A business that relies on customer approval and satisfaction must understand product management. You may have a life-changing, revolutionary product, but be unable to get a single unit sold if you don’t know how to plan, market, and distribute correctly.

For those in the know, a product management course can turn that profit margin frown upside down! There are several from which to choose, and each class differs slightly in scheduling flexibility, price, and content. Understanding these differences – and inherent similarities – is key to choosing the training that is right for you!

Without further ado, let’s explore the top five product management courses available today.

Udemy – Become a Product Manager

The Udemy courses are flexible and easy to access. Rather than being constricted to a set study schedule, Udemy students are free to explore class materials whenever and wherever they’d like. The product manager course offers 13 hours of video training, as well as 25 supplemental articles and more than 100 downloadable resources.

Once you’ve signed up for the course, you have access to it for the remainder of your life! So if you forget a crucial piece of information, your answer is only a click away. You can access the Udemy class from your PC, mobile phone, and even your TV, which makes it easy to study in almost any environment.

This class is comprehensive. It discusses the many tasks and skills a product manager must have, including basic programming, marketing, and hiring skills. For anyone hoping to change careers or perfect their product-driven business, this training is invaluable.

-Understanding the role of a product manager
-Apply AARRR and HEART frameworks
-How to start a career as a product manager
-Understanding the basics of API, MySQL, Balsamiq, POP, and other programming languages

Best For: Beginners

Duration: 13 hours+

Price: $194.99 (On sale now for only $11.99!)

Coursera – Software Product Management Specialization

In our modern world, hardly anything is completely free. That’s one of the wonderful things about the Coursera class – it’s free, with no strings attached.

Those who already understand the role of a product manager may simply wish to improve their skills in that field. This class can help you with that. Offered by the University of Alberta, this class will help you to master Agile, one of the most prevalent forms of software needed by product managers.

You’ll also learn management techniques, and finish the class with a capstone project. This project can be used in conjunction with your resume to find a suitable position. Also, the completion certificate helps!

This class is entirely flexible, though it is recommended that you spend at least eight hours every week studying the material. The course is broken into six sections, allowing you to anticipate the next unit, and review the previous one. Though it’s training is specific, it’s an affordable choice for those who are already familiar with product management.

-Free of charge
-Flexible scheduling
-Learn and dominate the Agile software
-Understanding of better management techniques

Best For: Intermediate Learners

Duration: 4 months

Price: Free

Edureka! – PMP Certification Exam Training

A typical class has a specific time and date attached to it. For example, if you were to arrive at your 4 pm Spanish class three hours late, you may find that the classroom is empty. Such is the case for edureka! courses.

Prospective students are free to choose between an 18-day class that meets several times a week or a 4-week course that meets on weekends. Both meet at specific times, so if you have several obligations or responsibilities to adhere to, you may want to look for a more flexible class.

However, if you can meet the demands of the class schedule, you’ll find that you’re in for a treat. This course is endorsed by Project Management Professional, which is a globally recognized exam and certification for product managers. Broken into thirteen distinct units, this class will explain the role of a product manager and the types of product/project management skills needed to succeed.

Perhaps most importantly, the PMP Certification Exam Training class will prepare you to take, and pass, the PMP exam. This certification can help you gain a better salary or start a new career. Just be sure to make it to class on-time!

-Be prepared to take your PMP Certification Exam
-Gain a greater understanding of the role of a product manager
-Understand the various management duties and tasks
-Understand the factors that go into being a successful product manager

Best For: Beginners and Intermediate Learners

Duration: 18 days / 4 weeks

Price: $499 (On sale for $449 now!)

One Month – Learn Product Management

One Month offers a comprehensive course that is ideal for those just starting on their path to becoming a product manager. The class content is divided into four weekly units, each one tackling a new aspect. The lessons are designed for maximum comprehension and are easy to understand.

The personal and sometimes humorous approach taken by the instructor diminishes any anxiety about learning a new subject. A certificate of completion heralds your success when you have finished your training.

Not only does this course define the role of a product manager, but it also illuminates tips and techniques for dealing with customers, employees, and co-workers. This class also offer basic technical knowledge, such as how to work with wireframes. It does not provide in-depth information about programming languages or software you may encounter as a product manager, which is its most significant flaw.

But anyone hoping to gain some knowledge, perspective, and management/people skills will walk away satisfied with the One Month program.

-Specific videos and lectures for every week, viewable on your schedule
-Customer management training
-Understanding product development, implementation, and life cycle
-Easy-to-understand language and information

Best For: Beginners

Duration: 4 weeks

Price: $199

PM Loop – Product Management Course Bundle

This is the fastest product management class on the market today. If you’re short on time but have plenty of energy, you might want to check out this course.

Completable in only 2 hours, the PM Loop product management training consists of four separate classes. These include product strategy, inspiring your team, the fundamentals of project management, and succeeding at your interview.

Though this course does cover the fundamentals of product management, it may be too challenging for those who are just beginning. As a student, you will learn how to implement Agile into your work properly, but the course bundle does not focus on the technical aspects as much as the personal aspects.

Interpersonal work relationships among you and your team are vital to the success of your business or enterprise, and this set of classes focuses on bettering those relationships.

Confidence is critical when attempting to woo and potential employer. This bundle can provide you with the right tools to walk calmly and smoothly into an interview.

-Four individual classes bundled into one course
-Flexible study hours
-Plenty of information regarding management
-Learn how to master the interview process

Best For: Intermediate Learners

Duration: 2 hours+

Price: $396

Final Thoughts
Now that we’ve explored the top five product management courses of 2019, we hope you have an informed opinion on which class may be right for you. Of course, the perfect course depends on your current level of understanding, your schedule, and your budget. You and you alone hold the keys to your future!

Don’t let your wonderful products ideas flounder! Get managing today!