduction to HTML)

Course duration
• the course is entirely self-paced

Course price
• Members on Pro plan with Codecademy are eligible for the full access of the course

You will automatically enjoy this entry-level course. Through regular updates, the course is tailored to meet any emerging needs in time. Secondly, in this course, the tutors understand who they are dealing with. They have used light accents with simple terms that you will surely love to hear. Otherwise, the pace at which knowledge is passed is appropriate for new learners. Finally, once you have enrolled for this course, you will be eligible to access other intermediate and advanced level course offered on the same platform at absolutely no costs.

Building Web Applications in PHP

This course by Coursera is one of the courses in Web Application for Everybody. It helps learners in understanding the structures of web applications and how servers and browsers interact. The course will introduce you to basics of CSS and HTML before going ahead to dress you with knowledge on how to install and use advanced PHP tools such as XAMPP or MAMP.

In the course, you will learn;
• How servers and web browsers interact and the basics of HTTP
• An overview of the basics of HTML and CSS
• Installation of SQL and PHP
• Basics of PHP
• Functions, arrays and HTML forms in PHP

• 100% online-based
• Rich downloadable resources
• Self-paced learning option
• Certification from a top-learning institution

Who's the course for;
• Programmers with background knowledge on CSS and HTML

Course duration
• The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
• Registered members of Coursera are eligible for full access of the course

As an intermediate level programmer, you will meet CSS, SQL and HTML on a daily basis. Therefore, there is a dire need to horn your programming talent by upgrading the three skills. In this course, Professor Charles, one of the experts in the field of programming will hold your hand and take you through all it takes to code like a guru. Finally, enrolling for this training will enable you to access other tutorials alongside CSS, SQL and HTML specializations offered on the same platform at absolutely no costs.

PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks

This course by Edureka is the intermediate and advanced learners' choice. It is ideal for polishing the PHP skills by remodelling the long-forgotten concepts and where attendees want to be at par with current happenings.

Throughout the course, you will learn:
• A short review of the PHP basics and logic
• CakePHP, HTML and MVC
• OOPHP, MSQL basics, Functions and Error Handling
• Queries and Data manipulation and more

• Real-life projects and assignments
• Certification upon completion
• A community forum for peer interaction
• Lifetime access upon enrollment

Who's the course for
• Learners with well-laid background knowledge on HTML and MSQL
• Any other intermediate an advanced level programmer

Course duration
• The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
• Only the registered members of Edureka are free to access the course

PHP Tutorial

The last in the list is PHP tutorial by solo learn. This tutorial is extensively offered on a forum that learners are free to post and answer various questions from peers.

In the course, you will learn;
• The basics of PHP
• PHP Variables, functions, arrays, operators, loop and control statements
• Working with PHP files

• Self-learning mechanism
• 117 quizzes to keep your focus
• Accessibility on mobile devices
• Interaction with peers

Who's the course for
• Any aspiring programmer

Course duration
• Learners are free to learn at their own pace

Course price
• The course is absolutely free

If you are looking forward to padding your resume and adding some programming knowledge on your skillset then this course is for you. By downloading the sololearn app, you will be able to learn at your own pace and at your own free time. You will realize that this app has a game-like user interface that is designed with unlocks, rewards and achievements. The more you continue coding with the app, the more rewards and skills you gain. With some space on your mobile device, don't hesitate. Download the app and feel the buzz…! It's a free world!

This list has exhausted all you need to build and design your web with PHP. What remains is you to push the enrol, register or buy button, learn and build a customizable, responsive and intuitive website with an outstanding graphic user interface. Otherwise, the last tutorial is available on the Google play and app store for free download.

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