Tableau does not only bridge the gap between laypeople and data scientists, but it also helps sort big volumes of data into some manageable loads. Most companies only use big data analysis when the decision-makers can comprehend what the numbers mean. However, with tableau, the analysts can assist directors and managers in visualizing the implications of different correlations.

While it’s easy for people to learn the fundamentals of Tableau concepts on their own, understanding how to manipulate different sets of data on more complex scales is hard for most people. But with the right training, many analysts will understand how to make maximum use of Tableau in analyzing data. If you’re looking for training certifications over the internet, then here is a list of some of the best Tableau courses that can help boost your career.

Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau – Coursera

Are looking for a tableau course that will teach you how to analyze data or to help accelerate your career? Then this course is a great option. Designed by the University of California in conjunction with Tableau, this five-course program will assist you in learning and also master Tableau interface, allowing you to visualize business data in a better way.

In this online course, you will discover what data visualization entails, and how you can use it to see and understand your data better. Using Tableau, you will examine and learn the basic concepts of data visualization and the Tableau platform, identifying and applying all the different tools offered by Tableau interface. The program will guide you through all the steps needed to develop your initial visualization story from the start based on the concept of data. By the end of the training, you will be able to prepare data easily and also import it into the Tableau platform and explain the relationships between data visualization and data analytics.

This online course is ideal for beginner level learners who have never used Tableau platform before, or who might require a refresher course or want to explore the Tableau interface in more depth.

Advantages of this course
• Well-organized lessons
• Knowledgeable and experienced instructors
• Easy paced learning

Course Duration: 22 weeks, 5 hours per week

Price: Free

Tableau 10 A-Z: Hands-On Tableau Training For Data Science – Udemy

Kiril Eremenko, a data scientist, developed this online course, and he will assist you in mastering Tableau 10 in a stepwise manner in this program. You will learn how to connect Tableau interface to various datasets, analyze, calculate, and visualize data in the form of charts and maps.

This practical program will teach you data visualization via Tableau 10, and you’ll learn all Tableau features that enable you to experiment with, explore, fix, prepare, and also present data quickly, easily, and beautifully. Since each module of this training is independent, you can begin in whatever segment you want, and you can do as little or as much as you like.

Every section provides you with a new data set and sample exercises that challenge you to help you learn by instantly applying what you are learning. By the time you finish this course, you will be a highly skilled Tableau user. You can use your skills to extract useful information from data to help you visualize and analyze complex questions more easily.

This course is a great option for beginner and intermediate level learners who would like to learn tableau from scratch, or those who would like to become better at it, or those who would like to take their skills to the next level and leverage their full potential in tableau.

Advantages of this course
• The tutor is an experienced professional
• Comprehensive learning materials
• Regular exercises for assessment

Course Duration: 7.5 hours

Price: $9.99

Data Visualization in Tableau – Udacity

If you aspire to become a data scientist or business analyst, or if you would like to become more efficient with data visualization tools, then you can develop your skills with this online course.

Data visualization abilities are incredibly important in the present data-driven economy. In this training, you will be taught how to apply human perception, design principles, effective storytelling, and color theory using data. You will learn how to collect and analyze data and also communicate your results to your managers or clients intuitively and coherently. The graphs and charts offered by the platform will allow your human brain to understand and visualize huge amounts of detailed data.

This course is ideal for beginner level learners who would like to learn data visualization to understand and explore data to communicate insights in meaningful and powerful ways.

Advantages of this course
• Rich instructor videos
• Interactive quizzes and exercises
• Learn from industry professionals

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: Free

Tableau Essential Training – Lynda

If you are interested in knowing how you can get the most out of tableau, you can check out this Tableau 10 course for Data Scientists on Lynda. This Tableau Essential Training offers everything you should know about analyzing and presenting data using Tableau platform.

This course is created for individuals, government agencies, and businesses that would like to dip into and brush up on parts of the application they are less familiar with. The students who take this training are capable of designing, manipulating, and sharing different data visualizations. The program is divided into 62 separate videos, and none of them is more than four minutes long.

The content covered includes extracting and connecting data, transforming data, mapping data, analytics, and working with different parameters. After completing the course, you will be able to highlight important information to your managers utilizing visual cues to support quick, data-driven decision making.

This online course is suitable for intermediate level learners who have a basic foundation in the Tableau application and would like to take their knowledge to a higher level to enhance their decision-making skills.

Advantages of this course
• Rich and informative videos
• Knowledgeable instructors
• Regular assignments

Course Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

Price: $29.99

Tableau Training & Certification – Edureka

Are you looking for a good tableau certification to hone your data analyzing skills? Tableau 10 Certification by Edureka will be a great option for you. It will assist you in becoming skilled in transforming different sets of data into incredibly interactive and shareable consoles.

The program covers comprehensive concepts such as Data Blending, creating Charts, Graphs as well as LOD expressions utilizing different Tableau versions such as Tableau Public, Tableau Reader, and Tableau Desktop. The course also covers the integration of Tableau using R and Big Data as well. You will learn new ways of analyzing data such as, reference lines, quick highlighting, and using the Clustering feature. You will be taught good design practices for Tableau dashboards and how you can make them completely interactive using Actions. By the end of this training, you will be able to perform multiple hands-on activities utilizing Tableau 10 and also sit for the Tableau Associate Certificate Level Examination.

This course is ideal for beginner to advanced level learners who would like to learn and enhance their data analyzing skills to get a Tableau certification.

Advantages of this course
• Well-organized lessons
• Comprehensive learning materials
• Assessment exercises and quizzes

Course Duration: Self-paced

Price: $404

Best way to learn tableau

Tableau is among the most common data visualization application in the world. It’s considered as one of the best business intelligence software applications worldwide, making it a must-have tool for people dealing with significant amounts of data.

Learning Tableau does not only offer stunning data visualization to the practitioners, but it also provides additional features such as data cleaning, mining, and calculation. But just like all other statistics tools, this tool also requires time, efforts, and dedication to master. To achieve that, you can select a good certification course from reputable online platforms and the best colleges and universities as well.

The technical and business benefits of Tableau skills are many, and you can easily learn how to implement them in business or your company. You will learn how to analyze different sets of data like a pro and enhance your decision-making abilities. While some people might downplay the significance of Tableau certification, a good certification will validate your skills and also set you professionally apart from your uncertified peers.

Tableau assists you in communicating conclusions clearly by utilizing your brain’s natural cognitive and perceptual abilities. Therefore, extensive Tableau training from a recognized institution is crucial for professionals working in the business world. The best way to boost your employability and boost your skills is to earn a certification in any of the above courses. By doing so, you will prove to your would-be employers that you’ve got the technical capacity to utilize the technology, app, or software to a high degree.