Best Web Development Courses / Certifications (2019)

Published: 28.06.2019
Top web development courses

Furthering our education and picking up new skills is something that we most definitely all want. But in today’s fast paced world, you can’t just pick up something for the sake of it, or for fun only. It has to be something that will elevate you in the career world, something that you can add to your resume and have it looking all top notch. Also, there are a lot of skills you can learn without having to ever step in a class, for example knitting, or cooking. These are skills either handed down from older generations to you, or you simply picked them up on YouTube (thank goodness for the internet) So you want something that can earn you employment, and pay your bills while at it.

In Tune With An Evolving World
The job market for tech related jobs is ever growing, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts to web developers. There are a predicted more than a million jobs set to open up by 2020, so you can bet that the employers will come knocking.
But you probably are already busy, either with your current job, or another course that you are pursuing, so you may have no time to physically attend a web development course. This is where online classes come in.
There are so many good things about online classes I would not even know where to begin. First, is the fact that you do not really have to attend the classes physically, you literally can attend the class from the comfort of your couch! Also, you get to pick your own schedules. That is right, you decide how long your classes are going to be, on which days they will be slotted in, and how often. Let us say you set a class for Wednesday at six pm, but cannot make it. Well, the classes are all recorded, so you can most definitely catch up later on.
This article will basically take you through some of the best web development courses that there are online so you can get to pick which one best suits you. Time for class now, yeah?

Review The Top Web Development Courses


Now, Coursera is a well known site that offers among the best online courses, and web development falls among them. What they give you in this course is full stack web development put together with react specialization, which will give you the skills needed to build web and hybrid solutions that are complete. And all this in just four courses!
This course is offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and enrollment is free. Financial aid is also available for you, and with close to 10,000 enrollments, you know it is a course you can trust.

Get to learn front end plus hybrid development, together with server side support. In this specialization, the first 2 courses cover 2 areas, those being the two front end frameworks; Bootstrap 4 and React. Using React Native, you will also get to learn how to create hybrid mobile apps. It is advised that you learn the courses in the sequences provided, for example, start with the React course before proceeding to the React Native one.

All the courses provided by Coursera are 100% online, which means that there will be no physical attendance, even for the tests. You set the time for your classes, and the deadlines are pretty flexible too, in case you run into a bit of a snag and are unable to submit something on time. The course is for intermediate level learners, which is somewhat in between beginner and pro level. It will take you about 6 months to get to full completion of the course, and the main language used is English.
The skills you stand to gain are Bootstrap (Front-End Framework), Node.js, React (Javascript Library) and Redux.

Now, when you enroll to a specific course or specialization, you will only be learning that one course, and you do not have to take on others. You can also pause your studies at anytime, or even end it.
There will also be a hands-on project, which will be necessary for you to complete the course and get a certificate. This certificate can be added to your CV, resume, or shared to your employers and job circles too.

Here is a list of the 4 courses that you will cover:
A. Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4.
B. Front-End Web Development With React.
C. Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native.
D. Server-side development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB.
The tutor for this course is Jogesh K. Muppala, who is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
This course has numerous advantages, like it being self paced, comes with specialization and course certificates that you can share on platforms like LinkedIn, course readings and videos, practice quizzes, graded assignments plus peer feedback, graded quizzes that come back with your tutor’s feedback on where you excelled, and what you can do better, plus graded programming assignments.


The web development course at Udemy will cost you only $199.99 USD, and it includes about 47 hours of video that is on high demand, 77 articles to help you better understand the course, downloadable resources that amount to 85, and all of these resources will be available to you for a lifetime, that means even way after you are done with your course. The classes are accessible both on mobile phone and on TV too, plus you get a certificate once you are done.
So what will you learn with Udemy, and why is it one of the sites that offer some of the best web development courses?

Here are some of the advantages of this course.

  • You will learn how to make real web apps using the best technology there is.
  • Even after the course, you will be able to keep growing as a web developer.
  • You will have the ability to come up with a blog app right from the start by using Express, MongoDB, and Semantic UI.
  • You will be able to create a yelp-like app that is complicated right from the beginning.
  • Create a browser based game.
  • Come up with static HTML and CSS portfolio.
  • You will be an expert at Googling code.
  • You can create HTML forms that are complex.
  • The ability to write web apps.
  • You can use Bootstrap to create impressive layouts.
  • You will be able to implement navbars on websites.
  • Create fullstack web apps from the beginning.
  • You will be an expert at writing JavaScript browser games.
  • Write real life apps using the content learned in this course.
  • Manipulation of DOM using jQuery.
  • Master command line interfaces.
  • Understand HTTPS requests.
  • Translate between vanillas JS and jQuery.
  • Create Node modules on your own.
    This is only a short list of what you will be able to do upon completion of the course, there is still so much more!
    The curriculum includes 41 sections, with 398 lectures.
    What they will require from you is to have a computer that has internet, have a willingness to learn and be prepared to create really cool web applications. The course involves lectures, projects, exercises, research and assignments, slides, downloads plus readings too. It is also suitable for absolute beginners, and will also cover lots of technologies and such. The instructor is Colt Steele, who is a Developer and Bootcamp instructor. Also proud owner of a dog named Rusty.


Now with edX, there areca couple of things that you stand to learn. These being;

  • How to write a web page.
  • Markup language concepts.
  • HTML5 & CSS basics.
  • How to design and style a web page.
  • Layout and flexbox of a page.
    The course will be taught in 6 modules.
    i. My first webpage.
    ii. Attributes, images and links.
    iii. Adding style with CSS.
    iv. Fixing and debugging.
    v. HTML5 & CSS.
    vi. The basics of page layout.
    Your instructors for the course will be Marwa Hussein who is a content developer, Andrew Byrne, a senior content developer, Adrian Leven, a content developer too and Gerry O’Brien who is a senior content developer manager.
    There are a couple of plus sides to this course. You will learn things like coding with modern tags, fundamentals of JavaScript, and the best CSS practices for web page design.
    The course will take you approximately 2 to 4 months, with between 139 to 191 hours of learning. The total cost for all of it is $499.


Codecademy will kick up your skills and standing in the web development world, equipping you with skills like HTML, CSS, SQL, Express.JS, TDD, React and JavaScript too.
The class will take you up to 30 weeks, and beginners too are welcome. Looking to learn about front end plus back end development, styling interactive sites, and communicating with other web developers? Well, you are in the right place.

With the skills taught to you, here are a few of the things you will be able to do;

  • Understand the full pack.
  • Build a web app.
  • Show off your skills.

Here are some of the advantages of taking this course. You get to learn;

  • HTML.
  • How to style a website.
  • How to start on JavaScript.
  • Ways to get more advanced designs.
  • Building interactive sites.
  • The command line.
  • Git.
  • SQL and databases.
  • Test driven development.

With Codecademy, you will be able to access content for members only, get step by step roadmaps, come up with real life projects, get support from your peers and the code community, and also get to create projects and components with your peers and build your fluency in design.


Udacity is amongst the sites that are well known for providing the best web development courses, since they are experts at nanodegree programs. Their course will take you a total of four months, covering ten hours each week. Their partners are AT&T, Google and GitHub.
There is a wide variety of things you can learn with them, for example;
• Front end development.
• Web foundations.
• JavaScript and the DOM.
• Web access.
• JavaScript that is object-oriented.
• Tools and testing for JavaScript.
• Front end applications.

All their programs include real life projects from experts in the field, a one on one mentor / tutor to guide you through everything, a personal coach for your career and services, plus a workable learning program with pretty flexible deadlines too. The mentor also offers check-ins, plus a supportive student / peers community.
You also get interview preps, services for your resume, a review from GitHub, a LinkedIn profile review, feedback for all your projects from reviewers with vast experience, plus they share your resume with 500+ employers. How great is that!
The tutors for this course are Richard Kaehoff, a course developer, Pete LePage who is a developer advocate at Google, Peter Lubbers, a program manager at Google, Andrew Wong, a course developer, Michael Wales who is a full stack web developer and open source advocate, Julia Van Cleve who is a web and content developer, James Parks, a program instructor, Cameron Pittman, a web developer and program creator, and Karl Krueger, who is in command line, and is a course developer and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE).


Lynda is a company literally built from LinkedIn, and is where you can become an expert at creating powerful apps and sites. People will literally search for and explore the apps, sites and blogs that you create. You will also be taught how to come up with an interface that your users will enjoy, and you will be able to add logic to, thus ensuring your users and the network interact.

Lynda offers 33 hours of video tutorials created by experts, practice sessions to make sure you completely grasp what was taught, a certificate to prove your achievements and advance your career too.
The courses they provide include;
HTML essential training which takes a total of 5 hours and 4 minutes, taught by James Williamson.
An introduction to CSS that takes up 1 hour and 58 minutes by Carrie Dils.
CSE essential training 1 that will take you 2 hours and 36 minutes, taught by Christina Truong.
CSE essential training 2 still by Christina Truong that will take you 2 hours and 21 minutes.
CSE essential training 3 by the same tutor as the two previous ones and that takes up 1 hour 30 minutes.
Programming foundations and fundamentals that takes 4 hours and 47 minutes, taught by Simon Allardice.
JavaScript essential training by Morten Rand-Hendriksen which will take you 5 hours and 32 minutes.
Web Development Foundations for 40 minutes and 1 second by Ray Villalobos.
Workflow tools for web developers by Christina Truong which will take you 1 hour and 13 minutes.


At Edureka, you will learn how to create amazing websites with various tools like Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, and Google APls. You will get a certificate that can be applied anywhere once you complete the course, which includes pre recorded JavaScript modules.
Now, did you know that for just being a web developer, you can earn up to $180,000 per year? Pretty neat sum, right?

With Edureka, you get instructor-led classes that are live and online, so you get to interact with your lecturer and peers, plus ask questions as the class goes on.
The classes mostly take place on weekends; Saturdays and Sundays, since they understand that your weekdays might be super busy. Each lasts about 3 hours, and they mostly happen in the evening.

The price of the course is $389, which is a pretty fair deal considering you get to learn how to create web pages using HTML5, handling events with JavaScript, Ajax, ScrollSpy, Twitter Bootstrap 3 and 3 project, plus you get a project building website tour.
Some of the projects which are advantageous that you get to build include;

  • Drink mate web app.
  • E-comerce website menu.
  • Canvas clock.
  • URL shortener.
  • Edureka Bootsrap app.
  • Michael Schumacher profile.
  • Drink app.
  • Potluck app.
  • AJAX app.
  • Edureka bootstrap tour.
    This course aims at teaching you everything that relates to web development, design, and all the things in between. The course is open to anyone, quite literally, who wants to learn about developing a website, well, and at least has some knowledge about computers and the worldwide web.


Educative literally does what its name suggests, it educates you on how to become the best there is at web development. The course itself consists of 33 lessons, 21 quizzes, 27 playgrounds, 25 snippets and 38 illustrations.

The great thing about this course is that it is perfect for everyone, whether you are a high school student looking to pick up a cool new skill, or an individual who is already in the working world and looking to expand on their skill set. The course itself costs $49 dollars, making it super affordable for people from various walks of life. There is also a 30 day return policy on your payment. The databases covered in this course include web development, SQL databases, NoSQL, and web catching. They teach both front and back end, plus web development frameworks too. Version control with Git, and principles of software engineering, are also part of the package you get.


You will fall in love with The Odin Project from the minute you check out their website, such a cool interface, right? Plus another cool advantage is, they look out for the needs of their community.
The curriculum is free, since it is supported by people who are passionate about web development.

You will learn from tutorials, blogs, and of course, courses too. You also get to come up with real life projects that you can add to your portfolio to make it look good. Anything from simple script to full projects. You also get to connect to fellow beginners, others who are a bit more experienced, and generally just the whole community.
With the Odin project, you get to learn everything you need to become a developer, from HTML+CSS, JavaScript, GIT, Databases, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Getting Hired.
Ruby Programming takes 23 lessons to complete, while Databases takes 3 lessons. Ruby on Rails takes 33 lessons, HTML & CSS takes 31 lessons, JavaScript takes 35 lessons and Getting Hired takes 14 lessons.
The Odin Project was started in 2013 by Erik Trautman, and so far has taught 80,000 learners and has 1,500 contributors. They believe in free education, which is why you do not pay for the classes and the resources they refer to you too. They give you project so that you can further build on your skills, so that your portfolio can be even stronger, and they also are big on team work, so they encourage you to work with your fellow students. Their curriculum is readily available on GitHub for easier access. Something else to learn about them is that they are open source. This means that anyone, including yourself, can work on new features for them, new lessons, new resources, an improvement of the existing lessons, plus fix any bugs on the site.

You can see just how advantageous online classes are, plus these 9 sites offer the best web development classes in the market, with experienced and well renowned tutors, flexible hours, and rates that you can afford too. Plus at the end of it all, you get a verified certificate for all your work.
Of course, there are other sites and platforms available to, so feel free to check them out and pick whichever one best suits you. The important thing is that you get to pick up a new skill that will set you apart from the rest in the job market, and increase your chances of getting a better job, a raise, or even a promotion. Plus hey, creating websites is something you could use to your own benefit, especially if you are a business or store owner, you get to create your own online platform. The advantages are endless… so get to learning!

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