Best Unity Courses / Certification in 2019

Published: 15.07.2019
best unity courses

Enrolling for a good online course is the only sure way of juggling your work, life and upskilling your talent in game development with Unity. However, choosing from the heap of resources, a well-structured course to show you off is always a lancinating pain. It is for this reason that we have compiled a list of properly detailed, engaging, and learner-focused Unity tutorials that will surely paint a huge smile on your face.

All these courses are online-based and are carefully curated for beginners, intermediate learners and even gurus. In the list, we have also included preparatory courses that are ideal for Unity Certification exams. Otherwise, by enrolling for any of these training, you will be making a bold step in enhancing your expertise in both 2D and 3D game development with Unity.

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity 2019

Just as its name goes, this is the ultimate tutorial to go for when completely green in Unity game development. It owes its huge number of enrolled students to the challenge based approach that Jon uses to clearly pass out the information. Through intuitive video content, the course will introduce you to basic concepts of 2D and 3D with dire simplicity before going ahead to expound on the advanced concepts. And, you will love how Jon includes basic programming skills to Unity's concepts to come out with an every-time engaging course.

In the course, you will learn:
Mastery of C#
Creation of power-ups and enemies
Sound effects implementations
Platform navigation
Deployment of the game on mobile platforms or Websites

Learners are free to ask questions
Entirely project-based
Certification upon completion
30 interactive challenges

Who's the course for;
Entry-level game developers with Unity
Any person green in game development with Unity

Course duration
This certification training consists of 30 challenges and more than 160 lectures that you will be free to learn from at your own pace

Course price
For full access of the course, you will need to be a registered member on Udemy

As an entry-level game developer looking forward to kick-start your journey with unity, we won't tire up recommending this course for you. It is the only game of its sort that is approved by Unity Technologies in Udemy. You will realize this course takes longer to complete since the tutor takes most of his time repeating some of the concepts to compact them in your mind. He goes ahead to expound on Unity's latest features such as animation system and Post-processing effects.

Unity Game Dev Courses: Programming

If you want an awesome course to start you out and take you through the advanced-level of 3D unity game development, then you are in the right place. This tutorial is jam-packed with all you need to know about making swords and shovel tick. Made by a team of three competent authors, the skill path will take you through:

Character controllers development
Loot and inventory systems
Game manager for storage of states and situations, Enemy AI and a lot more

Exclusively project-based
Step-by-step tutorial
One-time membership fee

Who's the course for;
Developers with background knowledge of Basics of Unity Game Development, Unity C# Scripting and Unity Gameplay. Knowledge of Unity Game Dev Courses: Fundamentals Path is a plus for faster learning

Course price
You will need to register as a member on Pluralsight to get full access to the course.

Course Duration
It is entirely self-paced

On Pluralsight, we have paths and individual courses. Paths are bundles of individual courses tailored to teach specific skills in a logical flow manner. In this skill path, a team of nocturnal game developers came up with in-depth resources for the popular swords and shovels tick. You will definitely like it.

Complete C# Unity Developer 2D

This is another awesome course by Unity bestseller Ben Stristem and a popular software engineer Rick Davidson. In a 35-hours length of intuitive and engaging video contents, the two coaches introduce the learners to basics of 2D Development and take them all through to advanced concepts. What amazes everyone is the tutorial's outstanding learning curve. It starts with simple introductory concepts and consistently increases the challenge level to help learners acclimatize. In the end, you will feel adequately challenge to develop any form of 2D Unity game. Otherwise, the course comes handy with great coding practices, good dynamics with all required assets.

In the course, you will learn;
Unity C# concepts
OOP in Unity game development
The Unity game engine
Basics of game design and game development

Playable game projects for practicability
Full-time access upon enrolment
Downloadable contents
Project updates on a daily basis

Who's the course for;
Aspiring game developers with no background knowledge on Unity game development
Any person that wishes to add Unity game development skills in his or her skill set
Artists with ambitions to diversify their talents through game development

Course duration
This training is entirely self-paced

Course price
You will need to be a registered member with Udemy to get full access to the tutorials

This course is an ideal definition of visual learning in 2D Unity game development. Both the tutors adore the skill of working within a piece of software to enable learners to grasp every piece of information passed. Vigorous intro, good team dynamics, learner's engagement through questions and more…! You have no reason to fail to give this course a go.

Unity 3D Essential Training

This is a free training by Craig Barr on, a popular platform on LinkedIn. In this tutorial, Craig does a review of the 3D game development and visualization. Afterwards, the learners are introduced to Unity concepts that enable them to bring their games into life. Throughout the course, you will learn;

Setting up a project
Unity User interface
Adding animations
Bringing the project to life

All the contents are free
Quizzes and assignments
Accessibilities on different devices

Who's the course for;
Hardworking novice learners with an urge to develop with unity
Any developer who wishes to add something in the existing skill set

Course Duration
The tutorial consists of 15 sections that add up to 6hours 1 Minute of non-stop learning. However, you are free to learn at your own pace.

Course price
The contents are accessible at no costs


Learn Unity is an engine with all assets necessary for 2D, 3D, AR and VR game developments. It is ideal for developers or teams of developers that cannot afford an engine. All you need is to install the engine either Window PC, Mac or Linux.

In Learn.Unity.Com you will be exposed to a wealth of resources. These include courses, projects, topics and tutorials. All of these resources are Unity certified and tailored towards achieving Unity's dream of democratizing game development.

According to your specialization, you are free to choose the best course or tutorial that suits your need. There are resources for entry-level, intermediates and advanced developers. Meaning, you can choose what to start with and go for advanced tutorials until you reach the multiplayer co-op games.

It is also worth noting that the tutorials are regularly updated to meet the members' demands. Nevertheless, you will be entitled to live web training once a month.

A wealth of resources in one roof
Availability of free contents
Tutors and learners interaction
Support store for any learner

Who's the platform for;
Programmers who want to advance their talents with Unity game development
Different artists who want to showcase their talents through game development
Any hardworking entry level developer who want to realize the dream career job
Any person who wants to learn something new

To access all resources you will need to be registered with premium package

As a hobbyist, student, or expert programmer, you don't need to look any further. These online resources have been specifically trimmed to meet your requirements. Join any of these classes, prototype the idea, build outstanding games with ultra-realistic graphics and earn.

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