Management courses? I bet that you know what it entails. Management studies enable you to be inspired towards your projects, makes you a better coach, improves your team-building skills enabling you to be proactive and visionary.
Training in management is an essential component for everybody who wants to be successful in life. If you’re a manager, I think the management certifications can be the oasis in the desert as far as your career of being an effective manager is concerned.

Given the nature of our current economy where it’s driven by business. We have decided to take you through the best management courses that are ideal for you:

Beginning Project Management: Level One of Project Management.

Project management level one is a course that is recommended by newbie. If you haven’t been to any management class then this is the course for you.

What does it mean when one says level one of project management? In this course, you’re going to start from the basic levels. For instance, you’ll learn the course from basic definitions e.g. from a project, project management and so forth.

In a nutshell, here is the scope of what you’re going to get if you enroll for this course: The project Roles and responsibilities. Here, you’ll learn more of what you’ll be required as a manager and what it means in the project life cycle.

Also, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about the project life cycle in details. Do you know how the project cycle is? I bet you understand that every successful end has a beginning and other processes. Good News! This course prepares you for all that.

On top of that, you’ll learn more on the tips of initiating a project for example how you need to develop theories that back your project success (A.K.A Frameworks). A planning stage which comprises of the budget and activities that will precede the projects.

Most importantly, this course takes you through the ways to successfully implement/execute projects.

It’s affordable- you can enroll in this course with the minimum cost.
It’s suitable if you’re a newbie and can help you learn a lot.
Gives you a steel foundation on management.

Price: $11.99
Duration: 3.5hours.
Target audience: newbie

PMP Certification training.

Whoa!. Whoa!.Whoa!… This isn’t complex. PMP, in short, means People Managing projects. Let’s now start from there.

This course is more of training and being certified. What it means is that you need to show some leadership proficiency if you’ve to enroll in this course. What I can tell you is that choosing to take this course can be ideal for your career especially if you want to secure and earn yourself more management projects soon.

Here’s what you’ll learn if you enroll for this course: a detailed knowledge in management processes for instance how well you’ll need to organize the inputs (your resources), the monitoring and evaluation tools and how to demonstrate your project progress either annually or quarterly. Of course, there are more areas to be covered including the certification exam.


You can retain your PMI certification if you can enroll in this course and earn PDUs.
It’s recommendable if you want 35 hours of PMI online- on-demand training.
More skills and increment of your salary and status (due to efficiency in running projects). There is
Use of simulation to help increase your learning.

Duration: 35hours
Target audience: Leaders and managers.

Introduction of Project management principles, Practices and specialization.

Enrolling in the introductory course of management makes you more effective. It means that you’re going to be running projects with informed ways of gathering for costs, planning activities and monitoring.
How will this be possible?
If you’re to enroll in this course you’ll have a mandate to finish projects designed for you. Once you have finished, you will earn a certificate to increase your professional network.

Allow me to take you just through the tip of an iceberg of what you’ll be learning. One, you will learn more about the steps needed before initiating a project. Two, you’ll explore more on budgeting and how effective you can structure your activities.

Most importantly, you’re going to learn about risk management and how you should deal with it. That is, how to avoid risk, reduction methods, prevention, and mitigation strategies.
Are you excited and ready to learn?


It’s more specific and direct to your area of specialization.
You can study at your own pace despite a busy schedule.
Hands you projects hence suitable for both experienced and inexperienced in management.

Target audience: Project managers and professionals.

Project Management Professional course – PMI

This course integrates the essentials of management by focusing on the processes needed in the initiation, planning, and the implementation of the project alongside developing schedules and risk management.

In this course, you’re going to cover integration in project management, the scope of management and the responsibilities of other people in the organogram.
Lastly, you’re going to learning how to use your resources effectively and efficiently to achieve the maximum outcome which can lead to the desired impact.


Gives you a wide range of knowledge from procurement, planning and risk management.
It’s for professionals, you can be a consultant of project management if you complete this course.
Leads to increased job security- there is a high level of competence associated with this course.
It’s applicable in a wide variety of industries.

Duration: 5 hours.
Price: $29
Target Audience: either managers or newbie interested in management.

Certification Training course for a registered education provider.

If you’re either an educator or you’re about to be one. If you’re looking for skills- I am recommending you to take this course. What the course entails is on business knowledge and the role of a project manager.

You’re likely to be promoted in your institution.
You will be eligible for PMP certification exams.

Price: $149
Duration: 35.5hours
Target Audience: newbie and professionals

Shakespeare quote that imagination is power. Remember knowledge combined with the faculties can bring you closer to your dream. Successful businessmen and managers often stress the importance of investing in your mind.

And As the law of sowing and reaping explains I hope you’ll find the course of choice to plant in your life. All the Best!