ABCshark – new poker school, an educational poker site is a popular format on the Internet. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they teach the game of poker, or at least introduce the rules of the game to all poker sites. In this article, we will try to teach players to understand the choice of the best conditions for the game and its optimal organization based on the principle of minimum cost with maximum benefit.

We will teach novice players the “technologies” of online poker – to navigate the diversity of the world of online poker (varieties of poker) and learn how it works in general, choose the right poker room, affiliate site, register with them and verify accounts, make a deposit and withdraw your money, find out what “free” poker is – freerolls (is it worth playing them?) and no deposit bonuses (is it worth taking them?), understand how the poker client works and how to communicate with the support (support) of poker rooms, understand what is poker software and why you need it. But learning to play poker correctly is of course necessary.

Since we consider poker to be a game of skill, everyone can learn to play better! Someone develops their own positive strategy on their own, but this method is rarely successful, and why waste time on “inventing the wheel” ?! Most players search the internet for tutorials. The purpose of this article is to set the direction of your search and give some tips in the selection of already found material and suggestions for online poker training.

Poker is a very rapidly changing game Any material over 1-2 years old can be considered outdated (with the exception of a few classic poker books, and then they are not outdated only in their basic provisions that a beginner poker player needs to learn). Poker is a very controversial game. Try to cultivate a “poker mind” in yourself, rather than memorize a set of ready-made recipes – be critical of any concepts and conclusions.

Poker … is a game. Nothing teaches like the game itself, or rather a thoughtful approach to it and its mandatory subsequent analysis. All poker schools and training sites described below (except for poker starter) are poker affiliates. In this “hypostasis” we will not describe them here.

Pokerstrategy – the largest poker school in the world “Professional Poker School” – as it says on the site logo. And although the site is currently going through hard times in terms of learning poker, it is undoubtedly one of the leaders. There is just a mountain of different sites on the Internet that advertise Pokerstrategy and offer you to immediately register on this wonderful site!

Training at PokerSrategy is based on the following principle – you register in the room using the site link and play in it (in some you can get a no deposit bonus) and depending on the rake you have earned you get points (Strength Points – SP). By collecting a certain number of points, you get different statuses – initial (given for registration), bronze (given for registering in any partner room and playing for real money) – these two statuses are lifetime. Silver (100 SP), gold (500 SP), platinum (2500 SP), diamond (7500 SP) – give for a month. For beginners and micro-stakes players, a silver status will be enough (taking into account bonus points, only $ 2-3 rake in any of the partner rooms per month), and if you play a lot in one of the partner rooms ($ 50 rake per month) then get “gold”. And in accordance with your status, you get access to training articles, videos and training.

Through the page – Strategy, you can get an overview of all these materials: for the most beginners – the rules of Hold’em and the basics of strategy, sections with training materials on the topics as you read them, the percentage of studied is displayed, links to access the training calendar, the video section – in these two sections you can set filters by statuses, limits and types of poker disciplines, how and where to lay out hands for evaluation and a description of the poker software. additional poker training materials and tests. An important element of training is the evaluation of the hands played – on the stretch forum, you can put any of your hands in the appropriate section and get an assessment from a specialist, as well as comments from other players, and since they have the largest forum, the likelihood of a quick and competent response much higher than anywhere else.

PokerStrategy, as a school of poker, does not have any equal competitors yet, but there are still several decent sites that can help a beginner player start playing poker correctly.

Academy of Poker – poker school with free practice Academypoker is a relatively new, but very aggressively developing poker school, just like the stretch has recently redesigned the site. It also issues no deposit bonuses. Text materials are in the School section and are available to all readers of the site. Video materials are divided into 3 categories:

Basic – available to everyone, VODs – available only to those registered users who have verified their phone number (an interesting move to create a database of numbers interested in training players – we did not write for nothing that the site has an “aggressive” policy on the market – be prepared for the fact that the managers of the Academy will call you with offers of training and VIP conditions for playing in the rooms), Premium video – available for those users who have been signed up for the training of the site, most of them are free. You will have access to the recording of those workouts for which you have been recorded. The “horse” of the site is online training There is always a ready-made schedule. Almost all group trainings are free – you just need to sign up for them.

Sometimes a condition for admission to training is registration in a partner room and a deposit to it. All trainings take place in series and in groups. The coaches not only present the material, but also conduct live sessions with their comments, give the players tasks and conduct a joint analysis of hands, questions from the players. There is a possibility of individual training, but this is already for more advanced players who are ready to pay from $ 50 to $ 200 per hour for training with a coach. The site has a forum, all questions about the site’s proposals and training in particular are easier to ask the manager in Skype – academpoker.

Pokerstarter – PokerStars School of Poker A poker school from the largest poker room in the world! To register on the site, you must have an account at PokerStars. We will talk about bonuses from the site in the review of the room. The tutorials on the site are organized as courses. Having studied each of them, you can pass the father-in-law for it and get bonuses in the room. Interactive starter trainings are free and for room points (VPP). In the Library section, training videos are available, including recordings of past workouts. There are also many videos on the site’s YouTube channel. And of course on the forum you can discuss any questions about the game, read blogs of other players.

ABCshark is a new poker school Since this is a new poker school, there are still few materials on its website. How free training is carried out and what it gives is written on the page – Free training in poker. The most important thing is that apart from playing in the room for real money, you are not required to complete the training. If you are interested in poker training videos (VODs), then in addition to the above sites, there is one site with a pretty good set of free videos — FreeVods.