Best Social Media Marketing courses & certification

Published: 31.07.2019
Best Social Media Marketing courses

The ability to utilize social media platforms to get the attention of people, provide valued educational content, and build an active audience is becoming vital to thrive in the highly-competitive and fast-growing digital economy. Whether you’re freelancing for some businesses, building your business, or looking for a better job, you will require social media marketing skillset to build your brand and also leverage social media networks to attract more audience. If you are ready to begin improving your skills in social media marketing, the online programs in this guide will help you learn pretty fast without going back to school.

Social Media Mastery – Udemy

Do you want to enroll in a continually updated Social Media advertising course that teaches you online marketing and advertising skills needed for more than ten social media networks? Then Social Media Mastery will be a good option for you.

Designed by Justin OBrien, this course has been pursued by more than 15,000 professionals and students so far. It’s designed specifically for Social Media Advertising and Marketing. Therefore, if you would like to focus on Learning Twitter Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Pinterest Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Instagram Advertising, and more, this one is the best program for you.

What you’ll learn in this program is original, tested, and incredibly detailed. You will be taught the social media pages which are relevant for your business for you and the content management options that’ll scale down your posting process. This training will also teach you how to optimize your paid ads strategy on all social media platforms and allow you to reach any form of the target market.

This course is suitable for beginner or advanced marketers who would like to know how to create adverts on social media platforms or master the cheapest and highly targeted advertising strategies online.

Advantages of this course
• Full lifetime access to course materials
• Discussion section to ask questions from the tutor
• Get a certificate of completion

Course Duration: 8 hours on-demand video

Price: $11.99 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Social Media Specialization – Coursera

This social media advertising specialization by Northwestern University is specifically designed for executives, freelancers, and marketing professionals who would like to develop more in-depth knowledge when it comes to social media strategy.

This specialization consists of six social media programs along with one creative project. Once you complete all the needed online courses, you will get a certificate of completion from Northwestern University to underline your new skills on LinkedIn or your resume.

This certificate program will teach you how to utilize social media advertising tools to create, manage, and also optimize social media campaigns. It also includes a comprehensive project to assist you in creating an effective social marketing plan. The specialization is usually divided into many courses including Introduction to Social Media, Social Media Engagement, Importance of Listening, and Content Marketing, among others. This course is an ideal selection for social media professionals, entrepreneurs, and agency owners who are looking forward to mastering the subject.

This program is ideal for beginners or advanced learners who would like to get insight in many ways where you can market yourself and also learn branding strategy tools that are relevant to your business.

Advantages of this course
• Graded assignments and quizzes with timely feedback
• Comprehensive course videos and readings
• Self-paced learning option

Course Duration: 5 months, 3 hours per week

Price: $49 per month

Social Media Certification – HubSpot Academy

Are you looking for an online certification that will teach you useful skills in social media advertising? Hubspot, a marketing automation platform, offers a free marketing certification course. While most of their programs are aimed at experienced professionals in social media industries and digital marketing, someone at any skill level can learn a lot when it comes to content marketing in this program.

This Social Media course will assist you in shaping the conversations around your business, building loyalty, and attracting new partners and customers. Developing an effective and successful social media plan will expand your other inbound advertising efforts, drive word of mouth, build brand awareness, and attract buyers. In Hubspot, you can watch all the lecture videos at your pace and also follow the course framework. Once you complete the online courses in the specialization, you can take an Inbound Advertising Certification Exam to become certified.

This program is ideal for beginners who would like to know how to build an effective social media plan for your business to keep your customers happy and also develop your bottom line.

Advantages of this course
• Regular assignments and quizzes for assessment
• Flexible learning option
• Well organized lessons

Course Duration: 4 hours 39 minutes

Price: Free

Social Media Marketing – SkillShare

Do you want to learn top strategies for utilizing social media networks to cultivate an incredibly strong brand and grow your followers? If so, this course is your best bet. By leveraging your social media channels in the right way, you can reach more audience, grow your followers, and reach great success.

Whether you are growing an established brand or beginning a side-hustle, social media advertising is essential for success. In this course, you will learn from professionals and vetted business owners in digital apprenticeships. You will also gain work experience from the comfort of your home while taking this online program in digital marketing and social media management. You will build your portfolio and resume, get a certificate once you complete the course on the skillshare to enhance your skills.

This program is ideal for beginners who would like to learn the ins and outs of building a presence on social media networks to effectively market their businesses.

Advantages of this course
• Clarity of instructions
• Good organization of lectures
• Useful examples

Course Duration: 1 hour 6 minutes

Price: $15 per month

Social Media Marketing Program – GenM

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, and you are looking to get skills for effective social media marketing, then Social Media Marketing Program by GenM is your best short. You will learn the ins and outs of social media advertising to grow your following and get business conversions.

This course offers you an opportunity to learn most of the platform-specific skills needed by top employers in the industry while establishing a broad-based knowledge of the entire social media marketing system at the same time. Once you complete, you will be ready to grow and manage business social media channels for work placements.

You will learn from some vetted business owners in various digital apprenticeships and gain working experience from the comfort of your home while taking online certifications in digital marketing and social media management. This digital apprenticeship program will also match you with some business owners. The course will help you build your portfolio and resume, get a verified digital certificate once you finish the apprenticeship program, and take some free certifications on the platform to improve your skills.

This program is ideal for beginner marketers who would like to stand out from the crowd of other freelancers, entrepreneurs or job seekers by building an active presence on social media platforms that showcases their talents and skills.

Advantages of this course
• Get a digital certificate after completion
• Learn from experienced professionals
• Real-world applicability

Course Duration: 3 months, 10 hours per week

Price: $49 per month

Social Media Marketing has come a pretty long way and has currently taken over the organic form of marketing. To keep up with the constantly changing times, you should skill up to remain relevant in the sector and also add the necessary knowledge to boost your career. Selecting one of the online programs mentioned above will help you realize how much there’s to learn when it comes to social media advertising and marketing. Regardless of the course you pick, you should keep adding relevant skills to your career life to avoid getting left behind.

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