Best Public Speaking Courses / Training (2019)

Published: 18.07.2019
Best Public Speaking Courses

Public speaking is not a walk in the park, it is an art that you have to master. There are people who have the confidence to talk in front of a crowd but they fail to capture the attention of their audience. The following is a list of the best public speaking courses and tutorials you can take to improve your public speaking skills to effectively engage your audience.

Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

Do you abhor the thought of speaking in public? Then this is the course for you. The tutorial is fit for beginner’s who wish to master their fundamentals of speaking. Also, for the seasoned speaker, the training will help you improve your public speaking sessions and propel you to the next level.

Advantages of the course
• Helps reduce fear of public speaking
• Flexible schedule since its online
• Perform speeches with dynamic gestures

Course Duration: 16 hours

Price: Free

A student who has taken up the training talks of how he was able to undergo an interview as he was no longer scared of talking before the interviewers.

2019 Complete Public Speaking Masterclass for Every Occasion

This tutorial will help you look comfortable, relaxed and confident while speaking in public. In addition you will be also to speak clearly which will make it memorable to your audience. Once you achieve this, you will now be able to influence your audience as you have captured their attention. The training is suitable for speakers at all levels, however, if you decide to take this course; you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone for you to learn new skills in public speaking.

Advantages of Taking the Classes
• Accessible on mobile and TV
• Certificate of Completion
• Full time access

Course Duration: 29.5 hours

Price: $199 regular price with 30 day money back guarantee

Students attest to how the training has helped them improve their presentation skills be it beginners or advanced speakers.

Public Speaking Foundations

This is a beginner’s course to help you develop the necessary skills to deliver outstanding presentations and speeches. You will also learn skills to use to make your audience listen attentively to your speech or presentation.

Advantages of Taking the Tutorials
• Learn how to display confidence
• How to plan your speech
• How to make your presentation flow

Course Duration: I hr 3min

Price: Free for one month

A businessman speaks of making a successful verbal pitch after taking the course; he had previously not been successful as he could not put his ideas together during presentation.

Public Speaking

This is an introductory course to public speaking suitable for beginners who wish to go at their pace. It will help you build your confidence as a speaker after learning how to apply skills and tools to deliver unforgettable presentations.

Advantages of Taking the Course
• Certificate after training
• Online training thus flexible schedule
• Can use the certificate on CV or LinkedIn

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Price: Free plus $49 for a verified certificate

Training will start in January 2020 but its credibility is guaranteed as it is offered by Rochester Institute of Technology as part of a professional certificate program.

The Public Speaking School

The school caters for all levels of public speakers in three packages; online training, master class, and personalized coaching. One can study online or request a one on one interaction with the trainer where they will come to you. This is ideal where a group has to be trained.

Advantages of Taking the Course
• Deep-diving and interactive learning
• Development of game-changing skills
• Self-training available

Course Duration: 6 hours on-site / 2 hours online training

Price: Available upon request

In their review, those who have taken the classes credit the master class for transforming their communication and public presentations.

Beginner or seasoned public speakers need training to serve their different audience as you cannot use a skill when talking to teenagers and then use it on business executives. Due to our different interactions in school, work, or even church, you may find yourself in a fix when you have to talk in public. It is therefore advisable to take at least one of the above courses to refine your public speaking.

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