Best Time Management Courses / Training (2019)

Published: 16.07.2019
Best Time Management courses

Are you having troubles working around your schedule? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your work load? Time is the most limited resources we have. For most people it is very hard for them to manage or articulate their activities in an organized manner due to how they handle their time. Either it is on an individual level or in the corporate world; time management is a key element for maximum and positive productivity in one’s life and career. In fact, the god part is, you can do it right from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go to anyone’s classes for it. This is a must try for anyone who wants to polish their productivity. These courses are very essential if you want to know the tricks of making maximum use of your time without having to feel as if you have wasted it. However, while picking out time management courses it is highly important that you buy the right kind of courses. This should be the one that is meant to suit your issue so that you don’t end up wasting your time. Here is a list of courses to pick out from. Make sure to pick one and you won’t regret it.

Work smarter, not harder: Time management for personal and professional productivity.

For most of us it’s hard to differentiate between working smart and working hard. Don’t stress anymore, with this course you will be able to learn all the tricks of working smart. For people who have planning issues like should try out this course. It takes less time for you to equip yourself with knowledge and skills. This course enables its learners to be equipped with knowing the barriers of productivity in terms of time and how to overcome them. It also teaches how to plan and organize you time efficiently so as to attain your set goals either in terms of career and personal lives. Enable one to use their resources effectively as well as manage crisis accordingly. One key thing in this course, it will enable one to know how to manage expectation and how to be assertive in their decisions. You get to learn using videos and readings provided by the instructor. This course works best for everyone. Whether you are a new in the corporate world or whether you want to know how to properly plan your time at home.

Benefits of the course
• Helps one to know how to plan their time.
• The course even comes with a certification.
• You can do it right from the comfort of your home.
• It is a very short period course.
• It is a course for everyone. It even comes with other language subtitles.

The course takes a very short time. By the end of between 4 to 8 hours you will have finished it and attained your certificate. In fact, you can even plan your study time according to your schedule. Well here comes the icing on the cake while doing this course you can try it out under the free trial version for seven days then start paying afterwards. For only 39USD monthly you get to do this course earn your certificate and improve yourself.

Productivity and time management for the overwhelmed

If you are feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, deadlines, commitments and so on, then you should try out this course. This course would really work well especially for parents who are still in careers. Students who also feel overwhelmed by their work should also try this course out. It comes in three modules. Where first you learn on how to focus on what makes you overwhelm and procrastinate. Then you get to understand the key elements of getting positive and productive results. After which you learn to apply strategies and tactics to work on your procrastination issues for better productivity. It helps it one in knowing how to navigate between their tight schedules.

Benefits of the course
• The course is self-paced.
• It comes with a certification to boost your profile.
• Learn how to work around your tight schedule.
• The materials used by the instructor are easy to understand.

The course can actually be done in the shortest time possible. Within a period of 2hrs of video watching, you are sure to have finished. The course can be bought at only 74.99 USD.

Introduction to time management

This is one great course offered that works well for people with issues of managing time in their places of work especially under distractions. The course helps you get a positive routine that will enable you to be productive in your workplace. It is mainly a beginners’ level course. The course is highly recommended for beginners since there is another higher level course of this. This is a free course and you only get to pay for your certification. The resources are easy to navigate through plus you get an assessment test at the end of every topic.

Benefits of the course
• Helps build up on your routine.
• There is a certification.
• Learning the course is free you only pay for the certification.
• The instructor uses understandable materials.

However, you have to achieve at least 80% for you to get the certification. You choose the kind of certificate you want a digital, a physical one or a framed certificate. They come at a price of 12 USD, 22 USD and 35 USD respectively. The course can be learned for a period of 1-2 hours depending on your schedule.

Organizing your life: Time Management

This course gives you the exact tools you need to organize yourself and your time. It will help you know how to work with organizing tools like calendars and emails especially if you are working in a field that needs total organization. This course will help you take advantage of these time management tools to organize yourself.

Benefits of the course
• You learn organization skills
• You get to interact with others and learn too.
• Get to acquire certification
• You get a chance of having a scholarship.

For around a maximum of 6 hours or 25min of video study you get to earn yourself a time management certificate. For this course you get to pay between 8.25-15 USD a month depending on what you choose plus a good offer of a free month trial.

Time management tools

Saving at least one hour per week can go ahead to help you save a lot of hours throughout your life. The course helps you to reclaim those wasted hours by understanding your environment and putting in strategies to help you in time management. This course is mainly for intermediate levels. This course works well for people especially in the career world in terms of boosting their results. You will gain maximum time efficiency by helping you build up tools like to do lists so as to work on your time management.

Benefits of this course

• Helps you learn how to recover time wasted.
• The course is self-paced.
• There is full access to resources that are easy to download.
• The course comes with a certification.

This course is self-paced, and takes in a short time of about two hours to complete. You actually get to have a certificate after completion. Although you are offered a free trial basis at, you get to pay depending on the plan you choose. This ranges from 24.99 - 29.99 USD monthly depending on your plan and free month trial.

To sum it all up, it is important to understand what works for you in terms of time management and its tools. This will go forward to help you come up with a clear plan on how to work on it. Make sure to check out on these courses. One thing about each of them is the fact that once you access any of them, you get to access another sister course that will help boost your time management skills even more. So don’t get left behind.

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