5 Best Psychology Courses / Certification programs (2019)

Published: 18.07.2019
Best Psychology online courses

Are you having troubles getting along with people? Can’t you seem to understand their behavior? Are you having troubles at work about it? You are not alone in this. Most people find it hard to deal with others or their own issues simply from luck of understanding. Then these might just be the best courses for you. Studying psychology helps you understand human behavior as well as how to deal with each kind of them. In the process you will be able to develop analytical skills as well as communication skills. These go along to act as a booster in your workplace. This course also enhances your conflict resolution skills. Apart from that this can be taken in either as a full time career or as a part time one. One good thing about this course is that it acts as a stepping stone for another career. So check out from among what am about to list for you what suits you most.

Learning social Psychology

If you want to understand how people think and behave then this is the right course offered by for you. The course is being led by one of their best instructor. The course will help students taking psychology classes to understand more of what they are learning. The course is highly recommended for beginners especially students. It comes in as a great comprehensive guide to help you understand both others and yourself. It can be easily accessed through your phone. This means it can be done anywhere.

Course Benefits
• Materials are easy to understand and relate.
• The course comes in with a completion certification.
• The course takes a short time to finish.
• This course is self-paced so it can fit your schedule.

The course comes in with 22 lectures that run along for around 5 hours of video instructed classes. You can get to do the whole of this course for only 94.99 USD. However, at this school they offer discounts to their students sometimes.

Introduction to psychology

This is a course offered by Yale through So you can actually go to Yale right from the comfort of your home. From this you will get to learn the fundamentals of psychology. It will enable you understand how the human mind operates. This is quite a good course for beginners. Especially those who want to embark on psychology as a career. This will act as a jump start to your career. You can actually reset your deadlines to fit your schedule. The course comes in only English.

Course Benefits
• Easy to access and comprehend materials.
• The course is self-paced.
• You learn how to deal with situations.
• You get equipped with skills for your career.

From this course you get to have 17 hours of video instructed classes. Upon which you get a certificate of completion after taking your final assessment. The course comes for free. You only get to pay for the certificate which is between 39-79 USD depending on what plan you prefer. One thing I love about the site is that they actually give financial aids to their students to uptake this course.

Introduction to Social Psychology

Social psychology from goes way ahead to help you understand how social people are, how to deal with people, how to bring out the best of our self through understanding oneself. It helps you on how to deal with human problematic issues like aggression. This is a beginner’s class level for everyone. Whether a student, in your workplace or even a parent.

Course Benefits
• Helps you to understand people.
• Helps you to deal with people issues like aggression.
• The course is free to access so its pocket friendly.
• You get to earn a certificate.

The course is offered for free. You only get to pay 99USD for the certificate upon completion. The course takes around seven weeks of study of 1-2 hours per week. It may look a bit long but it’s worth every minute.

Introduction to Psychology

This is a course offered by San Jose State University through The course enables you to understand all the psychological principles and concepts. The knowledge goes ahead to help you understand psychological research as well as the human behavior. This is a beginner’s level course and would work well for any one even the newbies.

Benefits of the Course
• The course is self-paced.
• You get to access a student support community for more knowledge.
• The content is rich in information and easy to comprehend.
• You are taught by among the best instructors,

The course is actually offered for free here so you don’t have to worry about cost or anything. The course has a timeline of four months. However, it is a self-paced take course one can the shortest time possible.

Introduction to Psychology: tutoring solutions.

From you get to learn the basis of psychology and understand how to relate to it. This course comes in hand to help you through your classwork and subjects relating to it. So it would really work well for students. This is a 13 chapter’s course that helps you understand what you learn in class and what you haven’t. You get to take tests after every chapter and at the end.

Course Benefit
• You get a certificate of completion.
• It helps you understand your classwork.
• The materials are easy to understand.
• The course is self-paced.

Since the course is self-paced how you finish depends on your commitment to it. It ran the course come at a price depending on what plan you take. However, there are 30 days’ free trials available for you.

Having said all that, this topic is a key element in our lives. So it would be great to understand yourself and others deeply. Understanding how different people psychology are is very important so that you may know how to treat each of them and even knowing what they may be up to. Have fun making the right choice on the course to take.

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