9 Best Python Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 27.06.2019
Top python courses

Are you a computer science graduate or a programmer who has always wanted to learn Python? Becoming a Python professional will advance your career and give you an edge over your competitors in terms of job opportunities since Python is one of the most sought-after skills by companies today. If you haven’t already added Python to your programming skills, this is the perfect time you need to start learning this course.

In this review, we have selected the best Python courses that can help you jumpstart your career. They are the not only among the best rated but also have some of the highest enrolments.

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp - Udemy

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp course lets you learn all the essential and fundamental concepts in coding, use Python to come up with an automated web scraper and crawler, make highly complex HTTP requests using Python, Learn Test Drive Development, etc.

With over 300 lectures, The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp covers an introduction to Python 3 and compares it to Python 2, LINUX/MAX Command Line Fundamentals (Using CD, LS, File Creation with TOUCH, Making Directories with MKDIR), WINDOW Command Line Fundamentals (LS, Paths, PWD, Using the CD), MAC Python Setup, WINDOWS Python Setup, Numbers, Operators and Comments, Variable and Strings, Boolean and Conditional Logic, Rock, Paper and Scissors and Looping in Python.

Advantages of this course

• Constantly updated

Whenever new Python courses are introduced, or changes are made to previous existing lessons, this is among the first courses to be updated. This means you’ll always get to learn the most current versions of Python 3 programming language.

• Interactive

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp is very interactive and offers over 200 exercises to ensure you really understand what you are learning through practices.

• Systematic and Comprehensive

This course lets you learn python in a step by step manner and covers all that you may need to get started and keep pace with Python 3.

Who’s the course for

Do you want to learn Python from scratch? The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp teaches you everything you need to know in a step by step procedure. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge in either coding or Python to learn this course. You only need a computer to take this course. You can also learn the course if you have prior knowledge in HTML, JavaScript, CSS in order to advance your experience through specialization.

Course duration: 30 hours

Price: 16.99/month

Python for Everybody Specialization (Getting Started with Python) - Cousera

Python for Everybody Specialization has been designed for students who are completely new to Python programming. The course will help you have a mastery of simple data processes that are important to everyone; regardless of your profession.

This course is offered by the University of Michigan and covers 5 chapters that include why we Program? (Installing and Using Python and Continued-Why We Program), Variables and Expressions (use computer to retrieve, store and calculate information), Conditional Code (how computer software makes choices), Functions (help make sense of previously established codes), Loops and Iteration (how you tell python to do things repeatedly).

Python for Everybody Specialization is likely to kindle your interest in learning more advanced programming courses or other courses in web development, designing, or just improve your skills when handling huge amounts of data during analysis. The course structure is perfect for busy people since you can learn during your free time at the comfort of your home.

Advantages of this course

• Fully Online

You will get to learn the whole course online according to your own schedule

• Different subtitles

The course is taught in English but has subtitles in various languages such as Chinese, Arabic, German, English, and Korean

• Flexible deadline

The course allows you to reset your study period and deadline according to your regular working schedule.

Who’s the course for

If you want to get an introduction to the fundamental concept of Python programming that includes data structure, database, and network program interface application, this is the best course for you. It’s the perfect course to open your mind since it consists of online videos, eBooks, assignments, and quizzes. Most students enjoy the course to the extent of deciding to learn other courses that are related to Programming and Data Analysis with Python specialization.

Course duration: 7 weeks

Price: Free (Paid Certificate Available)

The Python Mega Course - Udemy

The Python Mega Course allows you to start learning Python from scratch by helping you understand ten amazing as well as professional Python programs- which you can use in the real world.

The course has a total of 24 sections that include getting started, Python Basics, Beyond the Basics, Fixing Programming Errors, Building an Interactive Dictionary, Data Analysis with Pandas, Numpy, Creating Web maps with Folium and Python, Building a Website Blocker, Building a website with Python and Flask, Graphical User Interface with Tkinter, Interacting with Python Databases, Building a Desktop Database application, Object-Oriented Programming, Python for Video and Image Processing with OpenCV, Building Webcam Motion Detector, Python Interactive Data Visualization, Web scraping with Python Beautiful Soup, Building Web-Based Financial Graph, Building A Data Collector Web App, Scrape Real Estate Property Data Etc.

You’ll get to build various types of applications that cover topics such as web applications, database applications, desktop applications, data analysis, web mapping, web scraping, etc. The course uses the most current teaching approach in which you learn by doing a lot of practice. You also get to start from scratch and slow master the 10 real-world applications of Python 3.

Advantages of this course

• Starts from zero

This course starts from the basics of programming and progresses step by step to advanced levels

• Cost-effective

Usually, this course can cost you more than $500, but Udemy offers it at a relatively cheaper cost

• Saves you time

You’ll learn everything you are required to know in Python at your free time-everything is online

Who’s the course for

The Python Mega Course doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge of Python. You’ll only be required to have either a window, Linux, or Mac computer to study this course. Nonetheless, those who have experience in basic Python and programming can also enroll for the course and become professional programmers or masters in Python.

Couse duration: 21.5 hours

Price: $194.99/month

Python Programming Certification Course - Edureka

Would you like to learn Python programming from beginner level to advanced level? This course helps you master all the important concepts of Python programming such as file and data operations in Python, Different libraries, i.e., Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, object-oriented concepts in Python, etc.

Python Programming Certification Course curriculum covers; introduction to Python, Sequence and File Operations, Deep Dive, Handling Exceptions, , Data Manipulation, Introduction to Pandas and Numpy, Working with Modules Data Visualization, GUI Programming, Developing Web Maps as well representing information using plots, Computer vision by using OpenCV as well as Visualization using Bokeh.

In short, the course covers the fundamental and advanced concepts of Python. The course is meant to help you write unit test code and Python scripts, analyze data, learn various techniques of handling different data types(categorical, ordinal, encoding ), and master presenting data in a step by step manner.

Advantages of this course

• Relevant to different jobs

Since Python is a popular course among MNCs, it’s very relevant in many jobs in the current generation and even the future.

• Real-world data experience

Although tutors use amazing theoretical explanation, the data presented in class co-relate to the real-world examples

• Excellent support team

The support team of Edureka has been praised by many people because of its timely response to the needs of its students and the ability to meet their needs.

Who’s the course for

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to learn this course. This course can be applied in a lot of fields such as programming, data science, statistics and analytics, business analytics, business intelligence management, project management. However, those who have a basic understanding of programming terminologies find the course to be easy and straightforward.

Course duration: 4 weeks

Price: $296/month

Introduction to Python - edX

In this course, you’ll get to learn the basics of Python and even start writing codes right away. It's one of the best courses for beginners as it takes an in-depth analysis of the Python concepts.

The course covers 4 main sections that include Introduction to Python as an Absolute beginner, Computational and Logic Thinking, Introduction to Python Fundamentals (builds on what you previously studied in the introduction to Python as an absolute beginner), Job Outlook (junior automation and test, junior technical writer, junior technical program manager.

Learn how to use Python in Jupyter Notebooks, manipulating input/output and gathering, building reusable functions with return values and parameters, Repetition, and decision-making using conditional statements and loops. By the end of the program, you’ll have created programs that prompt people who use them for conditional logic, Python methods, and input to manipulate text and numbers in order to request further input and provide responses to users.

Advantages of this course

• Clear and easy to follow

This course is easy and pretty clear to follow and can help you understand how to write simple programs and codes.

• Plenty of examples and assignments

The course comes with a lot of examples and assignments that deal with the programming of a cash register for an imaginary store or similar situations.

• Saves you time

Although doing this course might not make you a pro in Python, it will boost your confidence to continue learning Python at an advanced level.

Who’s the course for

Do you want to learn Python from the beginning to an advanced level? Are you looking to learn one or two personal things or accelerate your career? This course targets people who don’t have prior knowledge in any programming software or language.

Course duration: 5 weeks

Price: Free ($99 for assignments, graded exams, and certificate)

Google's Python Class - Google

Google’s Python Class is a free Python course created by Google and designed for people who have some little experience in programming and want to learn more about Python.

The course has 3 sections that include Python Set Up (Installation), Python Introduction (Introduction to language), and Python String (Code material and do your first exercise). The end of these 3 sections includes a link to a wide variety of code exercises for every section. The classes include lecture videos, written materials, and assignments that help you understand concepts of Python like lists and strings, text file programming, HTTP connections, and processing.

Most of the materials used in the course have been created by Nick Parlante; who works in the engEDu section at Google. Nick Parlante is a lovable geek and CS lecturer at Stanford. He has written some of the best tutorials which help you learn how to use Python as well its applicability in the real world. This makes the course an awesome resource regardless of whether you have been working with Python and or you are just starting.

Advantages of this course

• Well organized learning material

Learning materials in this course consist of 6 YouTube videos that cover every feature and trick in Python. The materials are also procedural.

• Exercise, sample challenges, and puzzles that are downloadable.

Most people like this course because it’s comes with a lot of free downloadable sample challenges and puzzles which go a long way in helping you understand the course.

• Free

The course and all the leaning materials offered by Google are free to everyone

Who’s the course for

Are you aspiring to be a Python academic guru? Can you find at least 3 to 4 hours a week to listen to a few lectures? Well, this is the perfect course for you. The lectures are great for people who have done some programming (in other languages) before since Nick makes a lot of comparison between how to use Python versus how you are likely to do it in another language.

Course duration: 2 days

Price: Free

Python Training Course - Simplilearn

Python Training Courses will teach you different ways on how to develop Python language, game development, web development, etc. The course will help you gain skills in Python as well as become an expert in Python programming.

The course covers 3 major sections that include Python Programming for Beginners (Getting Started with Python, Variable, Loop and Statements, Functions and Variables, Understanding Error Detection, Working with File and Classes, Intermediate Python, Conclusion), Learn Python Django from Scratch (course introduction, introduction to Django, Fronteding, E-commerce, File uploading, E-mailing and Ajax, Geolocation, Django power-Ups Services and Signals, Testing Your Site, Conclusion), and Python Game Development (creating a Flappy Bird Clone)

The course will introduce you to all the necessary Python programming options; which will expose you to web development, object-oriented programming, Python development language, and game development. In short, this course will give you hands-on experience in programming and gear you towards becoming a professional Python programmer.

Advantages of this course

• All inclusive

The learning materials in this platform got you covered. You don’t need any other resources to understand Python.

• 24/7 support and assistance

Simplilearn quickly responds to your queries at any time of the day

• Lifetime access

The courses offered have lifetime access, thus allowing you to study at your own pace. The videos are also of very high quality.

Who’s the course for

Are you new to programming? Do you wish to become a game developer or web developer? This course doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge in programming. Moreover, you don’t need to have any experience in either the practical or theory part of Python to take the course. This course will definitely help you master Python.

Course duration: Lifetime

Price: $499

Python 3 - Codecademy

Without a doubt, Python 3 is one of the latest and best versions of programming language. It’s expressive, consistent, convenient, and more powerful than before.

At Codecademy, this course has 11 sections that include Learning Syntax, functions, control flow, lists, loops, strings, modules, dictionaries, files, classes, and Function Arguments. This syllabus consists of interactive lessons, free form projects, and multiple choice quizzes to help you understand all that you will be learning. The Codecademy learning environment lets you enter the code and receive feedback, even if the code you entered is not correct for any given task.

Learn how to get started with Python, understand how to use Python with code functions, learn the best ways of building control flow into Python code through the inclusion of if, else, and elseif statements, etc. This means you can go into this course with zero knowledge and get to grasp everything while you build your Python programming skills.

Advantages of this course

• Interactive forums

The course is very engaging and lets learners interact with each other as well as their lecturers.

• Both Project-based and story-based learning

The course is unique because it incorporates narrative stories and utilizes project-based learning to engage and effectively help you understand Python.

• Step by Step learning process

You’ll get updated content that helps you understand each step of your learning process.

Who’s the course for

Do you always wish to get an introduction to Python programming language or the fundamental concepts of programming? Python 3 is a versatile and general-purpose course since it’s the first language that is easy to read, concise and an excellent programming language for someone stuck during programming as it’s an up-to-date version of Python programming language-thus efficient and straightforward. It can be used in data science, web development, and software development.

Course duration: 25 hours

Price: $19.99/month

Object-Oriented Programming in Python -

Shortened as OOP, Object-Oriented Programming provides learners with unique ways of structuring programs to ensure behavior and properties of programming are bundled into individual objects.

OOP covers 6 major sections that include Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Classes and Objects, Information Hiding (Encapsulation, Getters and Setters), Inheritance (Syntax and Terminologies, Super functions), Polymorphism (Method Overriding, Operator overloading, Duck Typing, Abstract Base Classes), and Association, Aggregation, and Composition. This course also has a lot of hands-on coding puzzles and challenges, snippets, playground, and illustrations which ensure the course is always interactive.

Learn how to write modular, scale-able code, and clearer Python programming. The good thing with the course is that you get to start learning from the basic level of OOP and slowly get to advanced levels where you will get to understand more complex concepts, i.e., polymorphism, information hiding, inheritance.

Advantages of this course

• Fosters reusability

Object-Oriented Programming writes computer programs in the form of objects and classes. This ensures these programs can be reused in many other projects.

• highly maintainable code

The code approaches used in this course result in highly maintainable code

• Unique task for each class

Every class in Object-Oriented Programming has a unique and specific task. With this, learners can easily detect and rectify errors that result from one part of a code. As such, you can rectify the code locally without affecting other parts of your previous code.

• Security

Data encapsulation adds extra security to the programs that you have already developed.

Who’s the course for

This course is meant for individuals who have some prior knowledge and experience with Object-Oriented Programming. It’s important that you first get to understand the introductory course on OOP or at least learn from some tutorials so that you can grasp the fundamental concepts in this intermediate course. This course is meant to help you build your skills and become a professional in using Object-Oriented Programming.

Course duration: Self-paced

Price: $14/month


In the recent past, Python has become one of the most used high-level programming languages because of its general-purpose nature. The course is relatively deep and easy to understand since it includes multiplatform support. Most students begin their programming and coding journey by learning Python. This is why it’s a highly recommended programming language in the research and education markets.

According to research studies, Python is among the top 5 most popular programming languages. This is the perfect time to take full advantage of these online resources instead of spending thousands of dollars learning a degree in programming. The best way to enhance your programming and code skills is through continued practice through trial and error-which is only offered by online learning platforms.

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