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Published: 15.07.2019
best reactjs courses

Take your programming skills to the cutting-edge level with these online tutorials. In the nifty list, we have curated the best courses in 2019 that will surely convert. They are the top-rated courses from popularly known online platforms with millions of registered attendees. Otherwise, you will realize that the reviewed courses are either middle-priced or free. This is to ensure that you get the best out of the courses without milking your pockets dry.

In the list, we have considered only the properly detailed courses with rich content. You don't need to worry about whether you require some background knowledge or not. The fact is, we had a keen eye on the course syllabus to ascertain who to enrol for which course.

Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization

With some background knowledge on CSS, HTML and JavaScript, this is the best course to go for. It is offered on Coursera in conjunction with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The course consists of six courses that will introduce you to the basics of JavaScipt React and go ahead to expound on concepts such as the front-end and back-end frameworks. It deeply explains concepts such as Bootstrap, Node.js. React and Redux.

In the course, you will learn;
• the basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
• Front-end Web UI and JavaScript frameworks e.g. angularJS
• First multi platform mobile app development
• Back-end server-side development with NodeJS
• Final web development project from scratch

• Capstone project for practicability
• Quizzes and graded test
• Certification from a popular learning institution
• 7-days free trial

Who's the course for;
Any aspiring developer with well-laid knowledge on CSS, HTML and JavaScript

Course duration
The course is entirely self-paced

Course price
To have full-time access to the course, you will need to be a registered member of Coursera

We love this course for its broad coverage. In Bootstrap 4, the course digs deeper in the CSS preprocessors i.e. cover grids, Less and Sass, Bootstrap CSS and Responsive Design. Then, it goes ahead to introduce and explore React and React Native for hybrid mobile developments. With the four divisions in this tutorial, be sure to turn out fully baked not only for web creation and design but also for portfolio building and design.

React JS Web Development - The Essentials Bootcamp

This is a front-end React tutorial that is entirely project-based. You can get it right away on Udemy. In the course, you will be introduced right away to the React engine and how it works. In no time, you shall have mastered React, the development tricks and created your dream Redux and React apps.

In the course, you will learn:
• The basics of ReactJS
• The browser cookies and how to manipulate them
• How to build React and Redux apps with real-time databases from scratch
• The structure of Redux

• Entirely project-based
• Highly experienced teacher
• Rich, engaging and relevant contents

Who's the course for;
• Programmers with background knowledge on CSS, HTML and JavaScript
• Learners who want to explore the basics of React Development
• Any person looking forward to widening the career scope

Course duration
It is entirely self-paced

Course price
Registered members on Udemy are entitled to full access of the course.

Time is always precious. There is no need of going for theories when this course can introduce you right away to the React engine and show you off its concepts. In fact, you will realize that with the first free preview sections of the course, you will be a little bit equipped to wade the murky waters. In this course, it is not what methods to use. It is howto use the methods to fix the codes, and build.

Learn ReactJS: Part I

This awesome tutorial on Codecademy is one of the novice ReactJs learners. It serves the purpose of laying a foundation for its advanced counterpart, ReactJS: Part II. Through a series of intuitive high-quality video contents, the course reinforces React basics such as:
• JSX and its components
• Different React components
• Interacting the React Components

• Portfolio projects for practicability
• Stress tests for memorability
• Free access to Part II upon registration

Who's the course for
• Learners with basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
• Any programmer seeking to add some talents on the existing skill set
• Any person with an urge to program with ReactJS

Course Duration
• Learners are free to learn at their own time Course price
• You can only get full access of the course in Pro plan with Codecademy

As a novice learner or green programmer inReactJS, this is the ideal course to go for. First, the course is tailored with the learners in mind. Therefore, it only captures what you need to know as per your level of understanding. This course is more about understanding the basic components of React in order to trigger the urge to build. Otherwise, it does not course any harm to kill two birds with only one stone. You only have to enrol once and for all.

Mastering React

This is another awesome course by Hammed Mosh, an adept online tutor with decades of experience in software developing. In this course, Mosh will take you through a step-by-step learning process to help you build a good looking app from scratch. All you need is just some introductory level knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

In the course, you will learn;
• Modern JavaScript and React Components
• React tools such as tables, lists and Forms
• Routing and navigation
• HTTP services, error handling, authentication and authorization
• Deployment

• Well detailed resources
• 30 -day money-back guarantee
• One-time registration fee

Who's the course for;
• Any learner green in ReactJS
• Any developer with knowledge on HTML and JavaScript

Course Duration
You can watch the video contents at your own time

Course price
All you need is to register for the course on

Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL

The last in the list is a jam-packed course by Wes Bros. In this HD video-based tutorial, Wes adds something that is missing in the aforementioned courses, the GraphQL. Wes believes that this extension can change how APIs are built to Query and data mutation.

The course is entirely project based. In the course, you will be taken through building a full-stack online store completely furnished with a credit card check out. It is ideal for advanced level front-end and back-end programmers.

In the course, Wes will take you through;
• Different types of React components and Best practices
• Theming, routing, Resolvers, paginations
• Mounting and rendering
• Logics, Error states, cache management, Emailing, GraphQl Schema and more

• It is entirely project based
• 100% money back guarantee
• Well-detailed rich video contents
• Sharable certificate upon completion
• availability of discount codes.

Who's the course for;
• Any developer who needs to add GraphQl on the existing skill set
• Web developers with an urge to upskill their JavaScripting talents
• Front-end developers with an urge to go full-stack
• Node.JS developers that need to integrate GraphQL in their career
• Anyone with background knowledge on the beginner-level concepts and practices

Course duration
• The tutorials are self-paced

Course price
• For lifetime access to the videos, you will need to buy the master package on Wes's official website. However, you can opt for affordable team license packages. Elsewise, there is a discounted students' package.

According to the average annual JavaScript developer's salary is estimated at $72,500. On the other hand, React.Js developers earn an approximate of $77,800. This means, by enrolling for one of this course, you can stand a chance of adding $5 in your annual check if you are a JavaScript developer. Otherwise, with less than $50 registration fee for the listed courses, you can add several zeros on your monthly paycheck if you are a complete newbie. Don’t waste time. Cross your fingers and press the enrol button.

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