Best Real Estate Courses / Certification (2019)

Published: 18.07.2019
Best Real Estate Courses

If you are an aspiring real estate investor or a real estate professional, you should always look for some new opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge. One of the easiest ways to do that is to enroll in online real estate courses. Regardless of where you live, there is typically a wide range of online real estate programs accessible to everyone. You can easily complete certifications that not only give your career the needed boost but also enable you to keep working. If you are thinking of taking an online real estate course, consider any of these courses to enjoy maximum benefits.

Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments – Udemy

The Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments is a practical course on how to utilize professional methodologies to evaluate different investment opportunities in the real estate sector. This course propels students from beginners to confident professionals in a matter of weeks. You will learn different skills, including:
• Understanding the basics of investment analysis
• Discovering techniques that will assist you in uncovering real estate opportunities
• Understanding professional real estate investment strategies
• Learning to evaluate various types of properties
• Learning more about investment deals structuring

The Fundamentals of Analyzing Real Estate Investments program is available on the Udemy platform, and it’s taught by Symon, a real estate professional and financial modeling expert. It is an incredibly detailed and thorough certification that covers various aspects to build a solid foundation for people pursuing a career in real estate investment. This excellent course teaches you how to discover professional investment techniques in commercial and residential properties. These techniques will assist you in becoming more successful and confident when investing in real estate properties and other opportunities related to the sector. In addition to the superb videos used in this course, the tutor does a great job at promptly responding to all your questions with lots of details. This online program also comes with a recognized certificate of completion as well.

This program is ideal for beginners who are getting started in real estate investing. It is also a good refresher course for experienced realtors who need extra support with real estate investment techniques.

Advantages of this course
• You can access it on TV and mobile
• Lifetime access to course materials
• Get a certificate of completion

Course Duration: 4.5 hours on-demand video to be completed at your own pace

Price: $10.99 with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Pre-license Courses – AceableAgent

AceableAgent's pre-license programs come with numerous groundbreaking features, like Contract Workshops which assist the student in getting experience and knowledge in filling out different real estate contracts. These pre-license programs are only available in Texas. The Austin-based firm also provides some continuing education certifications for licensed Texas commercial brokers and real estate agents.

AceableAgent is one of the most flexible real estate schools in Texas offering online courses. Apart from the Contract Workshops, the courses offer engaging and interactive video content, graphics, as well as math workshops.

While most schools only give students a line-by-line explanation of real estate contracts, AceableAgent typically offers you the hands-on skills you require to know how to effectively fill out different real estate contracts once you finish these online programs. The company fits their programs to your schedule, and not the other way around. Therefore, you can take your preferred course in your web browser, or take them on-the-go from your tablet or phone with an enhanced mobile app.

This course is ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level learners, who would like to learn about real estate investments to create wealth and boost their career in real estate management.

Advantages of this course
• Interactive and engaging course content
• Excellent mobile app and online exams
• User-friendly site and instructor support
• Free exam proctoring

Course Duration: 180 hours of classes

Price: $497

Real Estate Financial Modeling BootCamp – Udemy

If you want to learn how to model real estate investments to boost your career, make more cash in your present job, or manage your big deals, then this is the right course for you. This program is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of real estate investment financial modeling. By taking it, you will boost your real estate investment knowledge and enhance your set of skills.

The Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp program is offered on the Udemy platform. It’s taught and facilitated by Justin Kivel, a real estate professional with great experience in commercial investments and modeling complex real estate transactions. This training is specially designed to take you from a beginner without any knowledge of commercial investment financial modeling to a financial modeling guru. The concepts and skills you will get in this training can be utilized to assist you in breaking into the commercial real estate private equity sector, boost your compensation at your current real estate position, or confidently assess and model a real estate investment portfolio on your own.

This program is a perfect selection for beginners who would like to break into the commercial real estate market, particularly regarding investments. Experienced real estate experts can also benefit from this certification, as the knowledge you get will assist in increasing revenue in the future.

Advantages of this course
• Full lifetime access to learning materials
• You can access it on TV and mobile
• Get a certificate after completion

Course Duration: 7 hours on-demand video to be completed at your own pace

Price: $10.99 with 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Commercial Real Estate Investing 101 - Skillshare

Are you interested in investing in commercial real estate, but don't know where to begin? This course is designed to take you from a complete beginner without prior knowledge of the real estate business to a complete understanding of the various components of investing in commercial real estate so you can land a new lucrative career opportunity, get your first deal, or both.

This program will teach you the building blocks of analyzing, purchasing, and managing commercial properties using the techniques and knowledge of some of the most successful institutional investors in the sector. The course will also give you an upper hand on the competition because you can assess the deal and either invest or decline with confidence. This training includes some graduate-level content that is taught each year in most MBA programs and Masters in Real Estate courses across the globe.

This course is ideal for beginners who would like to learn about investing in commercial real estate to build wealth, create additional streams of income, and to boost their career.

Advantages of this course
• Good organization of lessons
• Useful examples and illustrations
• Engaging and lively tutor

Course Duration: 101 Lesson to be covered in 3hours 41 minutes

Price: Free

Real estate courses – KW Real Estate Schools

KW Real Estate Schools is a student-centric best source for pre-licensing programs per the specifications to sit for the California State’s Real Estate License Exam. The course packages are bundled with you in mind. You will receive a live one-Day Prep program, 1100+ state exam assessment questions, and everything else you need to be well prepared to pass your exam.

KW Real Estate provides you with great schooling with incredible support. Every course is pretty easy to understand and offers detailed case studies and literature which help you break down and dissect each chapter. The chapter quizzes are manageable with the easy to use indexes that are provided with these programs as well. Once you complete, a digital certificate that shows your accomplishments is emailed to you immediately. You are also taken through the process of application to sit for your state exam and acquire your license. Generally, all the schooling via KW Real Estate is incredibly streamlined and user-friendly. All the information is comprehensive and will typically assist you in passing the state’s exam. The instructors are also active working and licensed real estate experts with comprehensive teaching credentials, meaning they care a lot about your success.

This course is ideal for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners, who would like to learn about investing in real estate to create wealth, create extra streams of income and to improve their real estate careers.

Advantages of this course
• Interactive course webinars
• Regular exam practice questions
• Interesting podcasts for interactive audio learning

Course Duration: Variable

Price: $399.00

If you work hard and develop the right skills in the real estate industry, you can enjoy a pretty satisfying career and build a very lucrative business. Just like other fields, the landscape of real estate changes and it’s vital to continue learning and growing. If you are looking to enhance your skills, or you would like to become licensed in various areas of the sector, you can try any of the online real estate classes above.

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