As an upcoming developer or programmer, you will need Structured Query Language (SQL) to interact with databases. It is the most popular language and commonly sought skill by various employers worldwide. Unlike programming languages, SQL is query-based and does not require a lot of energy to master. In fact, you do not necessarily need to attend lectures in a top learning institution in order to be well versed with its concepts. Maybe, all you need is an in-depth SQL online course.
However, choosing from the littered online market, the best SQL courses for upscaling your skills is outright daunting. There are hundreds of courses you will meet, most of which do not merit learners’ expectations. So, what next?
Through a series of research, we have reviewed the top five SQL courses that will surely paint a huge smile on your face. Each course is painstakingly detailed with deep knowledge on the price, syllabus, and duration. Additionally, we have included the advantages and whom the course is meant for to help with easier choosing.

SQL for Data Analysis (Udacity)

This course is the beginners’ first priority. It concisely introduces and expounds on the basics of SQL to enable new learners to efficiently analyze a wide range of data. It covers various SQL concepts such as data extraction, analysis, manipulation and storage.

What you will learn from the course:
SQL basics such as logical operations and commands
The INNER and the LEFT JOINs
Common SQL Aggregations, functions and NULL values
SQL temp tables and queries
Data cleaning in SQL
Analysis tasks with window functions

The course is exclusively free
The course uses a self-paced learning mechanism
Rich downloadable contents that can be used for future references
Student support community
Interactive quizzes to jog our mind

Whom the course is for:
Newbies and established learners that wish to jog their mind on the forgotten SQL concepts

Approximately four weeks

The course is free of charge

Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) by Coursera

Most students drop out of the online courses due to their complexity and mix-ups. It is for this reason that Coursera, in partnership with Michigan University came up with this course. By reducing the course to a bite-size, Coursera has trimmed the course to enable learners to efficiently walk through Creation of MySQL database, and installation of text editors, MAMP or XAMP. It also covers the basic SQL language syntax, database designs, JOINS and many-to-many SQL relationships.

At the end of the course, you will be well versed with skills on:
Relational database
General intermediate level SQL knowledge

Sharable certificate from a renowned learning institution
Flexible deadlines with self-paced learning options
100% online sessions
Rich contents that are downloadable
7-days free trials
Solid refund policy if the course doesn’t suit you
Graded and practice quizzes and assignments to keep your focus
Peer feedbacks

Whom the course is for:
Intermediate level learners

9 hours to completion

Course price
49$ membership fee after the free trial.

Intro to SQL Data Science (DataCamp)

In this course, DataCamp combines rich video contents with immediate hands-on-keyboard exercises to create outstanding packages that are ideal for any learner. It teaches MSQL query tables in relational databases like a pro. As an aspiring computer scientist or an advanced SQL professional, you will not surely miss out from enrolling for this course.

In the course, you will learn:
How to select columns in SQL
How to filter rows
The Various SQL functions and their applications
How to sort, group and JOINS

Rich downloadable contents
100% online sessions that can be accessed by mobile and TV
Interactive sessions from highly qualified personnel
41 quizzes and practice questions to jog your mind
Use of a user-friendly mobile app

Whom the course is meant for:
Intermediate and advanced learners

Course duration
4 hours

For full access to this course, you will need to be a registered member with DataCamp. There are three membership plans that you can choose from. These are:
29$ monthly plan
25$ yearly plan paid on a monthly basis
Free membership plan

N/B only the first package of this course can be accessed with a free membership package. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade your plan to either monthly or yearly.

The Complete SQL Bootcamp (Udemy)

With 4.6 star ratings and 157, 049 enrolled students, this is the course to go for when you completely lack any formal training. With the course, you will be able to advance your SQL skills from scratch to expert level without much effort. In a simplified and challenging way, the course will introduce and help you through reading and writing popular databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Servers, Amazon Redshift, Oracles and much more.

In the course, you will learn:
How to use SQL in query databases
How to use SQL in data analysis
How to comfortably integrate SQL and PostgreSQL on resumes

Use of 16 downloadable resources that can be used for future reference
Certification upon completion
30-day money-back guarantee option upon purchase
Access to mobile devices and TV
Assessment tests and projects to keep the student’s focus
Multiple languages for different language-speaking students

Course duration
This course is entirely self-paced
Whom the course is meant for:
Newbie learners and any other person


Analyze data with SQL (Codeacademy)

Are you looking forward to making some transitions from the basic SQL concepts and commands you normally perform on a daily basis? Worry less. Here is the course to go for. It combines the theoretical SQL concepts with practicability to realize impeccability as far as dealing with SQL databases is concerned.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:
Write your own queries to access data and perform real-world projects
Join multiple data from different sources
Set a database on your computing device and practice the various commands
Use the skills learnt in solving real-life business problems
Build your own database

Access to elusive quizzes and assignments to keep your focus
Real-life business projects for practicability
Exclusive online-based
Access to downloadable resources
No prerequisites required

Course duration
6 weeks

Whom the course is for:
Those who want to transition into a technical role
Those who want to automate reports with SQL
Those who want to pill large sets of data

You must be a registered member of codeacademy with a pro package to access the course. This package is billed at:
15.99 monthly
17.99 bi-annually
19.99 yearly

Enrolling for any of these courses relates to enhancement of your confidence and momentum in dealing with data sets. You will be able to level up at work and achieve top-notch comfortability when tackling real-life problems. These courses have been carefully handpicked from each skill path in SQL learning. What remains is you to choose the best course out of the list that ideally meet your demands.