Top 5 Software Testing Courses - Reviewed and Your Questions Answered

Published: 22.07.2019
best software testing courses

Software testing and quality assurance (QA) jobs have become more relevant with rising dependency on error-free software in every field. Whether you are a professional tester looking to advance your career or a newbie hoping to enter the domain, it is crucial to choose the right QA program. Do you need certification? Does live training matter? How much does it cost to become a tester? Below are reviewed the top 5 programs that might help you with answers to these questions.

Udemy: Selenium WebDriver with Java-Basics to Advanced+Frameworks

Are you looking for a program with Java basics but are new to coding? This might be the go-to training for you. Through the completion of this course, it could be your chance to get noticed in the automated testing world that hinges on Selenium.

For beginners with no knowledge of software testing, the material of this program is apt. The detail-oriented approach with real-time Selenium challenges could provide strong content for someone fresh out of college. Professionals who have been working in the field of manual testing for a while could also benefit from this course, and enhance their prospects of being hired as lead automation testers.

With over a hundred examples of Selenium-based testing projects, and practice websites to play around with and automate, your hesitations around automated software testing could be subsided. Are you afraid of automated testing because of zero-knowledge in Java? This training allows you to program automated test cases, in turn helping you to evolve into a better programmer. The dedicated trainers also guide you through resume building, interview preparations, and assistance with job searches in the field.

Advantages of the course: Simple and clear training technique

Who is it for: Beginners wishing to jumpstart their careers in Selenium

Course Duration: 52 hours

Price: Around $200

EdX: Software Testing Fundamentals

Courses offered in collaboration with a reputed college are always attractive, aren't they? Well, you are in luck. As a beginner in QA testing, this program lets you master the fundamentals, and also transition to a full-time Masters program with University of Maryland University College (UMUC).

Are certifications important when trying to become a software tester? For many jobs, yes, and the more reputed the certification is, the better. The training from EdX stands out because of being a part of the bigger program named Software Testing and Verification MicroMasters. The course itself is basic and helps beginners step their toes into the land of software testing. No coding background is necessary, which enables novices to take up the course without hesitation.

However, are you scouting for specialized courses about a particular programming language? If yes, this program might not be the right fit for you. Although it uses Java and JUnit as part of the curriculum, the theories are generic and could be applicable across programming languages.

The instructors are professors of UMUC, assuring top quality material. For learners with a long-term goal of a Masters program specializing in Software Engineering, this course is a valuable stepping stone.

Advantages of the course: Latest testing techniques for strong fundamentals

Who is it for: Beginners with no programming knowledge

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Price: Free for content, $249 for a verified certificate

H2K Infosys: Quality Assurance Training

Are you a beginner looking for a comprehensive program that provides all key aspects of software testing, and makes you job-ready? The H2K Infosys program might be the right choice. With face-to-face, live online classes and real-time projects, making your place in the QA world might get a bit easier.

The journey from a novice to an expert in the field of testing could be unnerving, but thanks to the trainers who explain things with clarity and ease, with H2K, it could become less painful to get to the summit. In addition to getting hands-on experience with projects spanning multiple domains such as banking, telecom, and healthcare using a cloud test lab, this course ensures the learner is well-acquainted with the job market through mock interviews and group discussions.

Are you wondering whether this course is relevant to the world around us? Yes, it involves not just the fundamentals of software testing but also teaches practical applications such as Android and iPhone testing. Resume preparation and job placement assistance come as a bonus to this comprehensive program, further providing an edge to learners with little or no background in the information technology (IT) field.

Advantages of the course: Live projects for job readiness

Who is it for: Beginners looking to step into QA jobs

Course Duration: 100 hours

Price: Available when requested for demo

Edureka: Manual Testing Certification Training

Have you ever wondered whether manual testing still holds any value in this world of increasing automation? Well, if you have just begun with software testing, it might be a good idea to go through a manual testing course to get a grip on the fundamentals of QA. Edureka brings you this training to accomplish this objective.

One of the ways to advance in your career as a software tester is to get certified by a reputed center. Edureka offers a manual testing certification that could help you stand out in your next job interview with some of the big names such as Honeywell, Cisco, VMware, Dell, and so on.

This course solidifies your understanding of manual testing through real-life case studies and rigorous assignments. This is not a program if you are simply looking for a way to get through interviews. They do have a resume builder tool, but that is not the focus of the program. The intention behind this training is to build you into a QA professional with a strong understanding of the core strategies of software testing. Go for this course if you have a little bit of testing experience. Newbies could also benefit from this course, provided they have some IT background.

Advantages of the course: Up-to-date, structured content

Who is it for: Professionals who wish to strengthen their understanding of manual testing

Course Duration: 30 hours

Price: $326

Edureka: Test Automation Engineer Masters Program

If you are looking for a Masters program specially designed for software testing engineers, this is the program for you. An all-comprehensive offering designed with churning out test automation engineers, this program suits someone who is committed to making a career in software testing.

The instructor-led program compiles 10 different courses covering the basics of automated testing using Selenium, moving up to advanced business cases, which they call the Capstone project. Professionals with some experience in the field of software testing might find this program suitable for its flexible schedule and a personal learning manager.

Have you been working in the field of software testing for some time but are not sure how to leap to the next job? Edureka's program covers the latest technologies, which is essential for your growth as a tester, allowing you to be abreast of state-of-the-art software testing methodologies, thus turning you into one of the top candidates that firms look to hire. With individual course certificates as well as a Masters certificate, the program could enable you to get that dream hike you always wanted from your next job. Excel as a tester by learning from expert instructors in Selenium.

Advantages of the course: Comprehensive content for latest technologies

Who is it for: Professionals looking for enhancing their testing careers

Course Duration: 200+ hours

Price: $$2380

The Final Word
While choosing the right software testing course, it is important to understand that although certification is not everything, it could steer you in the right direction towards your dream job. At the same time, selecting a program that encompasses a strong learning experience, and suits your budget and your experience is key to excelling as a quality assurance engineer.

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