Choosing the right Spanish course for you is an important decision. Many of us choose a course that frustrates and slows us down, and we abandon learning languages altogether. The right course will be easy for you to get started and take you as far as possible. It will encourage you to come back and be excited about learning more each day.

Spanish 101 – Udemy

This course is four courses in one. It includes beginner, elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses. It comes with videos and downloadable resources that you can complete at your own pace. The courses focus on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
This course teaches a lot more useful phrases than some courses out there. Instead of learning how to say that the black cat danced through the streets, you learn how to say things that would be useful if you sat down in a restaurant in Mexico or wanted to speak with someone at a business meeting.
It’s more helpful with vocabulary than grammar. It says it takes you from no Spanish knowledge at all to an advanced speaker. For having four classes in one, I would have thought it would be faster paced. It can be a little slow.
It’s important to note that while it says “advanced”, that doesn’t mean you’ll be fluently speaking Spanish by the end of this course. It does go into teaching advanced grammar, so you’ll learn words and sentence structure that is far-along, but don’t expect to be a fluent speaker by the end.

Advantages Of This Course

  • A lot of material is covered.
  • This course is very affordable.
  • You learn useful phrases.

Course Duration: 109 hours of video to be completed at your own pace.

Price:$39.99 regular price with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Coursera by UC Davis

This course is taught by UC Davis. You can set and manage your own deadlines so the course is flexible. It’s meant for beginners.
This is a fast-paced course. It is for beginners, but it’s for beginners who are either very comfortable diving in without knowing anything, or those who maybe have learned a few words in a previous Spanish course but don’t remember how to string together a sentence.
The course starts right off with basic conversations and trying to make the language seem natural for you. You have to be okay that it’s going to be hard and fast-paced. Because it’s online, you can repeat the videos and courses where you don’t feel like you fully took it in, and that makes it a lot easier.

Advantages Of This Course

  • Graded quizzes with feedback.
  • You have the option to earn a certificate.
  • This course is fast-paced (which can be an advantage for some people).

Course Duration: You can take this course at your own pace. If you do four hours a week, they expect it will take you seven months to complete.

Price:There is a seven day free trial for this course. They do not advertise their prices. However, you can audit the course (meaning read the content, but not turn anything into the instructor) for free.

EDX Basic Spanish

This course is made for beginners and is heavily focused on being conversational. It’s less about getting precise grammar down for written Spanish and more about being able to hold up basic conversations. If you are going on a trip to a Spanish speaking country this course can have you managing easy conversations in under two months.
This was a good review if you already know some Spanish, though a bit slow sometimes. If you know nothing at all, you might appreciate the slower pace.
The content of this course is solid.

The website itself isn’t the best. It is glitchy sometimes. Sometimes the correct answer is marked wrong, which is incredibly confusing. Also sometimes it marks your progress incorrectly. So the individual course has a green check mark (for done) but at the main screen it says I’m weeks further back than I actually am. Little glitches like this make the course frustrating, but they aren’t happening constantly, either, so they are worth working around for the quality content.

Advantages Of This Course

  • This course has solid content..
  • If you want a short course to get you conversational fast, this is a great option.
  • A true beginner course if you have no previous Spanish knowledge.

Course Duration:This is a seven week course.

Price:Free! If you want a certificate, it costs $40.

Lingoda Intro Class

This course can be for anyone who is a beginner to an advanced learner. Lingoda helps you figure out what level of Spanish you already know and then you are able to take a class at the level you are at. The classes are taught by native Spanish teachers.
There are both group classes and private tutoring sessions. The private tutoring sessions cost more. It can be nice to have a group class because you can learn off of each other as go, but they are really hit or miss because if your classmates are talking a lot then you don’t have as much chance to speak and if they keep asking questions about things you already understand then you aren’t able to advance at your own pace. The other students very much affect how great the group class experience is.
If you are in the group classes, then you will probably need outside resources to reach fluency and to keep up with the class itself.
The subscription service offers different speeds and class options. The full marathons require a lot of participation and they cost a lot, but they are the fastest way to learn Spanish.

Advantages Of This Course

  • You can learn with native Spanish speakers.
  • More interactive than many online options available.
  • You get a certificate at the end.

Course Duration: Varies.

Price: Varies. You can take anywhere from four to 30 classes in a month. They have a subscription model where you customize how many classes you want to take and at what level, and then assign your price from there. There is a seven day money back guarantee and a free trial period.

Lengalia Spanish Courses

This course is for beginners up through advanced learners. It offers a placement test so you can find out exactly where you are. They also offer courses that are tailored for specific needs, so if you want to learn for business or for a trip somewhere they can teach you the most useful phrases for your needs. They offer courses, extra resources specifically for grammar or vocabulary training, and live tutor sessions.
While this can be a great course for beginners, what is best about Lengalia is their intermediate level courses. You can find beginner courses that start a million different ways that will work for different people. When you get to the intermediate level, it gets difficult because you need to work on perfecting your grammar and diving deeper into the language. That’s where Lengalia’s offerings really shine. Starting with Lengalia from the beginning and then getting to the intermediate stage can be great because you’re learning from the same place, so they know what you do and don’t know at that point.

Advantages Of This Course

  • Offers a placement test so you can find out what you really know.
  • They offer classes tailored to business needs or travelers.
  • They offer a certificate at the end of the course.

Course Duration: You decide. Their best subscription plan is for 12 months.
Price: They offer different payment plans. You can purchase all the courses or just one Spanish class. Their best deal is for all the courses at €4.99 a month, which is currently approximately $5.60 a month. You subscribe for 12 months. They do offer a free trial period.

Final Thoughts
Every course has its pros and its cons. Some of them are faster and some are slower. Some have an interface that will click great for one person and not for another. If you choose a course that turns out to not work for you, don’t let that discourage you from learning the language! You can learn Spanish, you just have to find the best course for you that will help you learn in the way you are best able.

You can reach out to the instructors of these courses to ask questions before you sign up. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to do this. Instructors want to have the right students who will be engaged with their course. Tell them exactly how much Spanish you know and what you hope to get from the course and they can advise you best on whether their course is the right one for you.