Published: 23.07.2019
best web designing courses

Have you ever been frustrated by a web developer? Sometimes, these guys can drive you crazy, especially when the issue you want to address is urgent. Do you ever feel like you want to do things a certain way yet your web design is adamant? Here we have that thing we call it a masterpiece well-tailored to your liking? It is time you waved goodbye and got down to the basics of web design or better still become a serious web developer. Everybody with a severe online presence needs to have some development skills. For example, adding plugins, changing the theme, among others. These courses are tailored made for your benefit.

Web design; Strategy and Information Architecture by Coursera

Price: $49 a month / free audit
Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.8
Duration: 31 hours (Self-paced)
Web design is not for the fickle-minded. To pursue this course, you need guts and commitment. Secondly, you need a necessary foundation in the field before you get registered. Coursera classes are designed in two major categories that are, and you can choose to audit the course or pay for it and get started. I will prefer auditing because that will show me whether I really would benefit from the course. Secondly, it will equip me with the skills to tackle the tutorials as fast as possible. Remember, the course fees are monthly, and since I Wouldn’t want to spend a lot on the course, I need an elaborate plan to complete it in the shortest time. Auditing will also give me information on the things I need to pursue regarding the course. But that is just me. Some of us have no time, and that is why the second option sounds cool: work quickly through the course, pay less, and get the certification.
The merits of doing this course include the following
• The course is relatively cheap
• Flexible deadlines
• Student support mechanism
• The course uses interactive quizzes to jog our mind

Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML and CSS by Udemy

Price: $129.99
Level: Beginners
Rating: 4.6
Duration: 59 lectures (9hours- self-paced)
For beginners, you will want to begin with this. It is well crafted to grow with you as you explore the dynamic world of web design. Taking this course is like growing into web design- you get into the class with little knowledge, but by the time you are receiving your certification, you are a pro. Udemy’s best feature isn’t the videos and the materials ready for download but a lifetime of knowledge. Once you register on the platform, you have a lifetime to learn. If you are like me and you enjoy a little bit of the outdoors, you can do sessions on your smartphone. My number one, selling feature of the course besides the engaging videos is the easy access via a smartphone.
The course is suitable for
• Any person interested in building a website professionally
• Any person who loves web design as a hobby for designing.
• An experienced web developer who wants to sharpen their HTML5and CSS3 knowledge
• Easy access on mobile and TV
• The student is awarded a certificate once they complete the course

Responsive Web Design fundamentals by Udacity

Price. Free
It is quite inspirational when you are browsing the web, and you come across institution offering free tuition in web design. The class is an interactive one and suitable for beginners who are interested in pursuing a career in web designing. This course teaches learners all the ground rules of creating a responsive web design, that work efficiently on all types of devices phone, tablets, and desktops.
A beginner will start by discovering what makes sites responsive and get acquitted with information on why some designs work across many devices, and others are unable. Having this knowledge, you are now able to generate their responsive web designs.
Advantages of this training.
• Interactive quizzes to jog your mind
• Self-paced learning is used
• Student support community

Web Design Professional by Ed2go

Price $2,995
Level: intermediate
A large number of people are using the internet, almost everything these days is online from retailing education, etc. Therefore it is a requirement for web designers to be more than creative and entrenching digital technology into their daily practices when designing.
This course will teach you introductory web design skills. You will first learn the fundamental basics practices, and abilities that drive web functionality: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will also learn to plan, design, and build a website using the latest technologies.
The course is taught online for a period 12 month the enrolment is open you can join anytime and the course hours is 384 hours. After completing this course, learners are well equipped with the knowledge to start their careers in web designing. Besides, being well knowledgeable of the latest technological development the professional learner portfolio is also enhanced
Course merits include
• open enrolment you can join anytime
• the self-paced module is used

Web Design Fundamentals: Making Marketing Homepages that Drive Outcomes, by Skillshare

Price: free
Level: beginner
Duration 1hr 5min
For freelancer this class is the perfect one for them. You will find everything you require knowing concerning web designing online at your time of choice. Both from small web design teams, and even if you are interested in adding knowledge to your web designing skills, there is a room for advancement. The lesson include
Outlining the goals of the webpage, Sketching user patterns, Generating designs in Photoshop or Sketch and Collaborating with others and receiving feedback using In Vision Finalizing your design for launch and Collaborating with others and receiving feedback using In Vision Finalizing your plan for the start
As a trendy web learner, it’s one thing to produce designs that look astonishing. And it also your work to ensure those designs you come up with produce the desired results. If you love web designing, this class will do it for you.
Advantages of this course
• The course is free
• Student support community

Armed with this kind of knowledge, you will now be on your own managing your online business with little assistance from professionals. Apart from the Ed2go course, the rest mainly focus on making you employ skills and creative energies to publish the desirable web content. While at the same time providing tailored content to your readers and fans. Web design in as much as it sounds complicated, it is fun, do-able and most of all, fulfilling. Especially when you see your content consumed by the gullible audience. Ed2go, on the other hand, furnishes you with skills enough to begin your web designing and earn from it. Why not try the courses?

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